Alphabet! Keychain Collection by Mike Davis

Mike Davis, Burlesque Design

What a way to hold your keys! These Alphabet! keychains by Mike Davis of Burlesque Design are not only fun, but functional too! Originally created as a poster design and gift for his niece, these little letters are now a series of vinyl zipper pull keychains for Kidrobot. Each tiny colorful package contains a surprise letter. Mmm…the letters “B” and “D” look so delicious!

Mike Davis, burlesque design

Original Poster

Mike Davis, Burlesque DesignMike Davis, Burlesque Design

Mike Davis, Burlesque Design


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These are very clever! Really neat idea for a kids alphabet.

yes, I’ll eat that “B” right now!

very smart indeed!

This is a lot of fun. Love the underpants!

Wow! Those are super tight. I think they would also make great rear view danglers.

Whatever is coming out of the letter “y”‘s head I want it. Looks like cotton candy.

these are so cool! i love how colourful they are.

I am obsessed. I love how creative they are, but it’s very universal what the letters symbolize.