Balloon Pidgeons Unite, form Voltron Tree!


This is every cat’s nightmare.

Very similar in style to this 70s Japanese poster. Has to be the same designer.


Can someone translate this?


Is this the designers name?

Also worth checking:

1960s Japanese graphic design magazine

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This poster is about tree-planting campaign.
It’s the designer’s name. His name is Shigeo Fukuda.

Fantastic design, where do you find this stuff? You have an enviable collection!

Just going off of my broken chinese here. The bottom line is approximately:

[artists name]/25th annual national tree planting day poster.

I think.

There is also a date on the bottom of May 1949, if that is helpful. I can’t say what it means though.

Yeah, Zenkoku Shokuju-sai = National Treeplanting Festival.

The date, though, is Showa 49, the 49th year of the Showa Emperor, Hirohito’s reign, which was 1975.

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whoops, 1974. it’s always the simple math that trips me up.

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Just Love it!

The artist name is Shigeo Fukuda.

1. Shigeo Fukuda/ Japan Annual 25th National Tree-Planting Celemony issue

The 25th Annual National Tree-Planting Ceremony
Theme (An Affluent Verdure Creation harmonized with Nature and Industry)

Place: Higashi Hachiman-Daira, Iwate Prefacture
Date : May, Year 49 Showa Era
Sponsor: National Tree-Planting Promoting association

hi dave! you know i’m a fan of trees right? well, besides water. this poster is delightful!