Timba Smits

grain edit / timba smits

Timba Smits, what a name! He also happens to be a very accomplished illustrator, designer, and maker of fine typography. It’s pretty fun looking through his’s work—everything is so juicy! From the textures to the unique typography, to the presentation, to the icons, I was definitely engaged clicking and looking.

Overall, it’s nice to see a designer have their hand in so many different creative aspects. There’s a distinctiveness throughout Timba’s illustration, design, and typography—but also a consistency that’s admirable.

grain edit / timba smits

grain edit / timba smits

grain edit / timba smits

grain edit / timba smits

grain edit / timba smits

grain edit / timba smits

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Ah! This IS juicy!! I love itt.

patrick Dewenter |

Found design |

this has me drooling a little bit. or a lot maybe.
truly impressive typography skillzzzz around here!

always a pleasure stopping by grain edit!

On top of being a great designer, he’s a super nice guy as well!

Timba has always impressed me. And I’m so glad that you reminded me.

Consider yourself re-posted.

Typography, illustrations, everything makes me smile! Great style!

Typography, illustrations, colors, everything makes me smile! Great style, great designer!

Love the Ken Taylor piece. I also love his icons and the Rhombus logo. Very inspiring stuff.

So juicy it makes my mouth water. :)
I love the designs and colors. So fun to look at.

thank you for sharing.. very nice.

Strong stuff!

wow! i didn’t realise how much he did outside of wooden toy. so cool.

jen. |

Found design |

nice find!

wow- thanks for posting this.
some of the best stuff around.
great colours and all that work done by one person,
he puts us all to shame.

drexler |

Found design |

Timba is amazing, love his characters!

This work is most righteous. Did Timba also do the album art for The Gaslamp Killer EP on Obey’s label?

Ryan |

Found design |