Pablo Lobo: Design & Illustration

Pablo Lobo

It’s a fact: adding the letter “D” at the end of the word “Designer” creates a “Designerd.” Should we be ashamed of this? I SAY NOT!

This clever little poster by Brazilian based graphic designer and illustrator, Pablo Lobo, is for the Designerd in all of us. Its monochromatic color scheme resonates true simplicity, and I like how the delicately fancy white typeface is set against a dark thought bubble.

Maybe the thickly mustached gentleman is contemplating the quirks of his next big project? Or perhaps how awesome it is that he’s designed the first pair of pantoes (pant-shoes)!

Pablo Lobo

Elementario Meu Caro Watson Poster

Pablo Lobo

I Hate Comic Sans V.02 Poster

Pablo Lobo

The King Poster

Pablo Lobo

To find out more about Pablo Lobo, visit his website and make sure to tweet him a lil’ something something on Twitter.

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This is the best it could be done, making words with design!

ummm..the illo with the falcon looks like 2 works from jim datz…

this one:

and this one:

…in the last link the legs are identical…

jim datz:

I concur, it looks like this some of this guy’s work is directly ripped off from Jim Datz (who in my opinion should be featured here at some point).

Manu – Hey there. Thanks for pointing that out. Their work does look very similar, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Jeff – It’s hard to know whether or not Pablo Lobo ripped Jim Datz completely and intentionally. Who knows? It could be purely coincidental; I don’t know. We have featured Jim on the site before, and here’s a handy link to that article:

My apologies, I should have checked before suggesting that. Thanks for setting me straight!

Wow – the total awesomeness of this hey!!

I really like this work. I agree both Jim Datz and Pablo Lobo have very similar styles, but I think they’re both very talented illustrators in their own right.