Great Britain Energy Resources Stamps 1978

great britain stamps

1978 Great Britain Energy Resources stamps designed by Peter Murdoch

Beautiful stamp set was designed by Peter Murdoch, creator of the fibreboard “Chair Thing” and the collapsible cardboard display systems at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.

vintage stamps

british stamps

british stamps

british stamps
Natural Gas


Also worth checking: Modern design and the stamp: Iain Follett’s stamp collection.

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So cool ! No Solar – No tidal – No Bio fuel – No wind – how different it was then.. but re design…

But so optimistic and simple in design though – love them !

Kind of reminds me of a more complex version of these Earth Science stamps:

I like the designs, but is electricity really an energy source? Aren’t oil, coal and natural gas used to make electricity? Just a thought. I do like the stamps though.

I really dig that the bottom of the stamps have the little illustrative allusion to how that energy source is found in the earth (except for electricity, to which I agree with Jeremiah).

I love how the stamps combine modern and oldschool images. Totally have you bookmarked!

Whoa! I have that Electricity stamp in my collection! Sweet!!