Eliezer Weishoff: Israeli Posters


Eliezer Weishoff posters (L)1964 (R)1966

Beautiful posters from Israeli artist and sculptor Eliezer Weishoff. Eliezer first gained international exposure through his work for El Al Airlines and the Israeli Ministry of Tourism during the early 1970s. He was also responsible for designing these environmental stamps we posted back in April. He has a website, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any examples of his early poster work in his image galleries.



Eliezer Weishoff (top)c1965 (bottom) 1963

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great post, love the poster on the top right

Daniel Feary |

Found design |

Wow. Thanks so much for sharing. The style of these look so familiar but I never knew who the designer was. Do you own these posters??

the upper-right one is particularly interesting because its commemorating 10 years of “international security” from the mossad with happy(ish) people and bright colors. ah, the 60s…

Thanks for introducing me to yet another first-class graphic designer/illustrator!

Does anyone know if the poster/print of the man working on the car is available for sale anywhere?

Ariana |

Found design |

Hey Karen,
Unfortunately I don’t own any of these posters. Love to though.

Hey Ariana,
your best bet is Ebay. As far as I know these posters haven’t been reprinted.

love the helmet safety add ……….. similar campaign done over here in the late sixties.

Yoni, the upper right-hand poster isn’t for “international security”, and it’s not for the “Mossad” you’re thinking of. It’s for the “Institute of Social Security” — as in a national insurance net — just like the US Department of Social Security. Nothing more sinister to it than that :-) . (Though it is still kind of funny to think of the Department of Social Security putting out a poster like that one…)