50 and 50 / State Mottos Project

grain edit / 50 and 50 state mottos project

Massachusetts / Mark Weaver

50 and 50 is America’s design project. This wonderful curation brings together 50 of our nation’s most talented and patriotic designers and pairs them with their home state. With the state motto as their inspiration, these designers take those words and engrain them into a 625×492 pixel canvas, giving us a unique perspective into our great land.

There are various aspects of this project that I admire — a large one being a wonderful new road map to some of the country’s best talent, conveniently organized by state.

Dan Cassaro, the curatorial mind behind 50 and 50, introduces a new state each week day. Keep your eyes peeled, this is going to be an interesting 10 weeks.

grain edit / 50 and 50 state mottos project

Maine / Josh Brill

grain edit / 50 and 50 state mottos project

Tennessee / Matt Lehman

grain edit / 50 and 50 state mottos project

New York / Dan Cassaro

grain edit / 50 and 50 state mottos project

North Carolina / Matt Stevens

grain edit / 50 and 50 state mottos project

Alabama / Matt Lane Harris

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This project boasts a great overall concept, and consistently fascinating typographic/graphic execution. I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of the mottos. They certainly run the gamut. There are some quintessentially American ones, some funny ones, and some weird ones: http://statemottosproject.com/motto-index/ I would love to see these combined for a gallery exhibition or book. It’s always delightful to see how art can take things that may otherwise be a little pedestrian and imbue them with vitality and purpose. Kudos to all involved. Inspired work.

Great project! Like a modern addition to the WPA books on states. Very cool. I would definitely buy a book made up of these.

Agree with Alonzo. I’m curious to see how my state (Nevada) will look like. Katie Lee will be producing it and I find her educational background inspiring. Don’t know if she’s ever lived in Nevada or whether she comes from there.

Although these are great typographical exercises that allow for amazing self expression, some of them don’t quite feel like they’re representing their state. They are rather beautifully treated and ornamental without having anything to say about the terroir from whom they speak from.

Patriots of the world, unite! Disgusting…

These are great. Can’t wait to see this project progress. Thanks for sharing.

DC needs an honorary design!

Not an original idea. honor your city already did this. The same colors are a bit boring as well. The work is nice, but again not original. Meh.

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