Lettered: Typefaces and Alphabets by Clotilde Olyff

lettered jan middendorp book

Lettered: Clotilde Olyff by Jan Middendorp – published by Druk Editions 2000

Clotilde Olyff is a Belgian designer and typographer who teaches at the National Visual Art School of La Cambre and Art School’75′ in Brussels. In this book by Jan Middendorp, Clotilde shares her investigations into the essence of the letter. The book is filled with typographical games and experiments.


The Pebble Alphabets: I’m amazed by her collection of letter shaped pebbles. Next time your at the beach look under your feet, you might be standing on the letter “M”.

clotilde olyff douff typeface

clotilde olyff pebble alphabets

lettered jan middendorp book

lettered jan middendorp book

clotilde olyff fonts

lettered jan middendorp book


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makes me want to go to the beach – so beautiful

I wonder how long it took her to put it together. I love type and font Dave, thank you for posting these. They are marvelous. Hey, is the book hard to find?

Yea, I’m not sure if I’d ever be able to find pebbles like these.

I just did a google search Milena, but I couldn’t find a copy. You might want to contact the publisher (druk editions) directly.

salut mon nom es tboris