Foundry Collective

Fun work from the Denver/Dallas group Foundry Collective. These guys have a steady hand in Americana-vintage that translates really well to their identity, packaging and typography. I love their use of color, texture and illustration — their work has loads of personality.


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The illustration work is great by Foundry Collective but I think their real strength lies in the typography they create. The smaller images in this article don’t do the work justice. You can really see the detail and craft of their design on their site portfolio. The Belle of St Louis design is my favourite by far.

Love it, love it, love it. The retro touches, wonderful fonts and imitation screenprinted combination is lush

Awesome stuff! Vintage logos look so classy.

I love it a lot, but saying it has a lot of personality it’s a pure contradiction. These guys have learned well the rules and principles of the vintage americana aesthetic, however I see nothing that has “a unique personality” in their body of work, and by that I mean something that we haven’t seen before.