Mig Reyes – Blog Wars Poster

hong kong festivals stamps

People are dying for blogs y’all

Blog Wars? What the heck is going on in Chicago? People killing each other over raw RSS product? Naw, turns out Blog Wars is a gathering of Chicago’s top dance music DJs—who all happen to run successful blogs.

The poster was created by talented designer and all around rad guy Mig Reyes. I love how Mig breaks up the rigid grid with streams of folkadelic type which parallel the flow and feel of vinyl records. It slightly reminds me of Lance Wyman’s identity work for the 1968 Mexico Olympics which played off traditional Huichol Indian art. I hope Mr. Reyes printed up extra copies of this poster, because I know some people will want to get their hands on this war-torn gem!

hong kong festivals stamps

A taste of war in 3 extra flavors

(via iso 50)


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Holy crap. Thanks Dave!

Very nice, Mig deserves it, this work is great!

Gorgeous type – I love this!

congrats Mig! well deserved post.
Grain Edit always knows whats up!