Function, Restraint, and Subversion in Typography

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We recently received this title on contemporary typography from the friendly folks at Princeton Architectural Press. The book takes a look at the minimalistic typographic work of a variety of well-known and not-so-well-known designers.

From the Princeton Architectural Press website:

“This international collection documents the work of more than twenty-four graphic designers who engage in an aggressively simple typography. Lavishly illustrated with commentary by author J. Namdev Hardisty, the book explores the innovative posters, books, signage, and other forms of print design by such well-known designers as Daniel Eatock, Experimental Jetset, Spin, the Walker Art Center’s design studio, as well as those just beginning to make a mark on the design world, including MGMT., Project Projects, SEA, Xavier Encinas, Manuel Raeder, YES, and more.”

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You can pick up a copy at Amazon.


I just want to say thanks for giving the book a visual shout out. Its great to visit one of your favorite blogs and see your own project on it. Best, Namdev

Hi guys,

this book seems pretty interesting on compiling
examples of clean use of typography on a compeling
and frontal way.

Is there any chance I could get one in Mexico?


Hey Namdev, you bet. It’s a wonderful book, very happy to show it here on GE.

This book has amazing contents in it. Thanks so much.