Cecilie Ellefsen Illustration

Cecilie Ellefsen

Cecilie Ellefsen is a Norwegian illustrator and animator with a fine talent for creating intricate dioramas made of paper and plastic. Her work incorporates brightly colored cutouts of animals, forests, and mythical creatures. Her compositions pose a lot of depth, and they’re so fun to look at (especially when they’re lit!).

In addition to creating multi-dimentional dioramas, Cecilie also creates lovely 2-D illustrations. She uses bright colors that *POP* and multi-faceted geometric shapes. To see more of her work, check out her website and definitely check out her blog for more images of her dioramas.

Cecilie EllefsenCecilie Ellefsen

Cecilie Ellefsen

Cecilie Ellefsen


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I saw her exhibition at this years Pictoplasma in Berlin, wonderful work. Love the plastic dioramas.

Ooh some lovely work! I bet its even better up close.

very nice work! I love it

Great work..
Really love the way shadows are created when lit, in the multi-dimentional dioramas.

the dioramas are great.

sasha |

Found design |

Great work, I love the use of straight CMYK colours