2010 Grain Edit Holiday Giveaway Bash

grain edit giveaway

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On Friday Dec. 17th, 2010 we will randomly select 4 winners from all the entries. The first name we draw will win the Grand prize. The 2nd name we draw will get their pick from the remaining prize options etc. and so on.

We will announce the winner on Dec 17th in the RSS Feed, Grain Edit Facebook Fan Page as well as our Twitter stream.

and now for the prizes………..


Grand Prize

invisible creature

invisible creature

poster cabaret

Hollie Chastain

1 Arcade Fire Concert Poster designed by Invisible Creature

1 Sasquatch! Music Festival 2010 poster designed by Invisible Creature

1 Rabbit print designed by Leandro Castelao

1 Trey Anastasio poster designed by A. Micah Smith

1 Broken Social Scene poster designed by Concepcion Studios

1 “Afterthought” print designed by Hollie Chastain

All posters are courtesy of the Poster Cabaret.


$200 gift certificate to YouWorkForThem

Courtesy of YWFT



1 copy of Nobrow 4 (22×31 cm)  Features original work from the likes of Nora Krug, Stefanie Schilling, McBess, Michael Kirkham, Sean Hudson, Jim Stoten, Jack Teagle, Tom Rowe and newcomers Till Hafenbrak, Ana Albero, Brecht Vandenbroucke

1 Temporama Comic (17″x23″) by Clayton Junior.

1 copy  of Ada by ATAK and Gertrude Stein 13 x 20.5 cm/ 32 pages/Edition of 3000

1 copy of The Bento Bestiary by Ben Newman and Scott Donaldson.

Courtesy of Nobrow

alvin lustig

sanjay patel

1 copy of Born Modern: The Life and Design of Alvin Lustig by Steven Heller and Elaine Lustig Cohen

1 copy of Creative, Inc. by Meg Mateo Ilasco and Joy Deangdeelert Cho

1 copy of The Exquisite Book by Julia Rothman, Jenny Volvovski, and Matt Lamothe

1 copy of Ramayana: Divine Loophole by Sanjay Patel

Courtesy of Chronicle Books




1 Seripop Artist Music Journal

1 Dan Nadel + Josh White Artist Music Journal

1 Brian Roettinger Artist Music Journal

1 “vinyl is forever” shirt (limited to available shirts +sizes)

Courtesy of Soundscreen Design


Prize Option 1

blanca gomez

3 city prints courtesy of Blanca Gomez

Each print is 8″ x 11.5″ (A4) signed by artist

friends of type

1 “Back in the Day” print courtesy of the Friends of Type

11″x14″ letterpress print. Signed and numbered edition of 50

ty wilkins

ty wilkins

ty wilkins

1 Fox print 9″ x 12″
1 Edinburgh Panorama print 11″ x 8.5″
1 Horse print 9″ x 12″

All prints courtesy of Ty Wilkins

rilla alexander

1 copy of Her Idea by Rilla
(7.9″ x 9.3″) 64 pages

Courtesy of Rilla Alexander

Ingela  Arrhenius

1 Animal Parade puzzle courtesy of Ingela P Arrhenius

bracket magazine

bracket magazine

1 copy of Bracket (Vol. 1 Craft)
A 2011 Calendar

All items courtesy of Silnt

dan stiles

dan stiles

1 Family print
1 Jonsi and Alex poster 18″ x 24″
1 Modest Mouse poster 18″ x 24″

All items courtesy of Dan Stiles


$50 gift certificate to YouWorkForThem

Courtesy of YWFT


Prize Option 2

jessica hische

jessica hische

3 individual letters of the winners choosing
Letterpressed on Crane’s 110lb Lettra paper, these individual letters are a selection from the first six alphabets of the Daily Drop Cap project. Printed in an edition of 75.

1 viney alphabet poster
1 day ruining invoice notepad

All items courtesy of Jessica Hische

scotty reifsnyder

1 Paul Bunyan & 1 Skinny Ol’ Johnny Appleseed print courtesy of Scotty Reifsynder

enormous champion

1 Keys Tea Towel courtesy of enormouschampion

enormous champion

1 Hello Screenprint courtesy of Marcus Walters

Tree House Press

Tree House Press

1 Owls Print (297 X 210 mm / A4 size)

1 Hakoiri Musume print (210 X 297mm / A4 size) hand printed, signed and numbered.

Courtesy of The Tree House Press


1 copy of The King’s 6th Finger courtesy of Jolby

greg pizzoli

1 Big Apple-ish print courtesy of Greg Pizzoli

18″ x 24″


$50 gift certificate to YouWorkForThem

Courtesy of YWFT


Prize Option 3

jason munn

A signed copy of The Small Stakes: Music Posters courtesy of Jason Munn

brent couchman

brent couchman

1 Argyle Socks & 1 Keep Drawing print courtesy of Brent Couchman

paul tebbott

1 Chemtrail poster courtesy of Paul Tebbott

luke bott

1 Submarine print courtesy of Luke Bott

esther arts

esther arts

1 set of Push Your Luck postcards & 1 Stop! Tea Time! Print courtesy of Esther Arts

dan matutina

1 The Boy Who Carried the Big Bad Wolf Poster & 1 “Amateurs” print courtesy of Dan Matutina

josh brill

josh brill

1 Night Owl, 1 Great Horned Owl and 1 Burrowing Owl print courtesy of Lumadessa / Josh Brill

script and seal

1 Mountain Trails poster courtesy of Script & Seal


$50 gift certificate to YouWorkForThem

Courtesy of YWFT


and now a special thanks

Many thanks to all the wonderful sponsors for making today’s giveaway possible. Please take time to visit their sites.




I pretty much follow this blog religiously, my favorite posts so far have been anything that includes the small stakes, the brent couchman post and yeah. I love everything about this blog.

I love all your designer features, but my favorite has to be Noma Bar.

The Mike Perry interview! He rules! You rule! Thanks for a great year.

The idea of picking a favorite post seems like a challenge, but I was very pleased to discover Áron Jancsó thanks to your post a few weeks ago. The enormouschampion interview was also a great one.

I like the post about Greg Pizzoli, I didn’t know his work before.
Thanks for making us discover new artists and new inspirations.

Whoa! Stellar giveaways this year – nice!

Your blog is one of the best. Loved the Alvin Lustig posts this year.

Cheers friends!

My favorite post this year was the Matt Stevens Nike-a-day illustration post.

Matt Graff |

Contests and giveaways |

My favorite post this year was about Lisa Congdon’s collection a day. I have been following it all year. I always find such wonderful inspiration on the site and in my RSS feed!


Jennifer A. |

Contests and giveaways |

My favorite post was the one about Mike Perry http://grainedit.com/2010/04/13/mike-perry-interview/

I first found out about him here and has since become one of my favorite artists/illustrators.


so many great posts this year, but this was definitely the first one that came to mind as my favorite

Posters Discovered in Notting Hill Gate Tube Station


Mike L Perry |

Contests and giveaways |

All of your interviews with illustrators are great reads. Especially when they include little tutorials highlighting their style. inspiring. Keep up the great work.

i love all of the featured artist posts like the kelli anderson interview and font/type posts!

the holly chastain post was my favorite


love the art

Best post = Mike Perry

Grain Edit is informative, inspiring, interesting and just plain outstanding!

I loved the Sasha Barr interview, good stuff in that one. Keep em’ coming.

All your posts are awesome. I especially LOVE: Leandro Castelao, Scotty Reifsynder and Sanjay Patel.

Radhika Abhyankar |

Contests and giveaways |

i don’t think i’ve ever wanted a win a contest as much as this one! I would glady accept any of these prizes.

I’m in!
My favorite post of the year for me has to be the Dan Stiles interview. This site has really good stuff and I love coming here! Keep up the great work.

Normally, I go for more of a Lubalin-crafted look in my typography, but Jon Contino‘s feature was probably my favorite this past year. I love the whaling-era elements he uses, and his lettering is gorgeous.

oh. wow. wow. wow.
what a fantastic giveaway and such beautiful items!
i’ve alredy subscribed to the RSS feed, but when i worked my way through the bazillion saved items on my google reader, i realized that one i always come back to was the april post about the vinyl documentary (to have and to hold).

everytime i look at the records in our living room, i feel bad for not watching it as of yet. but it’s nice to re-remind myself that it’s still out there….

thanks for the fantastic posts! they really are wonderful!

Thanks for the great posts. My favorite this year was the post about Richard Erdoes.

My favorite so far was when Liz started contributing. Great addition to the grainedit team!

The Jessica Hische studio visit was my favorite. I want to win the giveaway!

It’s hard to pick a favorite post since they’re all so inspiring and aesthetically pleasing. But I really enjoyed Julia Rothman’s interview – I LOVE her style!

My fav post is the one about Scotty Reifsnyder. Beautiful beautiful prints!

The Mike Perry interview was the best post this year. He’s quite awesome.

Love the afterthought poster and the Broken Social Scene. But my overall Fav is Paul Tebbott!

Would it be bad to say that THIS is my favorite post of the year? Heh.

Great Giveaway this year! My fave post of memory from the year was the Mike Perry Interview back in april. Always been a big fan of his work, and nice to get a peak behind the scenes. :D

My favorite post of 2010 was the Sasha Barr interview showing his process.

This is not a giveaway, this is a super-über-maxi giveaway! I liked Blanca Gómez interview because I love her work. Thanks! :)

Another fab giveaway! I really enjoy every post, but my fave was the Enormous Champions interview/studio tour. Love their work.

I can’t pick just one post for this year… I have stars next to so many in my RSS feeder. The inspiration your blog gives me on a regular basis is my favorite part :)

Long time subscriber…enjoyed the Josh Brill/Lumadessa interview and visit…

as a former stamp collector, I’ve loved all the vintage international stamp posts! so pretty!

Thanks for the Giveaway! These prizes look awesome!

oohhhhh man i want to win any of these items. i do have to say that my favorite Grainedit post this year was the Sanjay Patal interview.

its always nice to see the process of greatness and how far one has to go to get to the final product.

now, pick me for any of the prizes!!! ;0)

I would kill a man to win this… not really, but I would probably give someone a real bad (and really un-PC) indian burn if asked to.

My favorite post from the last year is actually a two-way tie between Kelli Anderson and Abby Brewster– some of the best work I’ve seen in a while.

Patrick O. |

Contests and giveaways |

There were so many posts that I loved this year. If I had to choose one, I guess I’d have to go with the Sasha Barr interview. It was really great to see some of Sasha’s process; it gave me some ideas of ways I can go about image making. Blanca Gomez’s interview was also great and I also really loved the Adam Hancher poster that was posted a little while ago.

Amazing giveaway. Absolutely amazing.

Gotta say, it’s hard to pick just one post from this last year. The Noma Bar interview was great. http://grainedit.com/2010/03/17/noma-bar-interview/

I love all your interviews. Getting an inside look into the thoughts and processes of great illustrators and designers is a so helpful for me in my own creative endeavors.

Thank you!

The Sanjay Patel interview was my favorite post of 2010. Great work showcased.

My favorite post so far was your interview with the Little Friends of Printmaking! I’ve been subscribed to your blog for about a year — thanks for all the great posts to read.

The Aaron McLaughlin post is my favorite!

kerry hall |

Contests and giveaways |

subscribed in google!

Wow, there are some fantastic pieces in this years giveaway bash.

My favorite post(s) this year introduced me to some of my new favorite artists/designers including Joanna Górska and Jerzy Skakun, Wojciech Kolacz and Yulia Brodskaya. Thank you for a year of inspiration!

Jennifer K |

Contests and giveaways |

such awesome giveaways, i want to win all. or at least one? :-)

followed and tweeted on twitter! http://twitter.com/noodlenthread/status/12218521006116864

My favourite article was “Q & A with Jason Munn of the Small Stakes”.

Also loved Esther Aarts and Matthew Lyons.

:D Outstanding Giveaway!!!

João Ferreira |

Contests and giveaways |

liked on fb page, but cannot post the comment for some reason. :-( (angie pham)

My favorite post this year? The first that comes to mind is…
I’m a sucker for nice typography prints.

I love grain edit!

OH! And favorite post of the year? Who can choose? Love Mike Perry, love Sasha Barr, love Blanca Gomez and have been silently stalking Stephen Britt for years which originally led me to your site. Wish list for 2011: Andreas Samuelsson, Souther Salazar, and Johnny Yanok. Thanks for a great year!

My favorite post of the year:


I adore this everything about this brand. It uses such great colors and shapes…by far my fav.

This is an awesome giveaway.. really. Happy holidays Grain Edit !!.

wow, it’s hard to pick a favorite post but this one is one of them http://grainedit.com/2010/08/11/vintage-posters-by-donald-brun/

I have a tie for my two favorite posts of the year: first, the Leysin poster from Art of the Luggage Label is BEAUTIFUL!, and second, I absolutely loved the post featuring Christopher David Ryan’s new work.

Thank you grain edit for being so so so awesome and for always making sure I have something pretty to look at in my google reader!

wow, it’s hard to pick a favorite post. here is one of them http://grainedit.com/2010/08/11/vintage-posters-by-donald-brun/

Oh, that is great!

My fav post is surely that Ayao Yamana one. Fantastic.

I already follow you through feed rss since long time…I have to say that my fav post you made was the one about Alberto Cerriteno (I shared a picture on my fb as well)

thank you for the great chance! best wishes for you and cross fingers for me…

I loved the Studio MPLS post the most. and by the way I love you grain edit :)

It’s wildly impossible to say which is a favourite but I really enjoyed…

• The Q & A with Jason Munn of the Small Stakes.
• Blanca Gomez interview.
• GVA studio

Amazing work.

I’m so excited about this giveaway! I’m a long time fan of Julia Rothman so her interview has been my favorite! So inspiring!

I loved the Blanca Gomez interview. Fantastic discovery :) Thanks for the giveaway and for the great work you guys do.

Such an awesome contest!

My favorite post this year was the Dan Stiles interview!

I like the Afterthought poster.

Favorite post… that’s a difficult one! I enjoyed being introduced to Patrick Hruby’s work.

Honestly, I love these give-away posts the most every year, because I love seeing all these great designers and illustrators in a single post. Very inspiring.

I especially liked the Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview, his work is awesome, I liked too the Blanca Gomez work.

My favorite was the Jessica Hische studio visit. I love her! And I love Grain Edit! Awesome giveaway.

I like the Nate Duval post. I hadn’t seen his work before.

subscribed to rss via googlereader.

Love the work collected at grainedit. Especially the sasquatach and holiday giveaways! Cheers.

I love your Flickr feed, it’s a great resource for inspiration!

My fave of the year was Donald Brun! His posters are amazing and everything is so vibrant and warm.

Swwet prizes, love the lineup this year! The Sasha Barr interview was a great post this past year!!! Three Cheers for GrainEdit!

I’m a veteran subscriber, and I LOVE your blog. One of the best.
My favorite post from this year was the Blanca Gomez interview. Loved seeing her work.

I really enjoyed seeing the article about Julia Guther. I like how she simplified objects and typography. As an art teacher, I am going to use her for one of my lessons in the spring!

Thanks for another wonderful year of eye opening good stuff!

So much amazement I can’t pick just one – – - Such a great year, cheers and good luck the next one!


The immensity of this giveaway is blowing my mind.

And making us pick a favorite, that’s cruel.

Off the top of my head, I’m going to go with the vintage british airways playing cards. Because I’m a sucker for vintage. I also loved the Saul Bass videos.

my favorite post from the past year:

APAK 03.25.10 (page 17 as of right now)

My favorite post is definitely “Tomingekijo Music Circle concert pamphlets from 1963″. The abstracted curved shapes combined with the type create amazing posters that you don’t really see around these days.

too many good posts! one of my super-favorite ones is the Hi-Fi music video recreating famous Jazz album cover.

Tie! Born Modern: The Life and Design of Alvin Lustig and Reifsnyder’s Heroes of Folk. Thanks for all the great posts.

One of my favorite posts was on 11-09-09! It was a beautiful and inspiring collection of vintage travel posters. Design + Travel = Bliss!! Thank you for all that you do:) – V

My favorite post is the Commonwealth Stacks post. :)

Count me in. My favorite post was the Noma Bar interview, for sure! terrific!

my favorite post has to be either the “New Prints by Jessica Hische!” or “Jolby”, as they introduced me to a set of artists that inspire me greatly. the handmade classic quality of Jolby and the immaculately-designed letterforms of Jessica… thank you for revealing such great artists on a continual basis, GE!

I probably liked the Julia Rothman interview the most. Thanks!!

Amy Martin |

Contests and giveaways |

i came to grain edit thanks to the interview to Blanca Gomez,i love discovering new and old illustrators by you.
Great giveaway!!

Carolina S- |

Contests and giveaways |

All the stuff you guys put up is high quality – my favorites would have to be the Blanca Gomez interview, and the 2010 Sasquatch! Music Festival Poster. Love that image! And I have never entered any of these giveaways on-line, but your prizes are yummy!

By far it was the impressive work of Jon Contino… the fact that he works with common supplies and achieves such a beautiful finished product is most inspiring.

thanks grain edit, for bringing these folks to a much brighter light

Randy McKee |

Contests and giveaways |


Favourite post from this year was the post on Jessica Hische’s work. Loving that girls work and her website is pretty sweet.

Also any post with The Small Stakes in is always a winner.


Billy Bartram |

Contests and giveaways |

Damn so hard to say which post was my favourite. I really like artist interviews so I can pick Mike Perry Interview. Keep up great work. Cheers :)

Tomasz Kwiecień |

Contests and giveaways |

Inspired by your Mark Shaw retrospective. Awesome prizes this year!


This by far the most colorful blog I subscribe to and I constantly refer my graphic designer friends to it. I love all the typography articles. But my favorite is the debut of the Ferocious Quarterly, so much art in the form of an academic journal, amazing. Thank you GrAIN Edit!!

Chris Shell |

Contests and giveaways |

One of the best places for inspiration :) Loved the Brent Couchman post the most this year, I think. Keep up the fabulous work!

Wow, do we have just choose one?! There were so many posts I starred in Google Reader, it’s hard to pick! Ultimately for me, it’d be a toss-up between the S.Britt interview, which produced lots of giggles and inspiration, and the Patrick Hruby display with his vivid mastery of shape and color.

Thanks for a great year filled with rich introductions of remarkable artists!

Hi! I love so many of your posts that I can’t really pick a favorite. I did however love the Jason Munn post and also enjoyed the enormouschampion Studio Visit. I love the studio visits. Thank you so much for all the work that you do! It is greatly appreciated.

I enjoyed the Sanjay Patel interview; it really gave me a clear sense of how to create space in action to emphasize the movement. Definitely keep that in mind now in my viewing of art.

Minhquan Nguyen |

Contests and giveaways |

I look at this blog everyday before I start my Return Design Internship at my school and I derive all of my inspiration primarily from it. I have been obsessively working with triangles lately and something from this blog that served as a spring board for the justification of my “backgammon-like” narrow triangular shapes was the entry with the Chemtrail poster by Paul Tebbott.
I have been really interested in Folk art as they are related to Navajo and Nordic geometric patterns as well as looking to Margaret Kilgallen’s work for inspiration for my senior project for next spring. Thanks so much for all your brilliant entries that make my designing everyday most worth while!

The Sasha Barr Interview was fantastic. Keep up the beautiful work!

Kyle John Anderson |

Contests and giveaways |

I really liked the Noma Bar interview!!

Thanks grainedit!

pedro uribe |

Contests and giveaways |

My favorite post? Posters Discovered in Notting Hill Gate Tube Station. Great giveaway!

Grain Edit’s been dutifuly arriving in my RSS box every day for about a year now! Picking a favorite is tough, though I really liked the Gottschalk + Ash one, partly because the ‘Polypropylene’ job succeeds at making a terrible company look incredibly cool.

Hello Grain Edit,
I like all you artist interviews posts but I think my favorite one was the Blanca Gomez interview, I loved seeing her comps and process. :]

My favourite post this year was the Julia Rothman Interview.

I was really into anything with invisible creature. Their posters are awesome, especially that recent on for Arcade Fire. Aziz Ansari’s posters they did also were great. I’d say another fav was the Mark Giglio studio visit but I think that was last year.

Hi, just found your website from your giveaway tweet. A sure sign this work to promote traffic for you (as you know :)

I subscribed to your RSS feed and I’ll be back to read more, and perhaps write a review of this site!

I like your artist interview of Sanjay Patel. His art is so visionary and a little chaotic, yet clean and modern. It’s inspiring to see the amount of work he accomplishes so quickly:

It’s hard to pick one favorite from the past year… but the one I keep coming back to is the Blanca Gomez Interview.

Amazing giveaway!

I think this is a most fantastic giveaway! Thank you so much for the opportunity. I subscribed to Grain Edit originally because it exposed me to a lot of works I was unfamiliar with. My favorite post was the Scotty Reifsynder one with all the folk tale prints. FANTASTIC! I’m hoping that the fact that December 17th is MY 25th BIRTHDAY will give me a little extra luck! Love the blog, and thanks again!

My favorite post of the year is


I love the colors and style.

I think this may be my first time ever on grain edit, but I love what I see.

What a beautiful giveaway! This blog is full of so much gorgeous, which makes it oh, so dangerous.

My favorite post from this year had to have been the ilovedust studio feature. All of their work is so inspiring; it’s all saved in my inspiration folder. :)

post link: http://grainedit.com/2010/04/30/ilovedust/#more-3800

My favourite post would have to be the one on Ill Studio, they produce such rad stuff.

Tom Crichton |

Contests and giveaways |

Wow! Such much goodness here! Count me in!

Adam Schneider |

Contests and giveaways |

I’m always drawn to the posts of old stamps and I’m a sucker for the Jugoslavia stamp (3.10.10), but my favorite post would have to be the

Bulgaria Black Sea Resort Stamps 1972 (from 2.15.10). As a set they’re just too perfect.

I’m always drawn to the posts featuring old stamps, but my favorite would have to be the Bulgaria Black Sea Resorts Stamps 1972 from 2.15.10.

A while ago you introduced me to Aurélie Guillerey who I am a little obsessed with now so thank you for that and please count me in.

I’m always drawn to the posts featuring stamps, but my favorite is the Bulgaria Black Sea Resorts Stamps 1972 from 2.15.10


The bar was set pretty high with Jessica Hische’s studio visit surprise ending… http://grainedit.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/hands.jpg

Me encantan tooodos, difícil, difícil… pero mi favorito es este de: Áron Jancsó

I love them all, the choice is very difficult but my favourite is this one from: Áron Jancsó

Julia Rothman Interview! It was fantastic.

I liked the one, I think it was from the beginning of the year, about work of Robert Sessler. I love his work for University of Saarland.

I’m fairly new to this blog, but I really liked the Scotty Reifsnyder: The Heroes of Folk post. and this post! what a fantastic contest!

I really do enjoy all the posts on grain edit, but I especially liked learning about Blanca Gomez. I’m really hoping to win those prints of hers.

I think Postmammal has been my favorite artist/post in recent memory. Great site… keep up the fabulous work.

My favorite post of the year was the post about Studio MPLS.

My favorite post from Grain Edit was the interview with Little Friends of Printmaking. I ended up buying 2 of their prints!

Pick me! Pick me! I am already dreaming about decorating my office with all these lovely prints.

Wow, all your giveaways are so beautiful. What a pity I can’t get them all!

My favorite this year was and still is the Dan Stiles interview (05/24/10). Awesome colors, wonderful forms, great artist.

Since I have found your site (during a research about Abner Graboff) you are my every day starter to the www.

Never stop your work, please.

It’s hard to pick a favorite post since they’re ALL so inspiring and aesthetically pleasing. But I really enjoyed Josh Brill interview, with
his unique style and a nod to Charley Harper!

Bruce Macindoe |

Contests and giveaways |


My favorite post; Matt Stevens: Nike Air-Max-A-Day Illustrations, definitely one of the most fun projects I’ve seen in 2010! (Thanks to grain edit of course.)



My favorite post was the one about Miguel Calatayud.
Thanks for letting me know his work, I just can’t stop looking at his images!

WOW. amazing things!

I loved the Enormous Champion Studio visit (posted it on my blog too) http://grainedit.com/2010/08/24/enormouschampion-studio-visit/

but top trumps goes to the blanca gomez interview… she’s great she is!

I’ve been subscribed to the RSS for a while now, great giveaway! My favourite post (well, one of many) is this one: http://grainedit.com/2010/07/20/josh-keyes/

My favorite post was the enourmouschampion studio visit. A friend sent me the link which is how I found your site in the first place, and I’m so glad I did! You have so many great articles.

I’ve loved too many posts to have a favorite one, I often pin them on Pinterest. I’ve been an RSS subscriber for awhile now :)

My favorite recent post has to be Jon Contino for the simple reason that
after reading and looking at the post I straight away opened my sketchbook and started drawing. The drawings then led to a nice piece of
lettering I was able to use for a screenprint – true inspiration


favorite GE post:

thnx guys!
and thanks for still including the kids that don’t have facebooks and twitters, like me!

Greg Pizzoli? I think I know that guy.

It’s my first year following you and I’m glad that I stumbled across your excellent blog. My fave of the year was probably the Patel interview. Those images are _stuck_ in my mind!

Thanks so much! Looking forward to another year of grainedit!

My favorite post this year was the Interview Sanjay Patel. I love the illustrations of the Ramayana, I ended up buying the book after seeing it here at grain edit.

Andreina Bello |

Contests and giveaways |

I loved the Julia Rothman interview! She’s one of my favorite illustrators.

My favorite post this year was the Blanca Gomez interview. Whee!

The post that I liked in the last year would be the posts about Jessica Hische. Whether it being the typefaces she creates or her ongoing daily drop cap project I enjoy all of it.

I was just told about grain edit today. As a result.. I would say that THIS is my favorite post within the past year. I know of several of the artists and designers of which you are giving away some of their work for this giveaway. Invisible Creature, Jessica Hische, and The Small Stakes are just to name a few that I know of and love their work. I am very excited at the opportunity to possibly obtain some of it! Keep up the posts I will be avidly following from this point!

sweet contest!

I really enjoyed the Jason Munn interview. It was interesting to see the process behind the posters he designs.

Having just discovered Grain Edit, my favorite post is the interview with Dan Stiles!

lovely selection :O

Marina Kurth |

Contests and giveaways |

I’ve enjoyed the Jessica Hische studio visit!

One of my favorite things about this site is that it’s always introducing me to great illustrators and designers, so it’s hard to pick just one post! I think my favorite would have to be the post that introduced me to Esther Aarts:


My favorite grain edit post 2010 was the Noma Bar Interview. His designs are so reduced to the max. Super smart and awesome minimalistic design! http://grainedit.com/2010/03/17/noma-bar-interview/

Thanks grain edit for inspiring us! :)

I loved the S. Britt interview. This man can do no wrong in my book.

My favorite posts this year were the Peter Stuyvesant matchbook cover:


…and the spotlight on the Sasquatch poster that you’re giving away (and which I’d love to win!).

I also seem to remember you guys looking at some OSS117 book covers, but I can’t find the post in the archives. Maybe was last year?

srsly SUCH an amazing giveaway!

I really enjoyed the Hollie Chastain post. I love her illustrations!

Yea for giveaways! I loved the post on Ingela’s Nesting Dolls

Karren Hiskey |

Contests and giveaways |

This is amazing. I’m excited. The post on Jacques Charette, although brief, was awesome. The “Librax Roche Recipe” booklet cover is a work of genius.


I really like the Blanca Gomez interview. I really like her vintage style, and it was great getting a peek into the creative process with the Autumn in New York poster!

Ridiculous to even think about picking a fave from a year’s worth of posts… but for now, I’ll say the “Vintage Calendars” post. Mostly because I enjoy seeing the many ways a calendar’s structure can be interpreted graphically.

But everything this site offers is wonderful. Such a rich source of inspiration. Amazing. Thanks for all you do.

Wow! the Sanjay Patel Interview was way cool

my best one : the post about Laurent Nivalle photography.

patrick doyon |

Contests and giveaways |

Loving the owl prints. Also the Arcade Fire!

The Alberto Cerriteno post was my favorite. Love his work.

The enormouschampion Studio Visit, because the story of his LEGO collection is awesome!

Live Now. One of my favorite projects of the year.

The Invisible Creature Sasquatch poster was so freakin’ awesome that I just had to have one, and now have it hanging in my house! Big ups grainedit!

Ashley McKee |

Contests and giveaways |

I was really amazed at the tones and colors in the post from June about Matthias Heiderich’s photos of Berlin and beyond.

Ah, the Rothman interview – dig those cityscapes! Great work all year long, Grain Edit!!!!

ack, Hische too! please dear GE lord, deliver Prize Option #2 to my stocking…

My favorite post was the interview with Blanca Gomez, http://grainedit.com/2010/06/16/blanca-gomez-interview/

Was very pleased to be introduced to the work of Iv Orlov and Sanjay Patel. Thanks Grain Edit!

Lots of great posts this year, but if i have to choose one it would be the Invisible Creature interview. I LOVE their Arcade Fire poster.

My favorite grain edit post this year has to be the interview with EnormousChampion
or Obsessive Consumption by Kate Bingaman-Burt
or The Swell Season Concert Poster by The Small Stakes
or the interview with Neither Fish nor Fowl

I loved everything!

Sun Young Michelle Min |

Contests and giveaways |

Tough to pick a favorite but I find myself revisiting The Treehouse Press post from back in October. Great giveaway, gang.

- Josh

yay! my favorite posts from the last year were the julia rothman and enormous champion interviews. xoxo

I LOVED the Edie Harper post from February:


Never realized she was an artist as well. Just as good as Charley in my opinion.

I check your blog everyday. One of my top favorites was a post on Aaron McLaughin. His nature themed work is beautiful. Thank you for a lovely blog! Keep up the good eye.

Hello from the most isolated city in the world, Perth. I love everything here but my favorite would be the interview Blanca Gomez and the one about Timba Smith. Thank you for everything!

And Happy holiday everyone!

Melisa Ciputra |

Contests and giveaways |

The Dan Stiles interview was by far my favourite. It’s always satisfying to read about a liberated, depressed bureaucrat who made their successful sea change. Naturally, the work speak for themselves.

Bianca Gomez interview!

I love a lot of your posts so it’s hard to choose. The most recent one I enjoyed was the Julia Rothman interview. I love her work. :)

Mike Perry Interview.


I think my favorite was the Sign Painter Movie post. I’ve got a thing for handpainted signs and ghost signs and several local Bay Area sign painters look to be featured in it.

(I’ve been a GoogleReader AND Twitter subscriber; can’t miss that good stuff!)

Loved your interview with Dan Stiles -I love his work and it’s always interesting to see the man behind the art

My favorite post was a recent one on Blake Suarez. I’m so excited for his success!

The enormouschampion studio visit post! I like looking at workplaces and seeing the environments where artists work.

What an AMAZING giveaway! Some many great designs I adore. Your post in July about Blexbolex was a favourite of mine. I had never heard of him before but he is definitely now one of my favourites. Cheers and happy holidays!

My favorite post was the interview with Blanca Gomez. I had seen her work before (probably here on grain edit!) and love her style. It was wonderful to read about her creative process with a walk-through of one of her illustrations.

My fave was the feature of Toby Thane Neighbors. I discovered him through that post and absolutely love his work. (Thank you!)

Very hard to choose a favourite post, I’ve made so many great discoveries here over the last year. I think I would have to settle on the Ty Wilkins post from back in April. I see her print in the giveway too! Eeek! Want!!!

My favorite post this year was the Dan Stiles interview…his work is great!

My favorite post (and the one that brought me to this blog in the first place!) is the interview with S. Britt. He is a hero to the people.

loved the s. britt interview!!

samantha sarvet |

Contests and giveaways |

this is one of my favorite blogs and I’m already subscribe for it’s RSS for a long time.

Each time i get a post i like i mark it with a star, for future reference. so i thought it will be easy for me to find this particular post that is my favorite.

the problem is that i have too many favorite.
but if i have to choose i would say it must be one of these 2:
“Intelligence in Lifestyle” that introduced this magazine i didn’t know of.

And the interview with Sanjay Patel that made me buy his book. read it all the way and be very happy.

Yeah ! So cool : )
Dan Stiles Studio Visit was really great + all types posts : )
Happy holidays

wow what an awesome giveaway!!!! It’s almost impossible to choose a fav post from the year.. but one of my favourites would have to be the post on Justin Fuller, love his work :)

I am new to the blog so currently my favorite post is the one where you are giving away amazing things!! lol! yep… this one! these prizes look amazing and are very inspiring. looking forward to a long relationship with this blog ;-)

ian arthur merrill |

Contests and giveaways |

Oh, it’s that time of the year again :) . The prizes are way above total awesomeness (but they yet have to invent a word for it). I was browsing through my saved grain edit posts in evernote and I have to say I liked the Jolby studio profile the most.

Jakub Janousek |

Contests and giveaways |

Absolutely LOVE Ty Wilkin’s work! So many lovely things here – thank you grain edit.

Very hard to choose a favourite, but I really loved the retro record covers from Project Thirty Three blog. Without a doubt, the ‘grain’ is my most rewarding feed! Keep it up.

All your posts are awesome. But I’ll pick the Yulia Brodskaya one because I’m totally infatuated with her work now!
Great giveaway guys! Thanks.

A lot of beautiful things to read, to see here…
I read daily posts in my mail box.
I can’t make a choice…
Thank you for your work.

There were quite a lot very good posts this year but the one I would like to thank you for is the Project 33. You were the first to inform me about the existence of that great project.

Crazy grand prize. I love it.
Best post of the year ? all about type, and handmade… all of them.

my favorite post of the year was def. the Mike Perry Interview you guys did back in April. Still, there are way too many good posts to choose from! grain edit is a wonderful source of inspiration!!

My favorite post is “Vintage Calendars”. Cheers.

My favorite post was Sasha Barr Interview. It is great to see how others living and doing their works.

Your posts are great! I’d pick the Yulia Brodskaya one because I’m totally infatuated with her work now! Great giveaway, thanks!

I really liked Stefan Glerum post. Keep it up!

Another amazing give away! Very hard to choose a favorite – but have to say I loved the Josh Brill Studio Visit, and happily have some of his fantastic work hanging in my house now!

Another amazing giveaway! Very hard to choose a favorite – but have to say I loved the Josh Brill studio visit and happily have some of his fantastic work hanging on my walls at home!

Unbelievable prizes! Loved the Invisible Creature interview…and everything else all year.

The Sasha Barr interview/ studio visit feature was my favourite post of the year. Beautiful work!

Favourite post this year: The “Sasquatch!” poster. So inspiring.

I get excited when I receive all your e-mail updates, it brightens my day.
Favorite post: Octoberama, I simply love Charley Harper thanks to your blog.

Hard to choose a favorite, but I really enjoyed the Q & A with Jason Munn of Small Stakes. Looks like an amazing giveaway!

My favourite post this year was the Noma Bar interview. His work’s so different to mine so really inspiring to read an in depth interview about how his mind works.

Hey please count me in for the giveaway!

My favourite was the Art of the luggage label.

What a give-away, I already saw some posters that are on my wishlist for a while. My favorite post was the interview with Blanca Gomez, it was reason enough for me to subscribe to this blog in my reader and I’m still here!

My favorite grain edit post this year is the interview with Enormous Champion

Aileen Norton |

Contests and giveaways |

I enjoyed the post on Mike Perry. His work is playful and surprising and not overly (or merely) cute. Thanks!

My favorite post this year, is the Sanjay Patel interview. Pixar artists are brilliant, and very inspirational.

All of the Small Stakes posts especially, but I love being introduced to new people and great work. Always consistent, always enjoyable. Thanks.

I liked the birds-eye illustrations by Philippe Nicolas. Lovely stuff.
Thanks for all the time you put into the blog :-)

my favourite post of the year was Lisa Congdon’s collection a day blog/book ……have been following it eversince and cant wait to get the book – thanks grainedit!


If I win, this one. If I don’t, Noma Bar – best work, best name.

I really enjoyed the interview with Dan Stiles.

Paul Adanick |

Contests and giveaways |

Hard to narrow it down but I love the work of Scotty Reifsynder and his all-American heroes series!

The Esther Arts cards from January take some beating I’d say. http://grainedit.com/2010/01/06/esther-aarts-illustration/trackback/

Andy Morten |

Contests and giveaways |

Woah!! What a wonderful bunch of sweet stuff! This would be the best christmas present since I got my Playmobile pirate ship when I was 5!
Being a big Lubalin fan, I really enjoyed the post on the U&lc being released on PDF. That was just amazing.

Keep up the wonderful work, this is just a great blog!

Loved the Aaron Draplin: BP Logo redesign article. Smart work!

My favorite entry is the “Blanca Gomez Interview” because it contains not only of wonderful pictures, but also gives a hint of how artists work.

I’m glad I signed up to the Grain Edit feed, it supplies consistent, good quality articles and features that inspire.

I loved the work of Marc Aspinall of The Tree House Press, loved the bold, simple colour combinations along with the textural elements.

Keep up the good feeds!

chris taylor |

Contests and giveaways |

The Blanca Gomez Interview!

Thank you for the past 12 months daily dose of lunchtime design interest. Never fail to have a peek. Favourites are numerous, certainly always people we’ve don’t know about who pop up on the radar. Recent faves include Travis Steans, Julia Rothman, Jonathan Zawada, They come to mind as posts we stopped work to read and digest. Thank you.

Favourite post was the amazing feature on the Notting Hill tube station – I have a soft spot for the incredible design history of Transport for London! Awesome blog, thanks so much, I’ve learnt and discovered so much incredible work!

Always like being introduced to new designers. I really enjoyed the Studio MPLS post.

Now I must win sweet prizes!

Malota Projects for me

I love it when a mail from Grain Edit is in my inbox. My favourite post this year, was the Blanca Gomez Interview!!!

I’ve been following you for a while now, and enjoy everything! My favorite post has to be the S.britt interview earlier this year. I really love his work, but the interview just blew my mind. (I haven’t decided if I like him more or less, now, though). Everyone’s comments really made the post complete. Thanks for all of your great posts!

After some careful consideration, I’ve decided my favorite post was “Ingela P Arrhenius Illustration” from April. Such lovely designs.

what is this really groovy pad … never been here before … think i’ll stay awhile

mememememe !!!!

July 20 featured the work of KHUAN + KTRON That was one of my favorites this year! I loved their map covers for Weekend Knack magazine. Keep the good designs coming!

My fav was the Jessica Hische studio visit. Another great giveaway!

What is not to like. You seem to come up with the goods day in, day out.

How to pick one from the bunch… Ok. Something out of the norm. I am a fan of Surfrider, being a surfer/designer based in Bali Indo so I will say Semigood, the post on the Rian stool.

Hope the postage to here doesn’t put you off letting me win. I will pay if I have to!


My favorite post of the year was probably the studio tour/interview with Enormous Champion. But really I just look forward to reading through the blog everyday!

Wow, what an amazing giveaway!!! Those are such great prizes.
I really love grain edit, I read the emails I recieve everyday and I’m always inspired.
It’s really difficult to pick a favourite post, but I loved the Ferocious Quarterly one. I ordered it straight away, and I never would have heard about it if it wasn’t for Grain Edit! :)
Thank you!!! :)

I liked the post on enormouschampion. It was interesting and also gave me the idea to use a type setters drawer as a shadow box.

Great contest. I would have to say Small Stakes post. I wound up buying the book because of that, and we are trying to book him for our AIGA West Michigan program next year.

Damion Van Slyke |

Contests and giveaways |

I liked the feature of Brent Couchman. Especially his work for Fossil.

Great prize packages… I hope I win this year! Being a lover of Japanese graphic design, my favorite post from this year would have to be the one on Kazumasa Nagai. Thanks for a great year of inspiration!

Fave = Alvin Lustig

Dave Stolte |

Contests and giveaways |

I heart the post on 3/5/10 about graphic design and race cars. Taking two things I love: cars that go “vrooooom” and design. Thanks.

This is truly the best giveaway ever, ever. I loved so much on here, but the Dan Stiles & S Britt interviews are the first that come to mind.
Thanks so much!

gosh this is an awesome giveaway! i think one of my favorite posts was the dan stiles interview. although everything on this blog pretty much is always amazing!

Thank you for this awesome opportunity to win some amazing stuff! Love your blog…I really enjoyed the post about Lisa Congdon’s A Collection a Day.

Thank you Grain Edit!!

Favorite this year was the interview with Dan Stiles; the man just has great styles.

probably the dan stiles interview / studio visit, enjoyed it very much :)

the enormouschampion studio visit was my favourite this year. although it was somewhat tough to choose one. keep up!

This stuff is amazing! Cheers to great design!

I just discovered the site thanks to my friend (and phenomenal artist), Ward Jenkins. It’s going to take some time to go through and find a favorite.

I love getting your emails, so inspiring! I remember forwarding the Noma Bar Interview to my friend, from March 17- that was a good one.

This was Sexy to me:

Wim Crouwel Archive – Posted: 30 Mar 2010 11:30 PM PDT

Keep up the fantastic work.

One of my favorite posts was the John Kelly motion graphics piece “The Seed” some amazingly creative stop motion animation.

I would say my favorite this year has been the Sanjay Patel interview (closely followed by the Blanca Gómez one). I always love to see muliple cover versions and that one was a feast.

There were a lot of great posts this past year–naming one is hard. I really enjoyed the Jpby write up and the Blanca Gomez interview. And of course, I’m big fans of a lot of the people in this give away, so it was great seeing them pop up on Grain Edit over the course of the year.

I’d have to say the Sanjay Patel interview really sticks out in my mind against the many other great posts. Keep them coming G E!

Much obliged.

James Wight |

Contests and giveaways |

Awesome giveaway! So many great posts / inspirational work, I love Grain Edit! My favorite post was the interview with G. Pizzoli. It’s great to see acknowledgement from the community towards new and upcoming artists.

I loved the Mark Giglio Studio Visit. I find his Kokeshi figures really inspiring.
The Herman Miller commission of for Eames Shell Rocker Giveaway was a seemless interpretation of his work.

My favorite was the Sanjay Patel interview.
Of course, I love your giveaways even without ever winning. :)

So hard to choose a favorite! I will say…70s Comic Illustration from June 2nd. Keep the amazing posts coming, Grain Edit!!

Thanks for entering me in the giveaway. I thought the post on Enormous Champion was pretty interesting this past year. Happy holidays.

Peripheral |

Contests and giveaways |

My fave post this year was about Born Modern, the Alvin Lustig book. I’ve long been a fan of Lustig, but had only seen a smattering of pieces across various design books. So I was really excited to be alerted to a whole book dedicated to this amazing designer.


I’m a blog follower and always enjoy checking in, but I particularly liked reading the Blanca Gomez interview this year:)

I find all your posts inspiring and interesting. If I have to choose one of them I choose the post of Malota projects because she is from Valencia like me. I hope someday I will see my works here!

my favorite post was def. the one on Vintage Citroen Ephemera!

I love Grain Edit.
Posts about typography and concert posters are always among my favorites. Jason Munn/Small Stakes was great!

Mary Casey |

Contests and giveaways |

I love this blog! I’ve discovered so many awesome artists and bought a ton of art from artists featured on these pages. My favorite interview this year is with Ingela P Arrhenius. Second place is the article with Blanca Gomez. I love all the artwork on this blog, one of my top favorite reads everyday!

Love all the posts, though the new artists you showcase are always highlights…like Jon Contino.

I loved the post about Hollie Chastain. What amazing work! I could look at it all day.

Octoberama! Perfect timing to get me in the mood for fall. Always lovely to see a Charley Harper print.

My favourite post has to be the Blanca Gomez interview. She’s awesome.

There’s no way I could pick a favorite, but one that stands out in my mind:
The post about the posters discovered in the abandoned tube station at Notting Hill. There’s something about hidden discoveries that just make my mind start spinning.

Also any post featuring Richard Perez.

So many amazing entries, one of my favorites is the “Born Modern, Alvin Lustig. And the Blue note album covers. And Charlie Harper. And Jim Flora. And Lou Dorfsman. And Herebert Matter…. sorry, I can’t stop.

I ADORE you guys.

abandoned tube station posters!

Hello! That is an impressive set of prizes!

I have to say I’m a fan of the Sanjay Patel interview. Such beautiful work.

A lot of great entries this year, the Noma Bar & Blanca Gomez interviews are one of my faves, and the studio visit posts too! ;)

My favorite post of the last year was the one on Stefan Glerum. (http://grainedit.com/2010/10/21/stefan-glerum-illustration/)

Love this site, keep it up!

grain edit you make my mouth water when I see your giveaways with so many amazing artist that I follow and look up to. My favorite post was the interview with Blanca Gomez I love her simple unique style and hope to achieve her organic skill someday. Keep up the great work!

i love all of the posts i get each morning. it inspires me first thing when i wake up and check my email from you guys.

Hello Grain Edit!

I was so pleased to discover this blog so many months ago, and am proud to say it’s the only design blog I currently subscribe to. It has everything!

Some of my favorites for the year, in no particular order, have been: Iain Follett’s Stamps (I’m an avid collector myself), the Malota Projects, Scotty Reifsnyder: The Heroes of Folk, and Gavin Potenza / The Stamps of the World (even though it wasn’t this year…still love it!).

Thanks for everything guys!


Mike Perry Interview is my favourite post ^__^

really cool giveaway! my favourite post is the blanca gomez’s interview of course!

How oh how to choose a favorite!!???
I am going to say, Russian illustrator Iv Orlov but that is not fair to all the other outstanding artists you guys celebrate!!!
Your emails are the only ones I dare to forward to friends!!! And they love me for it!!
Thanks. You are awesome!

peggy robinson |

Contests and giveaways |

Cor Klaasen: Vintage Irish Graphic Design. Looking into the history of design is incredibly beneficial, educational and so enjoyable!

Also, this month’s post about the GVA studio. As a student, I love seeing what various studios and designers are doing.

I am new to Grain Edit (love the site!) & enjoyed the Blanca Gomez interview. This is such a generous giveaway. I just married and moved into a new space, so I would love to incorporate all of this artwork onto our bare walls.

Kudos Grain Edit & Company!


Every day I learn/find something new, thanks to Grain Edit.

Some favorites are
Naive: Modernism and Folklore in Graphic Design.

Josh Brill Studio Visit.

Tom Eckersley

Dan Stiles for sure.

Thank you for all the inspiring designs and interviews! One of my favorites from this year was Adam Hancher.

Grain Edit enthusiast,
Monica Hui Hekman

Very happy to have discovered you. The interview with Sanjay Patel tops my list of favorites.

Thank you so much for inspiring posts every day!

impossible to name my favorite, but I really liked the superimposed geometry grainy photo guy and the post about CT. rock on!

only a short one but i loved the post on
Sebastiaan Bremer

New subscriber but long time visitor. Have to say the interview with Dan stiles. Love all the interview posts though. They’re a great way of connecting with the major leaguers.

Corbin fraser |

Contests and giveaways |

love every year! every post (most of the time).

love the Blanca Gomez interview!

I love the giveaway this year! How fun! Ty Wilkins fox print is beautiful.

My favorite post was this one about the Futuristic Power Structure Concept Book. http://bit.ly/fpRKMg

So hard to pick a favorite! But I can’t get over Noma Bar’s amazing negative space illustrations. Thanks for a great year of inspiration!

My favorite post was the Scotty Reifsynder, Heroes of Folk one.

My favorite post this year of yours was the Blanca Gomez interview- I absolutely adore her work!

This site is the most excellent source of both knowledge and inspiration, what a treat. Thank you so much for sharing and enlightening me. My favorite post this year was on Paul Tebbott; really like his style.

And what a great holiday giveaway, so many beautiful pieces of work! Thanks so much!

so many eye candy posts to choose from! My favorite and one I forwarded was the post about Sanjay Patel

I loved seeing the post on Lisa Congdon. Inspiring to move in so many other directions.

The enormouschampion Studio Visit was definitely one of my favorites but there really are so many good ones. Thank you!

Always enjoy reading your blog to learn something new and to be inspired. A favorite post for me, would have to be Áron Jancsó—amazing typography!

Thank you for all the time you put into this blog. Grain Edit is an excellent source for illustrators, typographers and designers. I’m always in aww of the beautiful work that is selected. It’s truly wonderful.

I love your blog. I have been subscribing since the beginning of the year. I always come here for inspiration. ONE of my favorite posts from ’09 was Edie Harper’s biblical illustrations.

My favorite post this year was the one about Kyle Poff. I didn’t know about him or his work. I love how clean his work is!

Has got to be the Wim Crouwel post, the man is a legend.

it’s tough to pick a favorite…but the S. Britt interview was memorable for me, because i had some of his books as a kid–”Over In The Hollow” was my favorite!

Congratulations on a great year, Grain Edit. This year I most appreciated the introduction to the work of Jon Contino. I’m also a big fan of the interviews involving process discussions.

I really enjoyed the Q & A with Jason Munn of Small Stakes. It was great to see some insight on his work, being a big fan.

Wow! That is so awesome that so many artist contributed to this giveway. My favorite post was Paul Tebbott post. I have been following his work and his music for a while. The guy has some talent for sure.

This post of the giveaway is definitely the best, but second in row all posts about nobrow and especially “the Rise & Fall: A Concertina of Life by Micah Lidberg”

I’d say that the Sasha Barr interview was my favorite post of 2010.

Nice giveaway!

So many excellent posts, hard to choose just one. I loved being exposed to the work of Remed, but also loved the post on Sasha Barr’s process.

Since I have always been a huge fan of her work, I would have to say that the Julia Rothman feature was the best post of the year!

My favorite posts are the artist interviews where they discuss their process; Particularly Frank Chimero and Sasha Barr.

I’m always interested in seeing how other people like to work. Thanks for all the inspiring posts, keep up the good work!

my favorite post of the last year was the interview of Sanjay Patel, seeing his process was really interesting.


I love this site … tons of visual inspiration to sift through. But the interviews/studio visits are definitely the best cause it’s so interesting to learn about designers’ work methods, past school and work experiences, and sources of inspiration. In recent memory, the Julia Rothman interview stands out as a favorite of mine.

Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! I love them all…! Keep up the great work and giveaways.

Hands down, the Sanjay Patel interview. I can’t believe how driven that bloke is….not only is he an integral part of pixar he makes time to develop his own work & even put a book together. Amazing! Great work this year Grain Edit……any insight into an artist’s practice is always a pleasure

Best post – Vintage Citroën brochure. I came

I check this blog everyday and love everything about it! Its hard to say one favorite poster but anything from Josh Brill / Lumadessa and Luke Bott are always of the upmost quality!

Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! I love them all… Keep up the great work and giveaways.

Sanjay Patel and Blanca Gomez. Hope I don’t have to pick just one.

Love this site! So many great posts to choose from, but the one that springs first to mind is the Brent Couchman post. I love his work for Fossil.

When you announced in July that new prints were available from Jessica Hische. Her stuff is phenomenal.

Huge fan of the David Terrazas Photography post. Beautiful shots with a very distinct point of view.

I really enjoy my daily dose of yummy freshness – more than one fave: Q & A with Jason Munn of the Small Stakes coz that led me to buy his great book and my bookshelf and eyes want to thanks you for that, Paul Tebbott for plain awesomeness, Áron Jancsó for typographical radness, U&lc Back Issues for a great heads up to see first class design history, Semigood and Mike Perry coz I love their furniture and I watched the Blue Note Album Covers in Motion movie over and over. Thanks Grain Edit!

loved the Dan Stiles piece. contests rock!

gary blaney |

Contests and giveaways |

Hmmm, favorite post from the year? It’s hard to choose! I loved Rogerio Duarte and the Tropicalia movement! http://grainedit.com/2010/06/23/rogerio-duarte-tropicalia-movement/

My favorite post was the Julia Rothman Interview.


I always like the vintage poster art articles, but I am glad to have been introduced to Sanjay Patel. The whole thing left me both wanting to leap up out of my seat and get to work and sit for a moment and contemplate my next steps and get to work. Fun and inspiring.

Celene Aubry |

Contests and giveaways |

Loved the post about Lisa Congdon’s A Collection a Day. Keep up the great work. Thanks Grain Edit!

I just subscribed to your RSS, the post that made me RSS u was http://grainedit.com/2008/05/12/53-years-of-latvian-magazine-jauna-gaita/. But if I have to say a favorite post from this year it would have to be this one. Cool giveaway :)

Great giveaway (as usual)! My favorite post this year was the Blanca Gomez interview. Thanks!

I love all of your interview’s (really enjoyed the one on ISO50), specially when the artist does a “my process” feature. Its so fascinating to see all the different ways people work!

Really enjoyed the S.britt interview. Esp his influences and favourite illustrators.

I love getting the RSS feed every day! So many good posts, but one of my favorites this year were the Script and Seal posters from July 1. Sure would love to get Prize Option 3 and their Mountain Trails poster…

Jon Contino was a great entry.

I love most everything on your site. Thanks for sharing!

Dan Stiles interview post was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh man! What an amazing giveaway. I loved seeing the work of Jon Contino, Luke Bott, and Josh Keyes (just to name a few).

If I win, half the things are going to my friends for the holidays.

my favorite post was the interview with jason munnnnn

Yes please count me in! My favourite posts are always the interviews.

My favorite post was definitely the Julia Rothman interview. Not only do I love her work, but I totally appreciated it when she said of her creative process, “It’s quick. I work pretty fast. I don’t do much sketching.” I work similarly … and now I feel so validated!

Dan Stiles, Noma Bar. Both great!

My favorite posts were the interview with Sanjay Patel going through the different stages of his work on Ramayana, and the feature with Sebastian Bremer.

Thanks for keeping my days artful!

WOO GRAIN EDIT! I loved the Blanca Gomez Interview post, as well as the post about “Creative Inc.” The book has really helped guide my freelance design practices. I am drooling over this year’s giveaways!

My favorite posts this year was the interview with Dan Stiles! Great stuff!

Jonathan Newberry |

Contests and giveaways |

my favorite was the post on Julia Guther. I love her work. I like that it’s not just design but design via photographs!

Is it lame if I say this post is my favorite? It reminded me of tons of other posts I’ve loved – like those end of the year Top 500 Hits radio shows. Awesome.

I enjoyed the post about Tree House Press–great work!

My favorite was the Julie Rothman studio visit because of the link to the pattern tutorial. I’ve been dying to know how to make a pattern work.
Merry Christmas dudes.

My favourite has to be the introduction of the magazine “Intelligence in Lifestyle” in May!

Looooooved the Mike Perry interview! It was my favorite interview, hands-down. His style is so unique and his work is amazing!

enormouschampion. Awesome studio. I can see myself choosing the exact same items, down to that great orange chair.

This is great!!! I especially loved the post dedicated to Alberto Cerriteno’s work… I loooove his work!!! :)

My favorite post is a tie between the Q & A with Jason Munn of the Small Stakes and Art School Cliche Spotting

my fave would be your feature on jon contino.

Holy shit, this is like Sanjay’s holy grail. And I must admit, my favorite post is the interview you did with him for The Ramayana. But I’m biased… : ). Awesome giveaway!

Emily Haynes |

Contests and giveaways |

Love all these things! Great job putting all this together, guys! I’m not sure of my favorite post. But I’d have to say that the fe.rocio.us book was one of the top. Fort Wayne represent.

Love it all but the Julia Rothman interview was one of my faves. Also looking forward to the Alvin lustig book – it will be under the tree.

Favorite: Sanjay Patel interview.

I love the interviews.
Somon Page + Noma Bar did it for me.
Thank you, thank you for the inspiration :)

My favourite post of the year would have to be last year’s giveaway, as I, like those two unfortunate souls, clicked on the doom-ridden checkbox. Unlike the others, I was far too embarrassed to mention my mistake. But, despite all of the checkbox’s pain and anguish, I must admit that because of my error, I deserved each and every one of those emails [also known as internet letters].

Great to see new stuff from Josh Brill – love him!

Everything here is wonderful, I personally loved the Noma Bar and Small Stakes posts, but as I’ve already said, everything is great, this is the first page I open every morning and the first feed I look into my Netvibes page!!

Well.. quite difficult to find a unique post that I liked. The GrainEdit is always source of really inspired and amazing well designed material. By the way the Small Sakes has a little place in my heart and Studio Mpls are great as well!

Great site, always an inspiration. The Enormouschampion Studio Visit was one of favorites, love their work and love seeing around peoples studios (even if it makes me jealous…) especially one full of cool little things- makes me feel better about all the bits and pieces that I hoard around me.
Keep it up Grain Edit.

I always love the interviews. I especially liked the one with Julia Rothman because I’m a big fan of her’s.

The Blanca Gomez interview was my fave this year.

Marek Golebiowski |

Contests and giveaways |

I really liked the enormouschampion Studio Visit.
A lot of photos & explainations!

I love everything you guys post, but my favourite so far is the one featuring Nate Duval’s poster art. Forget that the bands are fantastic, that artwork is beautiful.

My favorite post of the year was the ilovedust one:

really like the work of em.

Laurent Nivalle Photography: Le Mans Classic 2010 post. This made me passionate about photography. Very inspirational

Julian Mollema |

Contests and giveaways |

My favorites
IV ORLOV, Travis Cain, Timba Smits
I like all the Interviews as well.
Anything about Signs and Sign makers would be sweet.

coopdog10000 |

Contests and giveaways |

LOVE your interviews, especially Sasha Barr and Dan Stiles.

I love this blog and really enjoy reading all the posts. My favorite entries this year have been the Jessica Hische Studio visit and the interview with Bianca Gomez.

PS – This is a truly amazing give away – you guys are awesome!

Eeeeeelise |

Contests and giveaways |

I love all your studio visits! Can’t get enough…

Although I graduated from art school 10 years ago, I’ve spent the last 4 years of my career in a non-creative, administrative job, just to make ends meet. Seeing all of the beautiful work and talented artists on this site has been incredibly inspiring, as I plan on quitting my job in the new year, to make a stab at going freelance again. My favorite post in particular was the Sasha Barr interview, as I appreciated how he was so open and detailed about his creative process. Really inspiring stuff. Keep up the awesome work, GE. :)

Really hard to pick just one, but I’d have to go with the Jason Munn interview.

I really, really love your studio visits. But it’s way too hard to chose a favourite post. Thank you for continuing to feed me deliciousness all year round!! Happy 2011 to you all.

Holy Moly what a Grand Prize! All those books are on my Amazon wishlist, and I am drooling over all the prints (especially Blanca Gomez!). I, like many others, love the interviews – but Julia Rothman was my fav. Thanks for the entry!

Viva Grain Edit! My favorite posts are always the studio tours. I love seeing where people work and the things they surround themselves with.

My FAVORITE post from THIS year is the interview with graphic artist Blanca Gomez! I love his work and I think your questions were spot on to open his creative mind. Thank you for featuring him. I look forward to more awesome features in 2011! >>HAPPY HOLIDAYS!<<

My favorite was “Semigood and Mike Perry” on Sept 16th and the Mike Perry Interview. I don’t remember when it was!!!

Thanks and good luck to all.

my favorite, hands down. Blanca Gomez!

Jessica Hische Studio visit.

My favorite has to be the interview with Sanjay Patel. His creative process and inspiration was really interesting to read through (not to mention made a great book!)

Grain Edit is one of my favorite blogs, so it is hard to choose just one blog post as my favorite. I love all of the studio visit posts, especially the most recent enormouschampion studio visit.

Blanca Gomez’s interview was my favorite post! :)

Love love love the Adam Hancher Villages 1. Super cool, super folky. It really draws you in to the story….what story?….exactly

HOLY MOLY there’s a lotta love here! How can i choose my favorite post?! That’s like being asked to choose your favorite child… I was really grateful for the Greg Pizzoli post – we now have some of his work gracing our walls. Thanks for such an awesome site + blog.

Loved the recent Malota Projects post. Cool stuff.

James Mildren |

Contests and giveaways |

Loved the “American Trademark Designs” post!

My favorite? tough, but I’ll have to say “Miguel Calatayud: 70s Comic Book Illustration.”

Also was pretty excited by La Boca’s Arcadion design, Michael Johansson’s wonderful creations, and Matthew Lyons great illustrations.

I really loved Kelli Anderson’s handkerchief invitation (and the story of its making), and her website home page (hacking Google maps – brilliant!)

Pieter Smagge |

Contests and giveaways |

My favorite thing was the shout out to Scott Albrecht

I really enjoyed the Julia Rothman post. I love her illustration style!

My favourite post from last year would have to be the one on Scotty Reifsnyder. I just loved being introduced to his work!

It’s awfully difficult to pick a favorite post from a whole year of Grain Edit, but I’ll have to go with the Frank Chimero interview. He’s one of my design heroes and meeting him was a immensely inspiring.

Richard LaRue |

Contests and giveaways |

I love absolutely love the design on this blog, its a tough one, but my favourite post from this year was the post about Daphne Padden’s posters being found in a hidden tunnel in the underground. I absolutely love that fisherman poster, he looks so jolly, reminds of the old fishermen of Seahouses where I used to go on holiday who used to sit in the pub,smoking their pipes.

Like everyone else said, it’s very hard to pick just one favorite post! I’ve always enjoyed Grain Edit posts. It’s definitely one of my favorite design/art related blogs! I’m not sure if this is from the last year, but the Grain Edit post(s) that stand out most clearly in my mind are the ones featuring Katie Kirk, her design work, and her book about her dog Eli! Everything she does is gorgeous and very inspiring to me, so thank you for introducing me to her work! :)

My favorite was Hollie Chastain post, I just love all her work with that vintage style and tension/charming athmosphere her illlustrations give to you.
Thanks for another year of inspiration, I never leave a week without passing by.

It’s a toss up between… a lot of posts. I really enjoyed the Swiss Air posts this year, and one on an old map from Lucerne. The matchboxes really stand out in my head. Out of the interviews, I loved the Sanjay Patel one: his mix of traditional motifs and modern style are most inspiring to me. Thanks for the year of posts!

so much inspiration! thank u!

I always love the Lumadessa updates. As a biologist/graphic designer, I revel in the nerdy stuff. Thanks for another great giveaway!

Luke Roberson |

Contests and giveaways |

I enjoyed the Sasha Barr interview and the collection of his work that you presented. There are many of my high school students that really connected to his work =) thanks.

Holy dang, and I just now noticed this contest?

Ah! My favorite post of the year, I’d have to say, would be the interview you did with Blanca Gomez. I just adore her work!

Keep up the excellent blogging you do!

art of the luggage label and the notting hill subway posters. delightful.

