Olivetti Underwood Divisumma 24 Manual

Olivetti underwood divisumma calculator

Ok We’re back. I hope everyone had a great New Years! Lets start things off with our first ever…

Conservationist of the Month:

Grain Edit reader Brad Mosher rescued this endangered Italian specimen from a stinky dumpster in an alleyway. To quote Brad, “It was beautiful, broken and smelled of rancid oil and other typical foul goo.” Way to go Brad! Great score and thanks for helping to make this planet a better place.

olivetti divisumma

olivetti divisumma 24

If your into Olivetti calculators, check out the Divisumma 18 as well.

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Actually, it would be “conservator.”

My wife is one, so I know. ;)

Excellent! Great salvage story. I just recently met the owners of the apartment building I recently moved into. I eyed the Eames lounge chair in the living room at their house and John, the husband of the couple, proceeded to tell me the tale of its rescue. An apartment was left heirless and John had received a heads up about it since their were many books in the place and they would be thrown away – imagine that. So immediately upon arrival to the scene, he saw the chair mid-swing just about to be TOSSED INTO A GARBAGE TRUCK! He yelled something and was able to take the chair. The ottoman was already in the truck but he was able to get it too. He had to reupholster due to a strong smoke smell from cigarettes but he did it to match the original and it’s not really noticeable. Anyway this post reminded me of that.

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Oh btw… That’s me… Anna Gilmour. I forgot to write my last name. :)

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wow… that’s excellent!

Happy New Year Grain Edit!

Nice find Brad, I’d have been in the dumpster myself trying to salvage that!

I found this Olivetti manual that’s super awesome awhile ago. I love their use of colors!


Hi Brad. Great find. Just found this info but have been searching for a copy of that manual. I have a Divisumma 24 (D24), wondering if you would post pics of the pages, as did the gentleman with the Olivetti Lettera 22 manual in above comments. Would be nice to have with the machine. Thanks.

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