Jeff Rogers Hand Drawn Fonts

jeff rogers fonts

Merry / Designed by Jeff Rogers

Texas native and talented letterer, Jeff Rogers, has just completed 5 new hand drawn fonts for YouWorkForThem. Grab the goodness here.

jeff rogers fonts

jeff rogers fonts
Tall Tex is a condensed western style hand set with all the energy and personality of a long tall texan. The letters can be bent, scaled and stretched and still retain their integrity… just like Texans.

jeff rogers fonts

Bone Barn is a 2 in 1 handset that takes it’s influence from old western style wood type. The background and inline can be used together or separately to create many variations.

jeff rogers fonts

Urban 2 is a condensed set complete with drop shade and shadow inspired by dimensional sign letters.

jeff rogers fonts

Owen is a 2 in one handset designed to fit together or to be used separately.

(via Public School)

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These are some examples of nice hand lettering, but they aren’t fonts. A font is a metal or wood or digital set of characters designed for multiple uses. These letters were all drawn individually for each piece.

Oops, I see now that they are available as EPS files. I guess that could be considered a font under the loosest definition. My apologies for jumping the gun on my comment.

About time they put you up on here! Great stuff as always!

A stunning set. Love the hand drawn style, especially the ones with the inner line writing. Thanks for sharing.

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