New Work From Wink!

Wink - Rebel Green

Wow! Super snappy new work from Wink. Wink is always on-point design-wise, and this is no different. Their latest work is for Rebel Green, a new aesthetically conscious and eco-friendly company with products aimed at reducing and reusing.

I love the illustration and typographic work throughout the product line — it harkens back to a simpler and more honest time. I’ll admit I’m not the best at washing before ingesting fruit, so this very well might be what I need. How about them apples!

Wink - Rebel Green

Wink - Rebel Green

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I love this design style. That 50s golden age innocence is so approachable and always makes me smile. Great work, Wink! Thanks for sharing!

Wow, thats the best use of Buffet Script I’ve seen so far. Nice indeed.


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I love the can too. I hate plastic! :-p

Dale |

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Oh my gosh that’s beautiful. I would totally buy the fruit and veggie clean just for it’s style. Kind of has a 1950′s feel to it, but I think that has mostly to do with the pantone colors and simple geometric shapes. Definitely a late 1950′s feeling. Completely love it. I am a HUGE sucker for anything from the 1950′s.

great work, wink. …go rebel. :-)


lovely stuff.

The typography is also well balanced and great. It makes it feel like poster art. I’m a sucker for beautiful type.

This is fantastic design, super cool.

The bags look much more current than the fruit wash, not that it’s a bad thing. That bottle looks like it came straight from the era it references. Excellent type all around!

Can I get one?

Hey Nerdski, Thanks or dropping the name of typeface. I was curious as to what it was.

The typography is sweet. Great post thanks tons.