Holy Giveaway! The Grain Edit Stimulus Package

grain edit stimulus package

The US Economy is falling apart and people are down. We came up with the “Grain Edit Design Stimulus Package Giveaway” as a way to cheer people up during these rough times and to thank our amazing readers for their continued support.  For the giveaway, we contacted some of our favorite illustrators and designers that we’re featured on Grain Edit within the last 6 months and asked if they would be willing to participate. Thanks to all our sponsors for helping to make this happen!

Sounds Great, but how do I enter?


2 Ways to Win: Enter Twice to Increase Your Odds

You can enter by subscribing to the Grain Edit RSS Feed/ Email Updates or by following us on Twitter. ( Please read the details below)  You can also you use both methods of entry, giving you 2 entries into the giveaway and increasing your odds of winning.


Enter by Subscribing to the Grain Edit RSS Feed or Email Updates:

First, Leave a message in the comments section of the post. (Maybe say hello or tell us you favorite grain edit post of the year)

Next Subscribe to our free RSS Feed or Email updates (seen in the upper right corner of the website). If you already subscribe, you’re all set, no need to subscribe again.

On Friday March 20, 2009 we will randomly select 3 winners. The first name we draw will get first pick from the 4 prize options, second name we draw will get second pick etc. and so on.

**We will announce the winner on Friday March 20, 2009 in the GRAIN EDIT RSS FEED + EMAIL UPDATES. We will not be announcing the winner on the website, so you need to subscribe to either the RSS or Email updates to know if you won or not. **

Please note – For our last giveaway we had two readers that kept receiving the comments for the giveaway in their email box. Please make sure that you don’t click “subscribe to comments” when leaving a comment. If you are concerned about this, consider entering the giveaway via our Twitter account ( see below).


Enter by Following us on Twitter

We will also select 1 winner from our Twitter Friends. Heres what you do:

1. Follow us on twitter @grainedit

2. We’ll follow you back (might not be immediate but, we will follow you) so you can send us a direct message.

2. Send us (@grainedit) a direct message that reads “I want the grain edit stimulus package”.

On Friday March 20, 2009 we will randomly select 1 winner from those twitter direct messages.


and now for the prizes………..

Prize option #1

steven harrington

Somehow, We All Seem Connected PT 2 print courtesy of Steven Harrington. 18 x 24 in. four color screen print. Edition of 100 signed.

tad carpenter

Your choice of 1 poster up to $25 in value from Tad Carpenter’s shop courtesy of Tad Carpenter.

Human Empire

1 t-shirt courtesy of Human Empire.

pardon my hindi

1 Strange Geometry Print courtesy of Pardon My Hindi. 16″ x 22″ two-color limited edition, signed and numbered.

enormous champion

1 our Love is here to stay print courtesy of Enormous Champion.

modern dog posters

1 copy of Modern Dog- 20 Years of Poster Art courtesy of Chronicle Books.

bolda display

1 copy of the Bolda Display font courtesy of Morten Iveland/ The Infamous Foundry.

cd ryan

1 copy of AS OVERHEARD IN THE BACK OF MY MIND – NO. 2 courtesy of CD Ryan.

One 3 pack of Utility Notebooks courtesy of Doane Paper.

thinking for a living

1 copy of the Thinking for a Living zine courtesy of Thinking for a Living/ Duane King.

Prize option #2

frank chimero

frank chimero

1 print of your choice from Frank Chimero’s shop and 1 copy of Un Sedicesimo courtesy of Frank Chimero.

tad carpenter

Your choice of 1 poster up to $25 in value from Tad Carpenter’s shop courtesy of Tad Carpenter.

human empire

1 t-shirt courtesy of Human Empire.

studio on fire

1 Studio On Fire 2009 calendar courtesy of Studio on Fire. Features designs by Studio On Fire, Adam Garcia, Brian Gunderson, Rinzen, Justin Blyth and Clarimus.

brian gossett

1 Drive Less Walk More Poster courtesy of Brian Gossett/ Quality Goods Inc.

cd ryan

1 copy of Hers courtesy of CD Ryan.

modern dog posters

1 copy of Modern Dog- 20 Years of Poster Art courtesy of Chronicle Books.

bolda display

1 copy of the Bolda Display font courtesy of Morten Iveland/ The Infamous Foundry.

