Identity Programs by Noel Martin

noel martin

Identity for Ohio Arts Council designed by Noel Martin

Noel Martin was a self taught graphic designer who taught at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and served as the in-house designer for the Cincinnati Art Museum for many years. He was one of the first to modernize art museum exhibition catalogs. In an article at the New York times Steven Heller also notes, “With the ubiquitous branding and expert merchandizing of museums today, it is easy to forget that graphic design was once a low priority for them. In 1947, when Mr. Martin became the Cincinnati Art Museum’s first graphic designer, most museum publications were staid and musty.”

The Container list has a nice post on a self-promotional piece titled, Identity Programs, that presents some of Noel’s iconic minimalist logos.

noel martin

Identity for Xomox Corporation, manufacturers of valves, actuators and surgical implants

identity programs

Identity for Advance Mortgage Corporation, Detroit

noel martin

Steven Heller Collection: Identity Programs by Noel Martin – cover

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Also worth checking: Design Coordination and Corporate Image by FHK Henrion.

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Still! Incredible work. I was able to see a retrospective show of his paintings about 5 years ago and I didn’t know if I was at a design or art show. He clearly blurred the lines between design and art long before many.

I saw Noel Martin’s work in an exhibit at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati a couple of years ago. It was incredible! You can read about it here.

The Advance Mortgage thing reminds me of Franco Grignani posters
very nice post!

awesome… i like it