Stefan Kanchev Logo Design, Stamps & TV Graphics

aesthetic apparatus

aesthetic apparatus

Television graphics

Absolutely stunning work from Stefan Kanchev (1915-2001) who was a Bulgarian graphic artist. During his prolific career he designed hundreds of logos, posters, stamps, book covers, labels as well as graphics for TV. Much of his work is inspired by Bulgarian folklore and traditions.

In 1994 Stefan Kanchev was recognized as one of the top ten designers of trade marks in the world along with Paul Rand, Saul Bass and etc. The title was awarded by the International trademark centre in Ostend, Belgium. His logo work will blow your wig back.  I highly suggest you spend a few minutes browsing his archives.

aesthetic apparatus

Television graphics

aesthetic apparatus

New Year 1980 stamp

aesthetic apparatus

New year 1988 stamp

aesthetic apparatus

Converter Magazine Cover 1971

(via designboom and delicious industries)


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how can this be considered art

Peter |

Found design |

He’s so talented!Some of those logos he disigned are characterized even by the Chinese Papercutting art and the Masks of Beijing Opera from my eyes as a Chinese. Anyway, without cultural and asthetical expertise there won’t be such a great job! Thanks for the sharing!

More stamps!

I seriously think I pulled almost every image for my inspiration files. Thanks for the great post, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of him before!

Peter ?

Jeff – I know what you mean. I’d seen his work before, but never knew who designed it.

My wig is BLOWN!

Do you ever wonder what kind of great design work guys like Stefan Kanchev, Paul Rand and Saul Bass would be doing if they were still working today?

The best!

Fantastic work, really! Great work for shinning the light on one of Bulgaria’s greatest designers. I saw an exhibition of his work during Sofia Design Week few months ago. Fantastic as well. There was a monograph at the exhibition, which I hope will be produced soon, that included sketches and other interesting articles.

love the stamps! fantastic work!

Wow, those stamps are great!

Love, love, love Kanchev’s work. PS. Thanks for the link :)

Stefan Kanchev, Bulgarian website

Bulgarian website of Stefan Kanchev!

Slavka |

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someone should participate at worth1000 more often

Wow really outstanding work

Gerrica Hightower |

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I just love Stefan Kanchev, he is really very talented. I never knew that his logos are also characterized by the Chinese Papercutting art. Thanks for sharing the information.

Nice and informative logo designs

These are great. The logo community is always gathering sites that offer inspiration and these are very

nice examples. Thanks

Thank you for this post!!!! It’s a shame that I had no idea who made those logos and brandmarks – the graphic identity of my childhood!!! Thanks again for making me proud to be Bulgarian!!

Hey really inspirational design indeed. I really appreciate the originality of designs in real creativity. I am also working on my new logo project. Thanks for sharing it will surely help me alot.

Being a novice in graphics it is inspirational to see how graphics from this long ago is still used as inspiration today. With Graphic Arts you would think trends move fast however this is an example of how great works of art stick around.

The design of the logos takes on a new level if you understand bulgarian or at least the cyrillic alphabet. A lot of letters are actually embedded in the logos and they may not be apparent to most readers.

anon |

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Logo design represent a model for decorating the interior design in our homes, is a great concept for interior decorating

This is just so beautiful :) !