Staffan Wiren book cover illustration

Staffan Wiren book cover illustration
VÃ¥rt svenska samhälle – by Sixten Björkholm c1963

Cool book cover illustration by Staffan Wiren. Great example of swedish modern illustration from the 1960s.

On a sidenote, just talked to my friend Joe Beats and he’s got a killer mix online that he put together for designer vinyl toy store Munky King. Listen to the mix here.

(Staffan Wirén book cover via David at the Klockarp institute)

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Hey, what a great looking book!
I think I got it for like 5SEK at the Red Cross. I have a certain weakness for educational/school books

so beautiful

Found another copy of the book yesterday, but unfortunately in bad shape with a lot of side notes (mostly in pencil though). On the plus-side, it did have a small folder of the explanation of the Human Rights issued by the U.N. in 1958 (no fun grahics in it though..) stuck in it.

Hi! I thought maybe you’d enjoy this: Illustration: Staffan Wirén