Thomas by Mary Harris


Thomas and the Twig giving me the stare down.

Sorry everyone, I’m running a little late today on my posts. If you missed this, I posted this gem of a kids book by Mary Harris ( illustrations by Cliff Roberts) over at Design Sponge.

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That’s a great pic!

What a fantastic photo – love your cat Dave, reminds me of mine :) Thanks!

Leanne |

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What’d I tell you about a photo book of Twig!?

Twig says what up everyone

do you have more then one cat Leanne?

I showed my cat this pic and he’s in love!

Hi Dave,

No, I only have the one cat and he’s absolutely handsome :) Have photos to share if you’re interested?…

Thanks again for such an inspirational site – I’ve become a grain addict!

leanne |

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I’m in heaven. Such an adorable cat and such an adorable cat book!

jmuhj |

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Hey Leanne,
yea send the pics my way!

Hi Dave,

Will do :) Photo site is under maintenance at the moment… in the meantime, where/how can I send the pics to you?

leanne |

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lovely stuff.