One 3 pack of Utility Notebooks courtesy of Doane Paper.

thinking for a living

1 copy of the Thinking for a Living zine courtesy of Thinking for a Living/ Duane King.

Prize option #3

damien correll

1 BETWIXT & INBETWEEN Print courtesy of Damien Correll.

aesthetic apparatus

1 USA OK Print courtesy of Aesthetic Apparatus.

tim gough

1 GRRR T-Shirt courtesy of Tim Gough.

Human Empire

1 t-shirt courtesy of Human Empire.

1 copy of the soon to be released Young Guns 6 courtesy of Chronicle Books.

studio on fire

1 Studio On Fire 2009 calendar courtesy of Studio on Fire. Features designs by Studio On Fire, Adam Garcia, Brian Gunderson, Rinzen, Justin Blyth and Clarimus.

jeanne moderno

1 copy of the Jeanne Moderno Typeface (Ultra Face only) courtesy of Steve Mehallo.

cd ryan

1 copy of Hers courtesy of CD Ryan.

One 3 pack of Utility Notebooks courtesy of Doane Paper.

thinking for a living

1 copy of the Thinking for a Living zine courtesy of Thinking for a Living/ Duane King.

Prize option #4

hybrid home

1 Pencil Print courtesy of Hybrid Design/ Hybrid Home.

tes one

1 “Danny” Poster courtesy of Tes One.

tim gough

1 GRRR T-Shirt courtesy of Tim Gough.

aesthetic apparatus

1 USA OK Print courtesy of Aesthetic Apparatus.

1 copy of the soon to be released Young Guns 6 courtesy of Chronicle Books.

studio on fire

1 Studio On Fire 2009 calendar courtesy of Studio on Fire. Features designs by Studio On Fire, Adam Garcia, Brian Gunderson, Rinzen, Justin Blyth and Clarimus.

cd ryan


1 copy of the Sleepyheads book and 1 Sleepyheads “The Collector” Pillow courtesy of CD Ryan.

One 3 pack of Utility Notebooks courtesy of Doane Paper.

thinking for a living

1 copy of the Thinking for a Living zine courtesy of Thinking for a Living/ Duane King.


Grand Prize:

From the 4 winners we will randomly select one Grand Prize Winner who will receive:

2k gingham

A $150 gift certificate to 2ktshirts.com courtesy of 2K Gingham.

evan hecox

Chinatown Summer print
Evan Hecox, 2009

3 color silk screen print on Neenah Environment paper
FSC certified fibers, chlorine free
(20% FSC, 80% post consumer fiber)
Signed and numbered by the artist
20 x 16 In. (50.8 x 40.64 cm) | Edition Of 100

(frame not included)

Courtesy of Arkitip

you work for them

A collection of You Work For Them Goods courtesy of You Work for Them.


and now a special thanks

Many Thanks to all the Wonderful Sponsors for helping to make today’s giveaway happen. Please take time to visit their sites: 2K Gingham, Aesthetic Apparatus, Arkitip, Tad CarpenterCD Ryan (CD Ryan is currently having a sale so visit his shop), Frank Chimero, Chronicle Books, Damien Correll, Doane PaperEnormous Champion, Brian Gossett/ Quality Goods IncSteven Harrington, Hybrid Design/ Hybrid Home, Morten IvelandSteve Mehallo, Pardon My Hindi, Studio on FireTes One, Thinking for a Living, Tim Gough, You Work for Them,

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i hop i am a first

This looks great. Hope I win.

first one, first one! (or maybe not anymore). well, i’d soooo love to win something of this terrific, incredibly great stuff! lots of greetings from berlin. toni

Wow! Grain Edit is so generous!

The work is beautiful!

Hook me up…

Grain Edit smells SO good! Thanks Dave!

I wanted to be first so badly that I went straight to comments, just now I went though delicious items…sweets

Ohhhh… nice prizes. Sign me up!

Wow, great collection of goodies!!! I’d love to get my filthy paws on all that junk!

Gosh this is a killer package. I am so happy to enter!

yikes! awesome! grain edit rules! :P

I love Grain Edit, and I’ve even passed it along to friends and strangers. These giveaways are exciting enough to make me smile even without winning, but of course winning would be that much better. Thanks Grain Edit for all you do!

pardon my hindi and thinking for a living are my favorites!

