Plakat Schriften – type specimens

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Plakat Schriften – Type specimen catalog -produced by by D stempel AG. foundry Frankfurt, Germany. This is one of the better catalogs I’ve come across. Huge Specimen samples and Bold color. Includes examples of Helvetica, Sistina, Schmalfette Binder style, Enge Fette Plak, Schmalfette Memphis, Kraftige Balzac, Halbfette Elan and Ziffern. Theres not date listed but it must be around the early 60s since Helvetica was created in 1957.

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The closest font I have found available to the above Binder Style schmallfett (bold condensed) typeface is at fontshop called URW Bee. Unfortunately the lovely symmetric ‘y” seen above grew timid in the bold version of URW Bee and sends its descenders running maddeningly to the left.

Binder is named for J. F. G. (Joseph Friedrich Gustav) Binder who created the typeface in 1959. He also created Binder Style schmal.

If you can’t tell I slaver over this typeface and would welcome the job of digitizing it, so I could use it freely. If anyone would happen to want to sell me their specimen catalog, or perhaps send me a photocopy of this page, I can get started on this tedious task. I’ve hit a wall on finding this on my own, because my German translations tend to be poor. Congratulations on your find!