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herb lubalin

For the Herb Lubalin fans out there, Justin Thomas Kay has just uploaded a slick collection of images from a recent visit to Lubalin’s archive at the Cooper Union in NYC.

In addition to Justin’s Flickr account, you can find photos from the Lubalin collection at 12oz Prophet + So Much Pileup.

herb lubalin


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Looks interesting. Well done, Justin ;)

wow wonderful stuff!

Nice- Gotta love Avant Garde gothic!

Beautiful fonts!

There is a interview of Herb Lubalin(1969)

atsushi |

Found design |

lubalinnnn it’s tha KINGGGGGG…. thankssss for sharing this fantastic image…

I used to work at The Design Center at Cooper U and had my grubby hands all over those Lubalin archives. They did an exhibit of the work at one point while I was there.

Wow. Just looked at that entire “collection of images” link. I feel like I just took a whole class in typography and communication. What a master!