Matchboxes designed by Jose Maria Cruz Novillo + Olmos

fosforos-del-pirineo cruz novillo + olmos

Fosforos Del Pirineo – Abcdario Animal (Animal Alphabet) Spain 1970s?

I found these recently. Super cool matchbox covers designed by Cruz Novillo + Olmos. The matchboxes feature an illustration of an animal for each letter of the alphabet. Hard to pick a favorite, but I think I have to go with the yellow oso (bear) loco. I think he cloned himself, because I notice I have two of the letter “O”.

Animal roll call. What’s your favorite matchbook cover from the set?

fosforos del pirineo cruz novillo olmos

abcdario animal cruz novillo olmos

jose maria cruz novillo + olmos

abcdario animal cruz novillo + olmos

jose maria cruz novillo design

Cruz Novillo + Olmos design

fosforos del pirineo matches

jose maria cruz novillo design

cruz-novillo-olmos fosforos del pirineo

abcdario-animal cruz novillo olmos

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we had these at my moms house growing up.

they are a fantastic spanish studio whit good taste & strong base in the works they made.

This is another fantastic work

I WANT IT! Really really want it!
super awesome design.

Hi Steve,
Yea, the same design team did that set as well. Those are really cool too.

The whole animal alphabet thing plus the style of the illustrations seems like it would be perfect for kids, but then bam it hits you ….These are matches! Just what every 5 year old needs, a pack of fire pretzels!

What’s everyone thoughts on illustration style + alphabet vs target market. Who is the target market?

My favorite is the locust, but is that what they call it in the set? It looks like an “S” on the box. (I need a close-up!)

These are wonderful, my favourite is definitely the Quisquilla, how many times do you see one of those? or get to say ‘Quisquilla’??

Incredible! One of the best things you’ve ever posted on the site. Seriously.

My favorite animals here are either the bear or the peacock.

Oh and that set of circus illustration matchboxes are amazing as well.


It’s a toughy – they’re all great but I’d have to go for either the hippo or the rhino… and a great way to brush up on my Spanish!!!
I’m jealous – I love them!

Hi guys.
Nice blog.
the hippo pictogram also appeared on a 70′s 12 inches record picture sleeve.
Quite good music by the way…
check this:

I like the hippo best.

Wonder if the same artist did this matchbook cover:

quisquilla! love love love!

These absolutely blow my mind. Amazing!! I vote for quisquilla.

yea I’m with you Matt on the hippo. I dig that zoo matchbook cover. I don’t think its the same artist, but it still looks real nice. Where did you find that?

Just look at all these quisquilla lovers! Maybe we should start a quisquilla blog.

Any brine shrimp lovers in the house?

Sea Monkeys represent!

hey does anyone know how to view them all?

Ano-suke |

Off Our Bookshelves |

All the animal covers are cute and I prefer the yellow OSO one.

Everyone should play a part in protecting those lovely creatures. Otherwise, we are supposed to miss their images soon!

I have one similar in my blog , so similar ,-)
On sale in a few days
I love Quisquilla tooooo !!!
Regards from Spain

Oh! I remember them! We collected them, these and another series (circus characters) by the same artist, I think gift cards in chocolates in Greece during 70ties

I think that the juxtaposition between the adult items inside the box and the kid friendly outside evokes instant connections to childhood. I can’t think of a better box of matches to use when lighting a beach bonfire to toast marshmallows . . . or a naughtier way to light a smoke- either way striking a match is made into a happier endeavor because of the design.


I have one of those Matchboxes. We’d like to sell them if anybody is interested. My e-mail is: