Sessions / Free Font!

Free fonts are a dime a dozen — there are so many of them, and so many of them are bad. That’s why I was excited to run across Sessions, a beautiful face designed by John Skelton. John designed Sessions using FontStruct, FontShop‘s online (and free) type construction tool.

The typeface uses Josef Alber’s Kombinationsschrift alphabet as inspiration. I love this fresh reimagination of Albers’ classic — the repeating stylized forms add complexity to the letters and give them a fun, quirky personality. And John’s color palette for the above specimen is super snappy too.

You can follow John on Twitter!

Sessions is on FontStruct and Behance.

Via the always wonderful I Love Typography.

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I love this!!! It immediately made me think of Albers, even before I saw the mention, but with more of a fun attitude. Cute!

Free fonts are not a dime a dozen. They are free.

This is what FontStruct was made for. Marvellous!