Michiel Schuurman

Michiel Schuurman

Michiel Schuurman is a Dutch graphic designer in working in Amsterdam. Schuurman’s personal work specializes in typography and poster design which often boasts a rather maximalistic approach. His practice of combining bright colors, warped glyphs, harsh perspectives, and acidic patterns creates some awfully intriguing eye-candy, which he often screen prints himself.

Michiel Schuurman

Michiel Schuurman

Michiel Schuurman


michiel schuurman

As seen on Panther Club.

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Actually first scene on Linefeed — http://linefeed.me/2049
Those cheeky Panther scamps ‘forgot’ to credit it.

The rainbow poster is amazing.

JG Miksi |

Found design |

Nice work by this designer!

As first found @schrank8 – http://bit.ly/jOKxMa :-)

Thanks for the nice compliments… I stole the text for my facebookpage!
regards from Amsterdam!