Awesome! My favorite post of the year was the work of Matte Stephens. Thanks for turning me on to his great work!

Grain Edit’s great! Keep it coming…

Pick me!


I like turtles.

well alright! hook me up! great site….nice place to pick up a little inspiration when my wheels aren’t turning so fast….RIGHT ON.

Between Grain Edit and BOOOOOM, i’m suprised i actually get any work done in a day.

Keep up the awesomeness. Fight the power, don’t stop believin’ and stick it to the man!


I drooled over this work the first time I saw it here. Now I might get my hands on it? Fantastic. Three thumbs up to you!

I knew my day was gonna get a whole lot better!

Wow! That is an amazing collection of goodies! What a generous bunch of people to donate all that! Thanks guys and gals…. and thanks too to Dave for organizing this giveaway.

Sweet Fancy Moses. This is the greatest giveaway I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Just discovered GE via booooooom and am looking forward to following you.

Also, I hate to be a downer, but Twitter users can’t send a direct message to users that aren’t following them. It’s going to be hard for people (like me) to enter via Twitter unless you follow everyone back.

Awesome prizes!

great stimulus package! I loves it!

oh, i really want that pardon my hindi print. sigh. great collection. maybe this is my time to be stimulated by stimulus.

Oh yeah. Favorite post of the year – Adrian Johnson interview.

Huge fan, already subscribed to the RSS feed, thanks for such amazing content and capturing the lovely styles of mid-century modernism online!


Wow! Gossett in the house, too – great to see!

I’ve got to tell you that this is one of the most influential/inspirational sites I’ve ever bookmarked – no… THE most inspirational resource (for static work, that is) – which is why I spread the news wherever/whenever I can. This site is great because not only do you hit the nail on the head with each post, but you confine the topics to the decades holding the heartiest designers/illustrators (imo). In addition, the archives and the kickass interviews (+ the nicely-designed, easy-to-navigate site) make this an all-around irresistible experience.

If I don’t win, it’ll really suck, but honestly, just waking up to a Yummy Fresh Grain Feed in the morning always gets me through the day – and I have no doubt it’ll continue to do so.

Great job guys, and keep up the killer work!

This is awesome!


brilliant — i’m in it for the sleepy heads pillow.

+1 Spencer Cross.

I can’t direct message you either, Mr Grain Edit.

hell yeah, great bunch of prizes. really enjoyed the Eleanor Grosch interview, inspiring stuff!

I love you guys! Plllleeeasse

Thanks Spencer. We’ll follow everyone that follows us so they can send us a direct message. We might not be able to follow you immediately but we will get to it.

Of course, were I to win, I would then be in serious need of actually having some walls on which to hang things…

i already subscribe to the feed, and follow you on twitter…im a fan, what else can i say? xo!

Holy moly, those are some awesome prizes! I’ve had you on feed for quite a while now, but just started on Twitter. Yay!

I’m hoping on board the giveaway train.

Hi, I already follow you on Twitter and subscribe to your RSS. :)

You guys are great, and I enjoyed your chat on RBtL.


Grain Edit, you guys are amazing! Awesome inspiration. Can’t thank you enough for it. :]


I’ve been following you through the rss feed for quite a while now, and I just love your blog.
Winning this giveaway would be great, because next week is my birthday and it would be such a treat! :)
Will cross my fingers for it :D


Hi guys!
I love Grain Edit. I often refer to this website when I’m working on my school projects.
Great work!

wow how many comments already.
Chances are looking slim.
Lets throw caution to the wind and try and win these goodies.

pick me.

kelindquist |

Contests and giveaways |

Wow, great prizes! I already subscribe on RSS and Twitter, so don’t overlook me when drawing names!

Pick me… I need a stimulus! I check you rss each morning… also I have posted a lot of your images on http://dropular.net/


Righteous! I am a student under Steve Mehallo!

and I am a cool kid and was following Grain Edit prior to this contest. I think I rule! haha :p

I love/want everything you’ve graciously gathered! Amazing giveaway Grain Edit.

– Fingers crossed in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

WANT jeanno moderno typeface and aesthetic apparatus print!!!

already following you on twitter and now signed up for email updates!


great prizes!
your website is awesome :D

Wow, this is a crazy giveaway! I’ve been subscribed for a while so it feels weird to not do anything and have an entry.

