Mikey Burton

Mikey Burton

It’s great when you find that one designer that can wear various design hats. Such is the case with Philadelphia’s Mikey Burton. Looking through his portfolio, I’m impressed with the amount, style and conceptual range of his work. The edgy boldness of the letterpress prints is a nice balance to some of the quieter, more restrained logos.

I love that kind of can-do, all encompassing approach to design. Mikey does it well, and it would appear he’s having a blast doing it!

Mikey Burton

Mikey Burton

Mikey Burton

Mikey Burton

Mikey Burton
Mikey Burton

Mikey Burton

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Fantastic work. Bookmarked!

That’s great; I love the first image!

So glad to see my buddy Mikey get some well-deserved love! Ohio pride!

I love the Wilco idea

Mikey. Brilliant.

Mikey’s work has quiet elegance and wit. It seems to effortlessly grab your attention, much like the man himself!

Mikey is the man! great post!

Yeah, he totally killed that Wilco poster. I love all of the little accessories on there!

mike burton is superman

Sweet style, neat texture, slick website


Thanks grain edit! I feel so honored to be featured. This is my favorite blog and I was like a little kid at Christmas when I saw my name on the front page. I think I’m going to adapt the nickname “edgy boldness” if you don’t mind.

Just to clear things up… I live in Philly, but my heart will always belong to Ohio.



I believe Mr. Burton was prematurely cut from the Command-X competition at the last AIGA Conference (in Denver). I’m sure he’s gotten over it by now, but I haven’t. You were robbed, Mikey! Keep up the good work!

everyone’s going to be copying those logos now…

Its simple awesome

Your work is fantastic and you bring out the best in Northeast Ohio.
Much love from Ohio!

Thanks grain edit! I feel so honored to be featured msg by Seekan Architects in bangalore

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