Kelli Anderson

In the era of the slick, white, one-dimensional portfolio site, one quickly glazes over after clicking through multiple nearly identical sites. The flip side being that tedious, overly constructed sites become more frustrating and conceptual than actually useful for seeing a designer’s portfolio.

Kelli Anderson has a great site on her hands. It’s unique, fun and easy to use, and it doesn’t get fussy. Her work is exceptional as well. I noticed a nice balance of smart thinking and great hand skills. Kelli has a letterpress in her apartment, so much of her work has a very hands-on, tactile, cared-for feel.

Via Swissmiss.


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perhaps a link would be in order?

Great work, lots to look through.

Wow, excellent portfolio! You’re right about her website too, very easy and fun to navigate. I will definitely return to view all her work later when I have more time to browse.

The body of work is really great, but i cant stand when a website scrolls automatically through the different images of work throughout a project. I would like more control over how much time i spend with a image.

Easy website? Agree to disagree there…WAY to confusing and not very clean. the days of figuring out navigation and teaser content are over. Nice work though…

Chris Sprouls |

Found design |

Looks like a great body of work. Nice use of type

Great work, but I would have to agree with the previous post. Navigation seems overly complex for just a simple online portfolio.

Dogg |

Found design |

I agree with you Chris, thought initially I loved the graphics and overall idea, I found it was a little difficult to navigate. Definitely interesting idea and amazing graphics by the artist itself. I really love her stuff.