Hey there, I’ve been here since the last contest so you know this works! One of my favourites from the past little while was the Swink 3D Mail Promo, especially that you put it all together and took photos for the rest of us to love. Thanks!

ooo ooo Look over here, Pick me! … hi, how are ya?

This is quite the give away. Thanks for doin’ it. Wish me luck!

Terrific prize packs, guys! I’d love to win one!

Pick me, pick me!

Hi! Love the site!

Wow! 3 of my favorite artists! Good call Grain Edit … Good Call!


No! Pick me!
Top stuff as always and too many favourite posts to be able to pick just the one.

i, also, would like to win free things.

great site. great inspiration!

Looks pretty great. Thanks for doin’ this.

Great selection of prizes as ever! Where do you find the time to organise all this??

wow i can’t believe the amount you are giving away.

I’d stick every piece up on my walls for constant inspiration.


woo-haaaaa! i heart steven harrington & jason munn!

adamo adamus |

Contests and giveaways |

Wow…this is killer.

Great site! This is the biggest giveaway I’ve seen. *fingers crossed*

This is an amazing collection.

all i can do is just hope and pray that i get chosen,

may the force be with me.

This looks fantastic.

Daaaaaaamn. I’m Speechless.

I hope I DON’T win!
I wouldn’t know which prize to choose from!!!

Congratulations. I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months and I love your posts… Even if it’s without giveaways, I hope we can “read” you for a very long time!!

WOW! that’s awesome-fabulous-terrific.

hello! this is beyond amazing…

Nice prizes, which reflect the great content here on GrainEdit!

Here is my lucky number for extra luck! 28 28 28 28 28…

HOLY *&*&*! What an incredible give away! I got so excited about the possibility to win the Tes One or an USA OK print that it took me a while to realize that the winners were getting a whole PACKAGE of amazing designs! How generous! How inspiring! Me wanty!

Very slick prizes. Must say option #2 is tops, what with the robot and all.



Awesome idea.

I agree, the prizes fit so very well!
I love Grain Edit :)

Although it’s not exactly my favorite (how could I choose???), I keep coming back to the “Eli, No!” illustrated book post. It’s incredibly engaging in its simplicity and character.

Kate Earhart |

Contests and giveaways |

This looks fantastic-what a great idea! I love it all!

I JUST found you’re blog. Man, am I glad I did.

Hey guys, nice prize set ya got there this time. :)

Awesome, prize packages! Hopefully I can be a lucky winner!

awesome prizes. perhaps i may win?

I’m really excited to have checked in today! I’d have to say that Frank’s illustrations of the states are my favorite.

Art & Design=Not cheap.
Thank you very much!

This is awesome! I’m broke and since you still can’t eat design, free is great!

Great Blog!
Delicious Grain!
Fantastic Giveaway!

Paula Penha |

Contests and giveaways |

Impeccable taste.

I would like some free stuff……

Lovely site. Lovely content. Lovely prizes. Everything here is just lovely, lovely, lovely.

So stoked you guys linked to the Lisque video earlier. Those dudes kill it and their spots are so much more interesting than in mos videos.

What a fantastic giveaway!! I need stimulating!! If it’s not economic stimulus, I hope it’s design stimulus!

My favorite recent post: PUFF by William Wondriska

LOVE to grain edit.

yo yo yo i’ve been with yous guys since day one! free stuff=slaying my face.

Holy Moses! What a great round-up of contributors to your prizes! Thanks for spreading some goodwill :)

Man, fingers crossed. Amazing.

Hey Grain! My favorite post was the link to the Kitsune Noir wallpaper project. I love those designs and change them out on my desktop weekly.

I already subscribe to your RSS feed AND follow you on Twitter. I think I should automatically win :-)

Fingers crossed I get some luck this time!

I gotta say, this is one fantastic giveaway.

Matt DeLoach |

Contests and giveaways |

Holy cow! Thanks for the contest, these all look super cool!!

i will be connected to the steve harrington poster!

So neat! So exciting!

You are loved!

This year’s fave is a toss up between the Lammle cityscapes, old school cassette cover and awesome Dan Reisinger post. Keep it up, Dave.

