Philippe Nicolas

Philippe Nicolas
Aerial wonder! These birds-eye illustrations from Philippe Nicolas are pretty fun. Simple, colorful, and oblique—I love how angular and well composed these pieces are.

In addition to the Ground series, Phillipe also has a nice collection of typographic and design work. His portly-weighted font, bang-bang, makes an appearance in a tasty series entitled N.Y. Foods.

Check out his site, and view his Behance.

Philippe Nicolas
Philippe Nicolas
Philippe NicolasPhilippe NicolasPhilippe NicolasPhilippe Nicolas

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what a great palette phillipe is working with! the aerials with their subtle shadows are very well put together! great post! thanks!

Absolutely stunning; wow!

The sushi piece is just so great.

morgan |

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It’s remarkable that all the New York foods are actually foreigner foods.