Denmark Christmas Seals 1962

denmark christmas seals
1962 Denmark Christmas Seals designed by Erik Petersen

Glædelig Jul! In the early 1900s, a Danish postal clerk came up with the idea of selling Christmas seals to raise money for children with tuberculosis. Over 100 years later, these “cinderella” (unofficial postage) stamps have become a worldwide holiday tradition. In 1962, Erik Petersen designed this sheet of Christmas seals, depicting the gamle håndværk (“old trades”) of Denmark. I want to live inside this illustration; I’d stop by the pipe maker’s shop on my way to pick up some candles and clogs.

danish christmas seals

By the dock of the bay, there’s a radio tower, some sort of cornucopia, and the Kongelig Toldkammer (Royal Customs office).

denmark stamps

Cooper, butcher, milliner, wainwright, fabric maker, and what looks like a fire station.

danish stamps

Unknown gold shape (UPDATE: carpenter’s wood plane), chandler, glazier, milliner, and perhaps a church with a tiny gated statue.

denmark christmas seals

Locksmith, jeweler, pipe maker, sign painter, cobbler, and post office (represented by the Denmark Post Flag insignia – a horn and crown).

Happy Holidays, everybody!


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