I’ve reread each of those interviews a few times. I don’t know if that means they’re really good, or if I have too much time on my hands…

Is that the kind of thing that will get me this prize?

Cory Weaver |

Contests and giveaways |

Grain Edit, too much good stuff!

I want to win so I can bask in retro typeface goodliness.


What a lovely surprise it would be to win! again, love the 17 creatives, thanks!

Can Canadians be stimulated? Skimming back through the posts I’d say the Bombo post was my fave. His style really stuck in my head.

i’m so excited. and i just can’t hide it. i heart you grain edit!

I love you GrainEdit!

Evan Anthony |

Contests and giveaways |

You guys really know how to show appreciation for your readers! Your site would still be my most visited even without fantastic giveaways like this. Great work as usual!!

Stephen Kissel |

Contests and giveaways |

Hi guys. Really enjoying your work. Cheers!

Hello GrainEdit, you are my favorite design site on the net!

This website is amazing. I really enjoy getting the daily updates – they are always useful and inspiring and a great start to my day. Thanks GE!

This contest is scary. If I were to win I may go insane trying to decide from the prizes offered!

hola. dope site.

Howdy chums!

Great site, great contest! I love all your posts, but particularly enjoyed the artist interviews with Matte Stephens and Invisible Creature. Keep fighting the good fight!

hi grain edit!
wonderful prizes – thanks for doing the giveaway!

Added you to my overflowing rss.

Just found your site…my night of productivity is ruined now ^_^

P.S. Eleanor Grosch is my hero.

Best site around. Winning this would be the highlight of my year… so far.

Been following the RSS for a while now, always inspiring stuff – I think your posts are the ones I share most often. Thank you for organizing such a fantastic giveaway!

I liked the Eleanor Grosch interview – it chinked the armour of illustrator for me and it was interesting to see the… a-hem… debate it all turned into!

Grain Edit is FABULOSO!

I have Grain Edit on my RSS reader because I love the stuff you post. It’s one of my favorite sources of design inspiration! :)

This is freaking amazing, grain edit. Way to go!

Nadia :)

Hello Grain Edit! you rule. Stimulus yay!

ooh stimulating…

What a lovely package to give away!

Luz Galusha-Luna |

Contests and giveaways |

Thanks for making this happen – what a treat! My favorite post was the Invisible Creature interview; I’ve read it more than twice. Maybe even thrice.

pick me!
(ps. adrian johnson is my fav)

opperkoszos |

Contests and giveaways |

First RSS. Now Twitter. Lovelovelove Grain Edit. One of the places I go to daily. Keep up the good work!

Love the blog — but I think my favorite features are the studio visits that you do, those are pretty great.

Love the site! Hope I win!!! ;)

You are one of my favorite ways to procrastinate at work. Loved the feature on Matte Stephens.

Too good to pass up.

Shiny, shiny goodness~ :D

Are you kidding?! These prizes are again, insane.

I look forward to getting your email updates and getting them to spur me on for my day. I especially enjoy anything typo or packaging.

Thanks so much all round.

oh boy! another giveaway! thanks grain edit!

Without a doubt the “The Shining” redux art had me as a subscriber for life.


I really do find your blog very inspiring! I would have to say my favorite post would be the Milkfed Press. I have a weak spot for woodtype :3

Yay! Grain edit contest! I really enjoyed the cityscapes here: http://grainedit.com/2009/03/02/sigrid-hans-lammle/

Sign me up for the contest!

wow. incredible.
thanks for providing us with such great inspiration every day.
(btw: adrian johnson was my favorite article)

Great blog, great style, love it! I link to you on my blog Visual Texture: http://leefenvisual.wordpress.com, go check it out. Thanks for the opportunity to win stuff.


Inspiring blog, interesting interviews and nice give away!

Been loving grain edit – i think my favorite stuff recently was the feature on Andrew Holder. Keep up the awesomeness!

Great contest. Great site. Favorite post: Sigrid + Hans Lammie

I am always big fan of your site!

I’m not the first here, but anyway, thank you for great posts which are incredibly inspiring. Without such recources the Internet will be fullish.
Send you warm hello from frosty Latvia! =)

P.S. Also thank you for the interviews)

Such an inspiration, grain edit! I always love the luggage labels. Also the “This is the United Nations” book by Miroslav Sasek was really neat–I had to go out and buy it! Natuarlly since I’m studying geography. The giveaway sounds absolutely fantastic! There are so many great pieces! Thanks for all you do grain edit!

