Erik Nitsche General Dynamics Convair 880 Jet Poster

Erik Nitsche

The Swiss-born modernist graphic designer Erik Nitsche created some amazing posters for General Dynamics including the well known Atoms for Peace series. This poster for the Convair 880 commercial jetliner is one of the harder ones to find. I wish I had an extra $1000 laying around the house because one popped up on ebay last week.

Huge thanks to Ebay seller gbs4783qxq for letting me use this image.

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Fantastic numbers, love this poster design – nice find!

Yeah, it was really sad to see all of those Nitsche posters pop up with me trying to save rather than spend. I think he put up almost the entire collection minus a few.

I love Nitsche’s work. I thank Eye magazine for opening my eyes years ago.

Thanks Jane!

Derek: Yea I saw that… wish I had that kind of cash.

I just love this design. Cool stuff. Cheers for sharing.