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Yummy geometric type served upon gelatinous globs of red and blue. I’ll take it. Get some here.

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Great poster, great blog.

Wow, that’s lovely. Any idea what typeface that is?

Thanks for your comments, yeah the typeface is Bifurk it’s available at Hope that helps!

Cheers again for the post Dave!

what’s the second word?

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It is NEW(ER), it was based around an article I read on ‘Speak Up’ about the current style of typography, hence the use of type on the poster. I know, it does throw a few people off.

This look goregeous, maybe I should take one too. hmm…

Dave. I like it. I also liked the matchstick boxes. Those were lovely. On a completely unrelated note, here is a link I found with a selection of “gig posters” I’d never heard the term before but it is self explanatory. The posters are something else. I think you should take a look. Hope you are doing well, Milena.

that looks great :)

Hey Milena,
Thanks for sending that my way.

I love gig posters!

Jason Munn/ Small Stakes is a gig poster artist. Some of his posters are can be seen in the link you sent, plus we featured an interview with him.

hey what font did u use for this poster ?

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