1970s Japanese poster design

1970s Japanese poster graphic design

I wish I could tell you more about this one. I pulled this out of a book I have on 70s + 80s Japanese graphic design. All the text is in Japanese so, I have no clue on who designed this. Anyone recognize this work? I have no idea why theres a gaggle of balloon animals chillin in a tree. If someone could translate the text below the animals, that would be great.

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I passed this along to a friend in Osaka who tells me the large red type says JAPAN TRUST BANK UNION.

You can find more info on the bank (which is not nearly as exciting as finding more info on the poster) here

Really like that one !!

For those who enjoy japanese poster here is another great source : http://www.boryokugai.com

I’m not sure but i think that the designer of this poster is Otomo