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Fun work and a new site from Shaun Lind, a designer, illustrator, Austin-living person, man, and member of the esteemed design/creative collective Public School. There’s a nice balance between the fun and the useful in Shaun’s work. For example, I love amount and quality of identity alongside his interesting self-initiated projects.

Shaun’s web site is also refreshing — in a land of flat white portfolio sites, it’s nice to see something with a little pizazz. And as we know, it’s all about pizazz.

Shaun’s site / Shaun’s store

Shaun Lind / Grain Edit

Shaun Lind / Grain Edit

Shaun Lind / Grain Edit

Shaun Lind / Grain Edit

Shaun Lind / Grain Edit

Shaun Lind / Grain Edit

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yes! I work with this guy!

Nice work! I’m interested to learn the meaning behind SEPO. In Australia it’s a derogatory rhyming slang term for an American.

i.e. ‘Yank’ becomes ‘Septic Tank’ becomes ‘Sepo’ for short.

Awesome stuff, makes me want to move to Austin even more.

Awesome! Thanks so much for the Public School love.

I guess this is the new way to display your posters? Far better than holding it up. I’m just dreading when it becomes a ‘I’m hipper than you’ contest with all the objects.

Such great work, and his site is indeed a treat.

Alphonse |

Found design |

A great series of work, very cohesive. I really like it. These are not colours I would use & I would never come up with these designs, so it’s very refreshing & inspiring; Thanks for sharing!

Nice one! Public School is doing great things. Their studio space in Austins is gorgeous too.