Spence Holman |

Contests and giveaways |

Iso iso kittos everybody at http://www.grainedit.com this year was hot.
My favorite or should I say 1 of my favorites this 2010 has got to be Josh Keyes. wow! what a wicked artist he is. Also the Julia Rothman interview made me smile and wish my day would flow like hers.

Much Love
Antero NZ

Really enjoying the blog! Keep up the great work. My favorite post from the past year was the Sanjay Patel interview. I really like his style.

My favourite post is the one that showcased Kelli Anderson’s work.
She’s truly inspiring!

I really liked a lot of the posts, but my favorite was the Blanca Gomez interview.

Thanks for all the great posts!

Alex Abbey |

Contests and giveaways |

I liked the Aaron McLaughlin post and the Blanca Gomez interview (I have one of her prints on my bedroom wall)

Only found this blog recently but its quickly become my favorite! This post for the competition is incredible and by far one the best things Ive ever found on the internet.

Really hard to choose – everything on grain edit is always awesome, always love people you guys feature.
Always love the studio visits alot – like the Enormouschampion visit. Their stuff is sweet! and the kind of little studio that makes you really envious!
Keep up the good work grain edit…
PS amazing selection of prizes this year!! send it all this way!!

Well, being introduced to Stefan Glerum work was very inspiring to me, he has unique sense of humour. And i liked the post about Wojciech Kolacz, he’s from my town!

favourite post of the year would be this one…if I win that is ;)
Otherwise I love all the posts, perfect mix for me!

my favourite poster is the new arcade fire one – as they’re “from” montreal (my second home) – I lived there for 7 years and am going back next week for a visit – YAY! it’s the best city in north america and arcade fire is best best band right now. thanks.

my favourite was the Jessica Hische’s studio visit for sure. I love seeing studios and Jessica’s was very inspiring.

my fav: Invisible Creature! love their work
Thanks for all the great posts!

My favorite post of the year was the review of Naive: Modernism and Folklore in Graphic Design.

You had me at Iv Orlov, been following you ever since.

Grain Edit has been such an influential and inspiring blog to all. If I had to choose a favorite poster/s is from Noma Bar. Truly believe its visual communication at it’s finest.

Keep up the great work Grain Edit and thanks for providing a source of inspiration to us all!


Nicole Finateri |

Contests and giveaways |

it’s really hard to choose only one of your posts, i’m a huge fan of grain edit, but let’s choose! I enjoyed a lot the interview with Blanca Gómez. I love her style, and the way she showed her how-to. Thanks a lot for your amazing work showing us the nicest things. And good luck to everyone!

I have been fallowing this blog for some time now. And while all the posts are enjoyable I seem to keep coming back to the Noma Bar and the Sanjay Patel interviews both for inspiration and it’s enjoyable writing.

Thanks and please keep it up. Can’t wait to see what 2011 will bring for Grain Edit.

My favorite post this year was Yulia Brodskaya and the incredible paper edge illustrations! This is absolutely amazing and I can’t believe any one person has the patience to endure such a tedious process.

My other favorite was the Q&A with Jason Mum of Small Stakes. His poster art is simple and perfect for all the artists he works with. Love this website and have been a fan for over a year! Keep it up guys!

yulia brodskaya was incredible! the attention to detail is astounding and the color combos freakin rock. great website guys. i’ve been a fan for a long time!

I’m already subscribed to your feed, and I tried to go back and find a favorite, but it’s impossible. This is one of my favorite blogs because of the inspiration it gives me daily. I was, however, recently blown away by the art of Hollie Chastain that you featured not long ago. I absolutely love her work.

My favorite post was the vintage citroen ephemera. Gorgeous and very inspiring.

Love the work by Invisible Creature!

c’mon guys, it’s practically impossible to single out a post, as I pretty much enjoy every single one of it. the sasha barr interview probably sticks out by an inch.

c’mon guys, it’s practically impossible to single out a post, as I thoroughly enjoyes every single one. the sasha barr interview probably sticks out by an inch.

I think my favorite post is the one about Lotta Nieminen. I LOVE the style of illustration and I really enjoyed it!

Seriously, there were lots of great posts this year. I felt like I was constantly starring stuff in my reader, but one post that really stuck with me was the Laurent Nivalle photos for the Le Mans Classic 2010.

I’m a new subscriber and absolutely LOVE your site.

Keep up the good work!

Kushla Ross |

Contests and giveaways |

Favorite: Sanjay Patel! It was like I won the inspiration lottery when I got the Grain Edit email that day. Scotty Reifsnyder’s Folklore Prints are a close second. Such amazing work!

Miguel Calatayud was my favourite…. and your post led me on a treasure hunt of other great illustrators from that era. ThankyoU!

Love love loved the Josh Brill studio visit. I’m a sucker for seeing workspaces! ;)

It’s hard to identify a single post among so many brilliant ones over the past year, but I have to say that the 2010 wishlists that were just published are fabulous and inspiring. Thanks!

It’s hard to pick out just one favorite post among so many brilliant ones this past year, but the 2010 Christmas wish lists were awesome! Thanks.

sasha barr interview!

Too hard to choose a favorite, but I was really digging the work by Justin Fuller. Also loved the photos of the La Mans Classic. Mostly just appreciated the many inspirational projects!

To pick just one post would be tragic, instead can I thank you for introducing me to the work of Invisible Creature and Jason Munn. I’m also a little bit in love with Blanca Gomez’s prints!

looooved the script and seal posters!

These are a fantastic array of items! Thank you so much for putting on this giveaway. I particularly like Lumadessa / Josh Brill bird depictions. Great stuff!!

Sanjay Patel Interview is the bomb diggity. Particularly different style of illustration. Would look good as an animation too. THanks for the introduction.

I’m a fan of the “Off Our Book Shelves” series. Very tasty stuff.

Love the Vintage Calendars post. What a inspiration!

Fave? Aron Jancso

I have been following your RSS feed for several years, and have enjoyed each of your posts. Nonetheless, I actually enjoyed the Arcade Fire by Invisible Creature post the most.

I love everything on your site! The post on Tom Schifanella’s luggage tags was awesome for me, because he’s a designer where Im going to be interning next month, and I love vintage travel stuff. It was nice to see someone featured from Jacksonville.


Thanks for everything!

your blog is divine. picking just one? madness. so I can only go with recent deliciousness of julia rotham as she is so fantastic.

Your blog is divine. Choosing just one entry is madness-so I can only go with a recent one: Julia Rotham, because she is so brilliant.

what a choice giveaway!
Grainedit is my mainstay for amazing graphic work, and generally fantastic design, but my best post this year was probably the folky type stuff done by Scotty Reifsynder.

The Arcade Fire poster would be the perfect “bonus” Christmas gift for my husband. And I am hoping to get Creative, Inc. and Small Stakes for myself.

Everything here looks so great! I especially like the Push Your Luck postcards. Crossing my fingers…

So hard to choose just one. Thanks for showing the wonderful work of Ingela P Arrhenius, and the amazing work of Donald Brun- amongst all the other great posts and finds!

But I’m going to have to say Pavel Fuska’s epic, ambitious and beautiful matchbox project for the Navigators was a highlight of the year! A great merger of a design past with design present, replete with delightful shapes and tasteful use of colour, all in a format I love.

Bravo Grain Edit for another year of delightful posts!

Well thanks for making it almost impossible to pick a favorite post. I am always inspired and find myself drooling over the posts here. But if I have to pick a fav … since your forcing me too, it would be Alberto Cerriteno. I ADORE his work.

Too many great posts to choose one but one of my fav this year was the 2010 Sasquatch! Music Festival Poster.

I follow the RSS feed via Google Reader. My favourite post this year was the interview with one of my favourite artists, Blanca Gomez.

My favorite post would have to be http://grainedit.com/2008/03/06/garrett-morin/ simply because it was the first! (I know this because I remember linking it to my yale alumni/art loving mother)
Cheers and happy holidays!

You don’t often feature photographers, so I really appreciated the Mark Shaw post, but besides that one and all the interviews, I want to give You a big hug for the post about partisan memorials in former Yugoslavia. Things and places like that are mentioned so rarely, they seem impossible to exist or from another world.

I’ve been following this blog via netvibes for quite a long time and if you ask for my favorite post from the last year I immediatly remember the one about Blanca Gómez of Cosas Mínimas. Her work is fantastic!

I’d say Dan Stiles, but the whole year was great.

Cor Klaasen’s wonderful book and record cover designs @
Adifferentkettleoffishaltogether,was such a welcoming post to Irish design and print,more than welcomed in all the Doom & gloom in our press here at the moment.Boo, Hiss, I say!
We should make all School jackets to this high standard,thus showing we can learn from the past even in these hard times and still have such great writers and designers to be so proud of.Keep pushing the bar for such fantastic work,early Crimbo to all at Grain edit

Eoin Drinan |

Contests and giveaways |

The Noma Bar interview was definitely a highlight for me.

The 2010 wishlists were awesome!

I was a big fan of the link to the flickr stream of vintage luggage labels. I spent hours looking at those. Probably way more time than I should have.

I absolutely loved the post with Paul Tebbot’s Chem Trails poster. It’s the reason I’ve got you in my Google reader!

Matthew Lehner |

Contests and giveaways |

I have to say it’s hard to pick just one post. I do love all the interviews with artists and designers. The people you showcase on GrainEdit are awesome top notch. Great inspiration and ideas for my own work. Of course any of the illustration heavy illustrations like Noma Bar is awesome.

Scotty Reifsnyder: The Heroes of Folk had to be one of my favorites of this past year! I wasn’t familiar with his work until you introduced him to me and now I’m hooked!

I particularly like to read the artist interviews and the retro illustration and advertising features (the sci-fi illustrations of Power Styling: Futuristic Power Structure Concept Book were fantastic) but i’m particularly fond of the collaborative showcase that was the competition post for the 2010 Poster Cabaret Bike Print Set Giveaway. So many approaches, all of them great.. none of them won by me..

Andrew Richardson |

Contests and giveaways |

i liked the ramayana one, i really enjoyed it

I loved the recent post on American Trademark Designs. But then it seems I love them all…

add me in for this amazing giveaway! xoxkim

I have to say these are great prizes! Would love to own any of the posted prizes!

All of your posts are great! They are all so inspirational and educational. They open up my eyes and exposed me to different styles of amazing artwork from artists I have never even heard of. One of my favorites though, is Scotty Reifsynder. I have always loved folk art, and his work I really admire. Sanna Annukka has been my inspiration for a long time, but ever since I was introduced to Scotty, there are more to learn and to be inspired!

My favourite was this, http://grainedit.com/2010/03/09/la-boca-design/trackback/ La Boca’s use of colour reminds me of an acid trip.

