Simmelkiaer Grotesk Type Specimen

simmelkiaer grotesk

Simmelkiaer Grotesk – Grafisk Compagni

I found this type specimen sheet when I was digging through a printer’s collection last summer. Anyone have any info on Simmelkiaer Grotesk or Grafisk Compagni?

simmelkiaer grotesk

simmelkiaer grotesk

simmelkiaer grotesk


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Hey I am certain that this is a typeface from an old danish design comany which to my knowledge doesn’t exist anymore. But I think that it was designed by the dane William Simmelkiaer arround 1900. He had his own typefoundry in Copenhagen however I dont know who owns the fonts now.
I foudn this picture of a book he published which contains some lovely fonts.

It is in fact from William Simmelkiær Grafisk Compagni A/S. As far as I know he established his type foundry november 18th 1873 and it was closed down i 1982. Who owns the fonts now I’m not sure of.

It looks like S. H. DeRoos’ “Nobel” typeface — and the Dutch foundry you’re thinking of is Amsterdam. Lovely!

Thanks guys for the info. Are there any books available with info on the foundry?

The only book I know is the typespecimin book from the foundry itself (I posted a link above) but otherwise I dont think so.

Hi – I am Pernille Simmelkiær from Denmark. My family owned Grafisk Compagni (which is now closed). I will try to look into it and see if I can find something about the font here in Denmark…

Verlag, Nobel and Telefon is in the same vein.

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