Please pick me. Grain edit is the only meaning my life has left.


more grain edit, please!

Thanks to everyone that tweeted about the giveaway on Twitter!

you guys are an inspiration to us all… keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is all kinds of awesome!

gwaaaah! constantly coming here for the inspirations helps me now!

Holy moley what a bunch of rad prizes! I found you through http://karenh.tumblr.com/ and I’m definitely subscribing :)

‘ello grain edit(ors)! I think my favorite post so far has to be the 1958 USSR Pavilion Brochure or El Al Airlines Playing Cards . I mean why not fly to the mother lands (Russia/Israel) while playing with gorgeous set of playing card?! Anyway good luck to all.

really nice idea…

Well hey there, I subscribed!

Thanks for the great blog!!

Been following you guys for awhile. Keep the great content coming!

please, please, please

Thank you for all you do, grain Edit, I visit every day!

I love this blog! I love this stuff! So cool! I want!

I love anything Tim Gough does…so that would be my pick….

Why 20th March? Did you know that was my birthday or something…could i be cheeky and have an extra present from you guy’s?

Amazing idea… :) Hope some lucky person wins something wonderful!!

I like free!

I wish the stimulus package was as cool as this giveaway! My favorite posts from the past year would have to be the Charley Harper book review, of which I had never known the name behind the work until your post. I had no idea that so much great illustration could come from a single hand, I have since become a big fan of his work. Also I can’t forget the Invisible Creature feature, great stuff from the guys.

Keep the eye candy coming!!

Oh my oh my oh my…
I’m in love with every piece of shwag up there…
Thanks Grain Edit! You’re the best.

I included you in my prize-winning Inspiredology “Top 5 Vintage Design Resources” comment. Thanks for that too!

I look forward everyday to seeing what’s new on your site and would looove to win items from such talented artists!

1 t-shirt courtesy of Human Empire.

@jmintuck tweeted you in Twitter

Followed you in my reader RSS

Posted here

devonm@ sasktel dot NET

ooooh, good stuff!

I know I wouldn’t win any of these prizes, but sure want to try… So here goes nothing…

Favourite so far this year is the old cassette covers. Parents had a boatload of them in the 80s, thnk they got thrown out though…

this is so great, i love grain edit!

greg frank |

Contests and giveaways |

splendid idea!!


your website/giveaways make me drool. slurp.

Long time listener, first time caller. I really enjoyed the post on Gavin Potenza’s postage stamps, and… I’m already subscribed on the RSS and Twitter.

Love the site, great idea for a contest :D

Amazing! Also amazing = voting in the poll and discovering that my one vote made a difference: my chosen decade is now the winner!

Awesome. lots of great work. Fantastic idea for a promotion!

wow, can’t believe i waited all day for this and then missed it while 192+ comments were posted before me…

I just came across this site the other day, and I love it.

Yay! I’m so glad you’re doing this, I’m new to your site and what a great introduction. Thank you! I’m going right now to sign up for RSS and Twitter.

more daily drops! more pictures! more scans!

Love your site. Can’t wait for more!

Matthew Cook |

Contests and giveaways |

Wow another giveaway with great prizes. I am excited. I really enjoyed the link to Ben Barry’s portfolio. Good stuff

Dear Grain Edit,

I love you.


Grain Edit,
You’re the best!


I ♡ Grain Edit!!!!


I already follow you!

Great Giveaways. Sign me up! I enjoy the office tours.

Keep up the great work.


Great stuff, good times, blue skies, top-notch giveaway.

Please add me to the Legion of folks clamoring for premium design goods! Love the site its a daily check Im already following twitter and subscribe to the email for a long time now.

Cool giveaway! Keep up the cool posts!

Hey! This is so awesome! :) The Eleanor Grosch interview was absolutely fantastic.

Thanks, Grain Edit!

Man, it’s like Christmas up in here! The best stimulus package I’ve seen yet!

Hi, I’m newbie to the site but I must say I’m impressed by your content and always look forward to the next post in my feedreader. Please pick me!

wow, great giveaways! beautiful stuff that totally captures the spirit of grain edit. i’ve been a subscriber to your feed for almost a year now and you regularly bring a smile to my face. thanks for all the great stuff you feature and please keep up your awesome work!

