New Giveaway this Monday

 house industries

Yep its true, we love you guys (or maybe we’re just desperate for attention) so we’ve put together another giveaway for Monday. I’m really excited about this one. If you missed out on our last giveaway, heres your chance to take home some goods. Make sure you sign up for the Grain Edit RSS or email updates so you can be involved in this giveaway. Visit us on Twitter as well @grainedit.


awesome.. i’m already curious about the prizes

very nice!!

I have been a fan of the site for some time and love what you guys have going on here.

Well damn!

Thanks! I found this website few days ago and I love it!

wow – you guys really appreciate your audience. thanks!

I’m so ‘cited!

thanks people!

Great. You guys rock!

you’re just too generous!

I visit everyday and each time it’s a treat! Thank you!

cant WAIT!! mondays nearly here, and who ever looks forward to mondays!

You crack me up :-p

WOW! Another giveaway? You are just too generous! I love your blog. I get so much inspiration for my own designs, and I love your choice of graphic design/ers to spotlight. Thanks for feeding my creativity with so many goodies.

i {heart} you grain edit! thanks for the daily inspiration and eye candy – and for putting a little excitement into my moody-monday!

You guys gotta post the giveaway soon! I’m wasting SO much time refreshing this page :)

Grain Edit has carved out a little nook in our hearts.

I am going to enter.
& I am going to win.
(I hope)

fantastic site.
I check it everyday.

is it monday yet?

It’s coming soon.
Just making some last minute changes.

I’m loving the “our love is here to stay” poster!


i love this site!

thank you all for the time and work you put into it.

dave you are just building suspense arent you :P

I’m a huge fan, and I’ve never seen those memory cards, but I think my favorite is the font collection, especially Girard Sky. I’ve been waiting for House to release these for what seems like forever! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

monday is just around the corner. nice.

Thanks for the heads up guys on that Arcade Fire poster that Invisible Creature made! Loved it so much, I wound up buying one myself.