The Whimsical Works of David Weidman

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The Whimsical Works of David Weidman – Published by Gingko Press.

David Weidman’s name may not be familiar, but his work certainly is. Weidman began his career as an animator in 1950s Los Angeles, painting backgrounds for Hannah Barbara and setting the standard for the look of cartoons of that era. However, like a true entrepreneur he soon began to work for himself, and went on to establish a style that is today instantly recognizable and iconic. A printmaker, ceramicist, font designer, painter, cartoonist, and silk screener, Weidman never stopped experimenting as an artist. Today at age 87 Weidman’s staggering body of work is just as modern and visually stunning as it was forty years ago. His graphic sensibility and expert use of saturated color palettes evoke the vintage modern look while remaining completely relevant to contemporary designers.

If you don’t have a copy of this book yet, it’s seriously worth picking up. You can can pick up a copy here.

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Also worth checking: Abner Graboff.

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I had tried to order this on Amazon a few times in the last couple of months, and each time it would end up being out of stock … so pleased it finally came in the mail today, it’s a gorgeous collection. I’m hoping to find one of his prints someday soon. :-)

oh crap, this is awesome…

thanks for the heads up, dave!

I loooove David Weidman!! I picked this up a couple weeks ago- it seriously jumped off the shelf at me. I hadn’t heard of him before and he is now by far my favorite artist on my shelf right now. Mega kudos for bringing attention to him here!!

Got this a while back thru Atomic Books. Completely worth tracking down. Nice reproductions, interesting text and totally inspiring. Right up there with the Charley Harper book. Okay, not as huge but you know what I mean…

Looks even better in person. I didn’t hesitate to buy it when I saw it at Kinokuniya in SF. Amazing.

Thanks for the heads up Christina. Sounds like it sells out quickly.

Right on Micah! His work is real nice.

Some truly fantastic work here, I’ve not come across David before but I recognise his work, trip over to amazon maybe requried!

Great post Dave! Huge fan! I am pretty sure David Weidman also worked on the old BOING BOING SHOW which is an old favorite of mine. Timeless, classic, wonderful illustration and animation! A must buy book it seems! Thanks.

Oh wow, David Weidman’s work is wonderful! Thanks for posting this.

Can’t recommend this enough, one of the most beautiful books ever.

This book looks special… On my order list for sure.

Thanks to you I discovered David Weidman’s works. I really love his garphics. They are stunning and timeless. He has a very remarkable style. I like his sensibility and I love these saturated colors. When you look at these illustrations you immediately want to have Weidman’s book on your shelf. Do you know if I can get a poster somewhere?

Hi Frank,
You can purchase David’s posters at his personal website:

Great stuff

Hi Everyone….I have the privilege to be working with David Weidman, though he is now 87 years old he is a world of inspiration and still embodies the wit and whimsy, so evident in his work. He lives in the Pasadena area of Los Angeles and there will be a show and book signing on October 4th in Glendale Ca. Having no idea where any of you live, if I can be of help to you in the purchase of any of his work please feel free to contact me via the above email. We are thrilled that you have such an appreciation of the iconic master screenprinter.

kathy maxwell |

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I had the honor and privilege to meet Mr. Weidman at his studio this afternoon and look through his archive of prints. An unbelievable volume of beauty, each distinct from the next. He’s as sharp as a tack and shared great stories with me. I picked up a wonderful print, “mermaid” and look forward to getting many more. It was an inspiring afternoon with one of the legendary artists of our time that I will never forget. Thank you Mr. Weidman.

adrien vargas |

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