Otl Aicher Munich 1972 Olympics Design Exhibition

otl aicher exhibition

The Natalie and James Thompson Art Gallery located within San Jose State University is hosting an amazing exhibition of graphic design by the office of Otl Aicher for the 1972 Munich Olympics. The exhibition features, posters, books, brochures and signage conceived for the 1972 Olympic identity program. Now you can get a close look at all those pretty isotypes, icons, pictograms, symbols and whatever else you might want to call them.

otl aicher munich olympics

otl aicher olympics identity

Required Viewing for those of us in the Bay Area.

The works in the exhibition are from the collection of guest curator Joe Miller.

The exhibition runs August 26 to September 26, 2008

Gallery hours:
Tuesday-Friday 11am-4pm
& Tuesday evening 6-7:30pm,
and by appointment

For more information: visit the exhibition website.

Anyone been to the exhibit yet? Give us the juice in the comments. Also who wants to go? Maybe we can get a group together.

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Thanks for the heads up Dave, count me in.

I had the opportunity to see this on tuesday, and it is an impressive collection of Aicher’s work. A lot of Olympics materials—full size posters, olympics id guidelines, programs, tickets, etc— but also some of his other work, like corporate identities (branding application posters for Sütex, ECRO, and a book for the identity of Munich airport). Definitely a must-see for anyone in the Bay Area!

Julio |

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Awesome Ryan, I’ll grab some other people as well and we can all roll down.

Thanks Julio. I can’t wait to see it. Were you able to catch the curated tour on tuesday?

SO excited, probably my favorite work ever.

!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??! Are you kidding me?!??! Amazing! Now I gotta find a way out to the Bay…

Yea, mike you gotta come out!

I was there on tuesday as well and Joe’s lecture before hand was very insightful. One thing he talked about was the relationship before Aicher’s team and the printing team they were working with. The printing job was as important as the designing. The gallery was mind blowing. By the way, this is all of Joe’s private collection. It even had the torch(probably replica).

Scott |

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edit: relationship between Aicher’s team and the printing team

Scott |

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Phenomenal. The equestrian sports icon is my favorite. The representation of the horse? Simply inspired. I WISH I was in the San Francisco Bay Area. We never get exhibitions like this in Houston.

o’boy, i hope i can swing by. looks awesome.

If there are any other Tuesday evening folks, I’m with you.