The Blanca Gomez post is my favourite, and not because she has a fab surname. I really like her work.

The Noma Bar and the Sanjay Patel interview was great; I also really enjoyed the stamp posts!

I love Grainedit!!!!!
My favourite post this year was the interview with Julia Rothman.

Nili Guetta |

Contests and giveaways |

fingers crossed!!

Favorite from the past year, here on Grain edit would have to be the article on Greg Pizzoli. His stuff makes me so inspired/ I just want to make prints all day, because he makes his finished product look so effortless and fun at the same time. Very nice stuff.

The Q & A with Jason Munn really peaked my interest. I’ve been a fan of Small Stakes for awhile, but I haven’t seen an interview with him that was so in depth.

Thanks for keeping me curious!

Leah Yanez |

Contests and giveaways |

lovelovelovelove grainedit!
favorite post: noma bar interview :) thanks ya’ll!

Grain Edit is pretty consistently inspiring but I particularly loved seeing Jon Contino’s work.

I loved the Dan Stiles interview! Still in my inbox!

Can I have two faves? Sasha Bar’s interview was really insightful, especially for someone who’s still learning. And, I love seeing the creative spaces of other artists, so the enormouschampion studio visit was a big highlight for me!

I loved the Hollie Chastain post! I bought one of her prints and love it!

I really liked this post:

I’d love to win some of that art….

I’m reading your blog daily, and i liked pretty much every post this year… Quite hard to chose one post. Maybe the Blanca Gomez interview with the “making of” part.
Keep doing such a good job next year !

I love stamp design, so my fav post was “Modern design and the stamp – Iain Follett’s stamp collection”

Everything you guys do is great! Really enjoyed Sasha Bar’s interview. Nice to see his process and the fake album covers are always amazing

Roy Fleeman |

Contests and giveaways |

It’s so hard to choose just one. I really liked the Jessica Hische Studio Visit. So much wonderful stuff in this giveaway!

I hope my name comes out second so I can pick from the runner-up prizes! Favourite post of the last year… Was the Dick Bruna post this year? If so, that was my favourite as I had never seen his grown-up book illustrations/covers before and I turned out to love it even more than Miffy :)

i’m so winning this thing.

*carefully crinkling up entry ballot*
Everyone knows that’s the secret to winning these things!

Loved Chemtrail poster of Paul Tebbott.

Is it lame to say this one? Probably. You guys do seem to be going all out for this though! Awesome!

My favorite post so far is…..this one!!! Love the site. I visit daily. Thanks fo the inspiration.

Really loved the Script & Seal feature with the uphill poster that’s noted in this post. Used each poster as a desktop background for a month or two at a time. Great work. Keep it up!

Oh! And of course – Happy Holidays!

I thought Holly Chastain post was lovely, its like half finished paint-by-numbers in my grandmother’s basement.

Melissa Weisman |

Contests and giveaways |

Well, since I have to choose.. Sanjay Patel and Noma Bar. Just for the record I like all of your post not just those two.. :D
You’ve been great all this time. Top of my list! and very recommendable. Keep up the good work guys! Thanks a bunch.

I couldn’t list a favorite for sure, but the photography of David Terrazas impressed me muchly.

i can’t resist grain edit.

my favorite post was the one about gerard caris. what beautiful craft.


The Zawada post was my fave, he is an amazing designer holding down for Australia. If you ever get to see one of his pencil drawings in person they are a sight to behold.

I’m better late than never, right? I really liked the Sasha Barr interview this year, especially when he described his process. Super informative.

Oh, so hard to choose a favorite post….Blanca Gomez interview…Posters discovered in Notting Hill Gate Tube Station…Josh Brill Studio visit…Silent Giants…Love of the luggage label! Grain Edit is my favorite! Inspires me endlessly.

HIT ME UP! I want to win. like, a lot.
Thanks for the Blanca Gomez introduction this year.

First, thank you for making Grain Edit — always enjoyable, energizing, and inspiring. I particularly liked the post on Donald Brun: an amazing early-/mid-20th century poster designer. It also led me to the AGI website, which has an ocean of incredible vintage (and new) design work. Thanks again!

My favorite post was Sasha Barr’s breakdown of the creative process for the Band of Horses poster.

Jessica Hische studio visit is my favorite :)


I started following her work because of you guys, and had the pleasure to meet her at Design Fest 2010 in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico. I took a workshop where Jessica and Adrian Pierini taught us how to make a successful brand :)

My favorite posts from this year:


Looking forward to picking out my favorites from next year!

it’s hard to pick a favorite but I loved seeing Harper’s bio book illustrations!

Yikes- amazing prizes! I loved the posts on the imaginative architecture of yesteryear, especially the Partisan Memorials in Former Yugoslavia and the Power-styling. So delicious. Thanks for a great year of inspiration and discovery!

Fave post was Micah Lidberg’s Rise & Fall from Nobrow

My favorite post was “Malota Projects”. Amazing use of geometry and texture!

I loved the design (and the music) presented by Paul Tebbott, but was also really inspired by the work of Jason Munn and Blanca Gomez too. Fingers are crossed!

love the Blanca Gomez bit!

I have to go with the Ingela Arrhenius post. The more fans she finds, the better!

It’s so hard to choose, but I really enjoyed the Small Stakes post.

This giveaway is amazing!

- Allison

The best coverage was about Sanjay Patel. Really cool stuff! The enormouschampion studio was excellent too. I can relate to the skateboarding influence pretty well.


Alvin Lustig was my favourite. This is such an inspiring site.

easy picky.. rilla alexander and mike perry’s stunnning interviews!

easy picky.. rilla alexander and mike perry’s stunning interviews!

That’s certainly hard! How about Blue Note Album Covers in Motion?
Awesome giveaway!

small stakes was choice too!

Hard to choose just one post! I guess I will have to say the Dan Stiles interview.

My favorite was the one about Sasha Barr’s creative process of the poster.

It’s difficult to pick a favorite post because they’re always a treat, but a favorite of mine was one of your recent ones on the Tennessee-based artist Hollie Chastain. I really enjoy her collage mixing of vintage paper and imagery with painted elements.

What great typography you continue to show throughout. As an instructor of type and color, I find such great resouces here. Keep up the great work. Favorite post is undoubtedly the Bruno Munari piece from way back when. The image gallery made me cry just a little.

Dan Becker |

Contests and giveaways |

‘Rise & Fall: A Concertina of Life by Micah Lidberg’!

Which I now proudly own! Has to be my favourite post from the past year.

Keep inspiring and informing us all on amazing design.

Hey there! It’s hard to choose an absolute favorite, but one of my favorite things that you do is feature other designers. Especially typographically strong ones. One that I found in looking back over some of my favorites was this one: http://grainedit.com/2010/11/19/travis-stearns/#more-4590

I think it is great that because of reading a blog you can be exposed to so many types of design. I love it!

Emily Pinkelman |

Contests and giveaways |

Blue Note Album Covers in Motion. Fo sho.

the interview with jason munn of the small stakes stands out.

My favourite post would be the one about Robert Sessler (http://grainedit.com/2010/03/22/robert-sessler/), his work is amazing… Thanks for letting us discover that.

Thanks for the great giveaway post, hope I’ll be in luck ;) and keep up the great work @ Grain Edit.

All I want for kissmas is a grainedit giveaway prize. I’ve been good this year!

btw. almost too many faves to list but a few: jason munn, scott albrecht, jessica hische, frank chimero, and i heart esther aarts. thank you for all your great finds!

Hatch Design SF – Promotional bird mobile

Terry Green |

Contests and giveaways |

Julia Rothman Interview was my favourite!

Lets win this thing.

my fave post was Jessica Hische’s studio visit. Amazing work, great style in her space and great ideas to riff on.

One of my fav posts was about Aron Jancso [http://grainedit.com/2010/11/17/aron-jancso/#more-4581]. Really love his ampersand print.

This is *hands down* the coolest giveaway – must admit I drooled over some of the posters at their respective websites… :D

Jessica P. |

Contests and giveaways |

Grain Edit is consistently a site I know I can go to and be inspired. I love every bit of it. I thank you. keep up the good work!

Loved the simon page interview. those posters of his were amazing.

Nathaniel Owens |

Contests and giveaways |

Sanjay Patel Interview – talented dude

I love this blog so much – I came across it just this year. My favorite article was Blanca Gomez! She is tops!

Grainedit is the THEE blog for the best inspiration and ideas. My favorite posts this year have been any of Jon Contino’s work and the poster work of Jon Concepcion of Concepcion Studios.

LOVE grain edit! Favourite post? Blanca Gomez. If you’re making me choose…

my fave post of the year was the interview with bianca gomez!

Oh way to flurking cool. Winner gonna get rolled for that loot. Unless it’s me.

hope you pick me! i love this blog.

My fav post was the Dan Stiles Interview!

Blanca Gomez Interview!
But there are so many great posts.

It’s hard to pick a favorite. I love this blog though. I did enjoy the sanjay patel one.

as someone who struggled through the ramayana in sanskrit, I appreciate sanjay patel’s work.

best posts are the interviews!

Was a huge fan of the Kelli Anderson post.

I can definately say that discovering Ingela P Arrhenius work via “Ingela`s Nesting Dolls” was my favourite thing this year.
But there are so many others that inspired me too. Thank you!

Thanks for another year of inspiration. I really liked the Q&A with Jason Munn.

Especially nice giveaways this year; hope I’m lucky!

I was happy to see the Ty Mattson write-up the other day. He’s been inspiring me all year long with his feats of greatness!

Grain Edit! Oh mighty Grain Edit! Sasha Barr interview was one of many favorites. Keep it up.

I haven’t been subscribing for too long but my favorite so far was Malota!

The Dan Stiles interview was my favorite this year. It’s always a tough choice though – there’s so many great options!

I enjoyed the Sasha Barr interview. But I like pretty much all of the posts. Nice work.

Hey guys! I would say all of your posts are sweet but I especially like when you post about design firms. It is interesting to see peoples perceptive on their craft!

The enormouschampion studio visit was the best – I just loved looking at Jason and Jordan’s great creative space. And their Lego collection rocked too! Thanks Grain Edit for a great year of inspiration!

My favorite post was the one about Creative Inc. I bought the book soon after reading.

Tough to choose just 1 favorite, but I’ll go with the interview with Jason Munn. Nice job all around!

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I think my favorite post was the Matt Stephens Studio Visit.

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Blanca Gomez fo shure! Keep up the great work guys. You are an inspiration to all.

The interviews are my favorite! I love seeing new designers, and getting to know more about them. I think Blanca Gomez might have been the absolute favorite in recent memory- she has inspired me so much in my quest to become a better illustrator.