Jean Widmer Posters for Centre de Creation Industrielle


Posters for Centre de Creation Industrielle 1969-1972

Beautiful work form the highly underrated French designer Jean Widmer. These posters were created for the Centre de Creation Industrielle. Jean designed the logo as well as all the exhibition posters for the Centre until 1975. He’s mentioned in interviews that his work was influenced by some of the Swiss modernists including Josef Muller Brockmann and Max Bill.  You can easily see that influence in this poster series.



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Great posters, love the bold colours and the simplicity of the forms. You have an enviably collection of fantastic design!

jean widmer is one of my favs, especially his magazine cover of the colors spelled out in different color type.

i grabbed a few extra signed copies of his book from cooper union at agnes b. a few years ago, but haven’t been able to find much else in print. know of anything?

Wow, you got signed copies! Thats a great score. You have any left? Email me if you do.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much in print on him. I wish there was. His work is really good.