The World of Kane

world of kane

Will Kane has been laying down quality posts since 2005, which in the world of blogging would make him sort of a legend. His blog is a visual buffet of vintage design, cult film, modern architecture, cute french girls and fashion from the middle of the century. All the good stuff we love. If you haven’t been to his site before, you need to do it now. Enter the World of Kane.

Here’s a small taste of some of the tasty bits Will has been cooking up…

world of kane

Tom Eckersley – Keep Britain Tidy Poster

world of kane

Robin & Lucienne Day Sofa

world of kane

Dwellings of the Future

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Holy smoke (or should I say “Sacré bleu”?)!!!

I’m overwhelmed, what an honour!
Thank you so much Dave, I had no idea you were planning this!

all the best,


p.s. I suppose I should update the blessed thing now, shouldn’t I?
It’s just as well I have a couple of real doozies in the bag. Tune next Monday, 3pm EST.

Hey Will, keep doing what your doing. World of Kane is a great site.

Yes, please new update!

I’ve been reading tWoK for several years now and I fully endorse this post. Will, you introduced me to Danger Diabolik, what more can I say? THANK YOU!

Why thank you Andy.
‘Danger: Diabolik’ has been a life-changing experience for many an individual.

Oh man, Will Kane is a classy gentleman of excellent tastes. Congratulations on the much-deserved notoriety, Mr. Kane.

*Aw, shucks!*