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Pinback poster

Lots of good stuff going on in the land of Belgian waffle cookie trees. Delicious is serving up this beauty along with some other tasty treats in their shop.

(Via the always yummy Pica + Pixel)

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Those Belgian waffle cookies are the most addictive cookie in production today. You can always eat one more.

Yea I love those little guys. They are the great hope for the cookie community.

I was just talking to this shortbread cookie, and he was saying how the community is becoming super marginalized by the Belgium ones. Things are starting to heat up, gonna be fun to see what happens.

Just dropped by Delicious’ studio in Chicago over the weekend. Their space is TINY. They’ve crammed an auto-press, drying racks, inks, exposure unit, paper, printed posters, packing area, washout booth, screen drying room, and design studio into a space about as big as our tiny art gallery! Incredible. So great to see them doing such fresh work time and time again.

MMMMMM-wah! (Just blowing kisses back to you, Yummy Grain Editors!)