Maria Rehm – Katzchen im Zoo

maria rehm

Maria Rehm – Katzchen im Zoo c196?

It hard times being on lockdown. As the Lifers Group once said, “your living in the Belly of the Beast“. Sometimes you just need a homie to talk to. In this loveable children’s tale, a little black cat goes to visit his crew holding it down at the local zoo. He chats it up with some birds, an elephant and even some silly seals.

maria rehm katzchen im zoo

This town is particularly known for it’s extra large thistle.

Can someone help with the translation? I’ve written the text on each page below each image.

Text on the left: Fortgelaufen ist ein Katzchen, Von zu Hause irgnendwo. Trippelt durch das ganze Stadtchen Und lauft schlieblich in den Zoo.

Text on the right: Da kommt angetrottet, hebt den Russel mit Bedacht: Guten Morgen, kleine Mieze, hast du mir was mitgebracht?

katzchen im zoo

Zu den schhonen, bunten vogeln Schlupt das Katzchen hinein.

Ach! sagt es, ihr scheit so angstlich, Darf ich denn nict bei euch sein?

maria rehm

Some of the cages only have one wall. The Giraffes still haven’t figured out how to escape.

Die Giraffen schau’n verwundert auf das schwarze Katzenkid, Und das Katzchen hat sie gerne, Weil sie sanft und freundlich sind.

katzchen im zoo

Introducing an incredibly awkward lion cage.

Mit dem Ball spielt Robb, der Seehund Und es machtihm grobenSpab. Plotzlich – hopp – springt er insWasser, Und Katzchen wird ganz ganz nab.

maria rehm

One of those tiger cubs is made of chocolate chips. I have a strange feeling it has something to do with that orange orb.

In derRaubtierkinderstube da gefallt’sdem Katzchen sehr. Und beim Abschied sagt es: Morgen komm ich wider zu euch her.

maria rehm


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Ok, so I give it a go with the translation, but unfortunately I won’t be able to keep the rhymes:

A little kitty ran away from home somewhere.
It’s tripping through the whole town and goes to the zoo eventually.

There someone comes trotting along, lifts his trunk sedately:
Good morning, little kitty, did you bring something along for me?

The kitty quickly slips inside the cage of the beautiful, colored birds.
Alas! it says. You seem so anxious, must I not be with you?

The giraffes look astonished at the black kittykid,
and the kitty likes them ’cause they’re gentle and kind.

Robb, the seal plays with the ball, and he has a lot of fun,
suddenly he jumps in the water, and the kitty gets all wet.

In the predator nursery the kitty likes it very much,
and when it takes leave, it says: I’ll be back tomorrow.

the end

sound-wise the “ß” in “naß” is equal to “ss”, not “b”

Victoria |

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but I love this book. I wish I could get a copy of it. :]

Victoria |

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The illustrations are wonderful! Once in a while I’ll run across a beautifully illustrated book at the library and it tempting to say I lost it and pay the fine, lol. This would be one of those.

Hello! I have a blog where I share my interest in german design and illustration before 1980.

I really like the illustrations of Maria Rehm! Thank you for posting! Please, can you tell me the publishers name and the year of publication? That would be nice!

Classic illustration, Madeline anyone?

I like to help my friends out when they’re down just like this little black cat.

cute kitten floating away in a basket tied to balloons? yes please.

Hey Patrick, Great site. Thanks for passing that along.

As far as the Katzchen im Zoo. It looks like the publisher is either “TSG” or “FSG”. It’s hard to tell. No copyright info listed.

Thanks Luise for the translation!