Poster Pick: Arcade Fire at the Key Arena

invisible creature

For this week’s poster pick, Invisible Creature presents us with a cold, ghost-like city, where it’s remaining inhabitants are fleeing in a school bus into an unknown suburban abyss. The artwork was inspired by the equally bleak lyrics of ‘City With No Children’, a song from Arcade Fire’s latest release, ‘The Suburbs‘. I appreciate the selective use of color and asymmetrical layout, which immediately caught my eye. This gets my vote as one of the Creature’s most impressive posters to date.

You can pick up a print at the Poster Cabaret or enter to win a copy in the Grain Edit Holiday Giveaway Bash.


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Thanks for all of the great posts! After reading each of your cool posts, I usually end up visiting each link in a weird internet/herringbone fashion, and end up far from where I started. What a cool adventure!

the date is incorrect on the poster. they played in Seattle on September 29, not the 26th.

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I’ve always been impressed with Invisible Creature’s portfolio. Thanks for highlighting this Arcade Fire poster. I’ve recently become a fan thanks to their amazing “Suburbs” album.

Invisible Creature is definitely a reference in the field of posters. I really like their Killing Joe poster (I like it so much that I actually bought it for me as Xmas present to myself). This Arcade Fire is surely another masterpiece and it is no wonder that the band´s music is impiring them. They also happen to have a lot of inspiration and that is hopefully contageous.