Andrio Abero

Andrio Abero / 33rpm / Rufus Wainwright

Way, way back in the Fall of 2007 we posted the work of designer/illustrator Andrio Abero. Recently, I noticed that Andrio had redesigned his site, and added a lot of new work. I love the variety in Andrio’s portfolio — there’s a nice range between the simple, bold, and understated and the more textural, fuzzy, washed out imagery.

Side note: I smiled when I saw the cover/packaging for Mitch Hedberg’s hilarious Do You Believe in Gosh? album among Andrio’s work. Epic stand-up comedy.

Andrio Abero / 33rpm

Andrio Abero / 33rpm

Andrio Abero / 33rpm

Andrio Abero / 33rpm / Mitch Hedberg

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Yes, I’ve also noticed that.
I’ve long admired his works since his 33rpm days.

Love this work!!

Hey this is nice. Great concepts and range. Thanks for the daily dose of good design.

Yeah, I too have been a fan since the 33RPM days. Great work Andrio!