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I hope everyone had a great weekend. Liz and I went to this new Singaporean restaurant in Lafayette. The food was great. I had the Nasi Lemak and it was on point. The rice had so much flavor. We wanted to get the Chicken Rice, but they ran out. Say what? Singaporean food without Chicken Rice? Oh well, I was kind of bummed about that, but we’ll be back.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on the Grain Edit 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway! It’s really inspiring to see all the positive feedback. You guys are the best!

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I love nasi lemak and chicken rice. I was in Malaysia and Singapore this summer and I miss the amazing food. I’m new to Orange County and there doesn’t seem to be much rave-worthy Asian cuisine around here. I’ll continue searching though. If I’m ever in Lafayette I’ll have to check out the new Singaporean restaurant you discovered.

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