grain edit goes to Portland!

For the last week or so your trusty Grain Edit crew have been in the sunny city of Portland, Oregon. This city is great — the weather is perfect, the people are nice, and the design is spectacular.

A few of the highlights so far include the 12 hour drive up, hanging out with some amazing designers, Portland’s vast food cart cuisine, waffle sandwiches, vintage video games, and much more.

This Sunday we’ll be making the long trek back to the Bay Area. Be on the lookout for lots of fun goodies from our week long trip here.

Mmmmm those waffle sandwiches are the best!

jodi |


don’t forget the beer!

Which designers/studios did you meet with in PLand??

Zack |


A whole lotta awesome ones! It was a really awesome trip!

Hope you enjoyed our little big city.

dan |


We miss you guys already. Wish we could have met up with you at Ground Kontrol. Next time. ;)

Thanks again Michael for taking time out of your day to meet with us!

Dave |


make sure to eat at the brunch box, it is the best burger in town and one of the best carts around

Did my first trip ever 9/23 -10/2. WOW! Fell in love with Portland and the surrounding area(s). Will be going back soon and many times thereafter. Long live Noble Rot and Grilled Cheese Grille!