Matthew Lyons Illustration

matthew lyons illustration

Space is the place, and I’m completely head over heels over UK illustrator Matthew Lyons!

This particular illustration, entitled Planet 4570 (1961), is a fake movie title that incorporates dramatic light and shadow, minimal brushstrokes, jewel-like crags, and strong type. His aesthetic is incredibly refined for his young age (21), and his work employs contemporary interpretations of the space age future, which feels new yet distantly familiar.

The future looks really bright for Matthew, and we’re really looking forward to seeing more of his work. Anxious to see more? Be sure to check out his website and flickr.

matthew lyons illustration

matthew lyons illustration

matthew lyons

matthew lyons

matthew lyons


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Only 21?! This kid’s awesome!


Love it!!!

Marvelous! Truly.

Hey! I resent the allusion that a 21-year old can’t have a refined aesthetic.
I’m very impressed with my fellow barely legal designer. ;)

@Caroline Royce — Sorry for the ageist remark…21 year-olds can definitely have refined styles. Matthew’s style seems out of this world in comparison to a lot of folks older than him. :)

These pictures are fantastic!

excellent , just great!

excellent, just great!

*lovely* work. i particularly like the geometric shapes matthew has integrated into nature.

that is soooooOOooo amazing.

Old skool :P dig it!!!

Might do a website in this style….hmmm…interesting…

Very nice post, best regards Maike

Nice Post!!! Regards from north Germany

nice post! saludos de bolivia

those pics are very good, fantastic!

Great Post and nice Pics.

Great Retro Style, i love that stuff!

Very Nice Post!!!
Regards from north Germany

Hallo from Germany. Nice Post !