Win this Herbert Bayer Olivetti Poster !

Herbert Bayer Olivetti Poster Divisumma calculator 1953

Win this Herbert Bayer Olivetti Poster !
If you missed our last Olivetti Poster contest, it’s not too late to win on grain edit. On Friday April 25th, 2008 one lucky winner will be taking home the Herbert Bayer poster seen above. This is not an original, but rather a reissue of the original designed by Herbert Bayer for the Olivetti Divisumma calculator in 1953.

Poster Dimensions 27×18 7/8 in, 68.5×48 cm

Sounds great, but how do I enter to win?
Fill in the Contact form below with your name, email address and the words “Let me win the poster” in the subject line.

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Give us your reason of why you must have this poster in 15 words or less. On Friday April 18th, the editors at grain edit will select our 5 favorite submissions and post them. You will then have till April 25th 11:30 am (PST) to cast your vote for your favorite entry of the 5 we select. The person with the most votes wins!

*note for the 5 entries selected to go onto the voting round – We won’t post your email address, just your first name and your reason for wanting this poster.

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so go for it! enter now!


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Herbert Bayer Olivetti Poster Divisumma calculator 1953

Herbert Bayer Olivetti Poster Divisumma calculator 1953

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I simply must win this poster because it is all sorts of loveliness. I remember studying Olivetti in my History of Design class when I was a student, and owning a piece of history would be wonderful. And it would look pretty good in my little flat too…

I want this poster because I’m never eligible in contests since I live in Quebec.

Shayne Tupper |

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…because it would look very good next to my framed Saul Bass poster :)

Nice !

I want this poster because I found your blog.

It’s a short answer, 9 words, and it’s totally true.

I must have this poster because it will help me remember my ATM pin number: 97-36,847,29×786,25×6=,764/52.

Dethan Avis |

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I must have this poster because I just got an Olivetti Valentine typewriter and this would look amazing above my desk!

steven wade |

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O utstanding
L ovely
I llusive
V ivid
E xceptional
T rue
T ypographic
I nspiration

Petar Pavlov |

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I need this poster for inspiration during my honeymoon this summer.

some great answers, but I don’t quite understand how noodle got through to the final…wasn’t it supposed to be 15 words or less?

andrew morris |

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Becuase this site has made me realise what I should be doing with my life!

Sarah Baynes |

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