Morten Iveland

Morten Iveland
I love this image of Morten Iveland’s new typeface, Bolda. Apparently it’s inspired by 1970′s tennis, dart, and ping-pong fashion — a grossly under-represented field of design, in my opinion. Morten lives in Oslo, Norway, where he is a designer at Apt. I was immediately drawn to the design of his site, and his mad photo skills.

Check out Bolda in action.

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This typeface is incredibly delicious. Do want.

Love the photo. Very cool and an awesome typeface.

You’re very ‘punny’ Ethan,
i.e. “I was immediately ‘DRAWN‘ to the desi…”
Cool font! I’m a font-aholic too!
THANX for sharing… . . .. .
. . … .. . mark jaquette @
illustrationism &
bammgraphics !

Bolda Display id available for purchase at