1960s vintage postage stamp – 100 years of baseball

vintage us postage stamp 1969

stamp commemorating 100 years of Professional Baseball c 1969 – printed on a Giori press.

One of my favorite stamps from the US. It all works for me, the use of negative space, the colors, and the 6 cent price tag. Makes me miss the days of buying big league chew at the candy store and watching TWIB.

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I have this stamp and was wondering if anyone could tell me how much it is worth about. I came acros it in my attic. I would appreciate your help! ;D

I don’t think its worth much. I bought mine on ebay for a dollar.

I have this stamp, but it is encased in a keychain. The container is very heavy, gold in color and stamped ANTAYA. It is in it’s original package, which is a white cardboard, with a plastic sleeve. The key chain is sitting on a green foam, and is still connected by a tie down. I haven’t been able to find any mention of it, other than the posting here. ???????HMMMM!

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