Thanks – great giveaway!

me me me i want one tooo.

lucia mora |

Contests and giveaways |

Ooooooo me me me me i want one tooooooo

lucia mora |

Contests and giveaways |

I’m a graphic design student, and this site has been a wonderful source of inspiration.

Also, loved you guys on Read Between the Leading.

Joseph Sites |

Contests and giveaways |

I LOVE YOU GUYS, always something to get me inspired

The cup of good overfloweth.

What a great idea- thanks for adding and sharing inspiring work each day.
I’m crossing my fingers and toes in hopes that I will win.
Keep up the great work.

I need a health dose of design, library school gets drab you know.
Pick me? You’ll not regret it! I can preserve the prints from damaging sun light and handle them with care.
// Eryn / Techy Librarian lady

I like your style, dude.

Michael Forbis |

Contests and giveaways |

Thanks for the stimulus! This is great of you, the artists and the sponsors.

Hello! Great stuff!

Thanks for everything.

(haiku entry)

Grain Edit inspires
epic internal fires
raging in my mind.

(end haiku)

hopefully I win, i never win anything cool

Cool stuff. Hope I win.

Hi Dave and Co.

That is a smokin’ selection of prizes. Checking this site everyday and following the links, it all gives me a warm feeling in my stomach that I like to call ‘joy’. Even if I don’t win, this is probably a good opportunity to say keep on keeping on… Cheers.

Dave from Sydney |

Contests and giveaways |

I’ll take a #1 please

Hello! Fun Contest- thanks for cheering up a Monday!

I even used my real name this time!

Wes Bonifay |

Contests and giveaways |

Love Grain Edit. Looks like another great giveaway! Well, fingers crossed…

wow! I want the grain edit stimulus package! ;)





Contests and giveaways |

If I hadn’t stumbled across this, I probably wouldn’t have seen some of these sites. I think I could really find something for a friend (or myself!) on these great shops. Thanks!

Grain Edit, you are wonderful. I think the Olivetti posters are my favorites, but it’s so hard to choose. Thanks for what you do. Love the look of these giveaway items.

Loved the old school cassette covers, in fact, loving all the posts all the way from downunder-Australia way – hope I’m elegible for the giveaway :)

just found your site. what a find!

nice nice nice things! so good!

Hooray for the recession? Good luck everyone!

looks so good, hope i win ( :

just subscribed to the email list & if i win i may faint with joy. i think this is one of the best giveaways i’ve ever entered.

Hello! Your feed is one I look forward to reading every time I open my RSS reader, although I’d have to say my favorite post was the interview with Clark’s from Invisible Creature!

HUGE Fan! These prizes are prized possessions themself! I hope I win something – it would be a great honor as an aspiring design student in Toronto and business owner.

Take care everyone! Good luck!

i want it all.

Hi! And thanks for this sweet blog.

I’ve been glued to your feed ever since I’d signed up. Thanks for turning me on to the work of Maurizio Santucci, killer paper art and it was a fresh source of inspiration. Thanks!

I’m gonna win this time. I am.

These are really great giveaways! Good enough for me to try my (bad) luck at winning.

I never win anything.

Hello :D

love all the prizes. thanks so much for the opportunity!

ooo! How exciting :D is this open to people outside the US?

Wow, crazy (and holy i guess!) giveaway!

You guys rock, and this is just one of the reasons why :]

This package is brilliant!

I absolutely love you! This site had re-ignited my passion for pinks, oranges and lime-y greens. Thank you.

hey, neat. I wanna win some stuff.

Trying again after not winning the last Grain edit giveaway.

Great site! Really enjoy the articles on WINK design.

Wow this giveaway is amazing! Love the blog!

long time grain edit follower via my trusted google reader. really appreciate the content you guys put up here, very useful/interesting/inspirational. keep up the good work!

I can’t wait to be selected (randomly, of course) to be a winner. But really, aren’t we all winners?

I hope I win, so I can choose a poster to hang up in my graphic design studio at Auburn University!

i loved the swink direct mail promo piece!

I find this great site and am immediately met with an equally great giveaway. Thanks

Two ways are better than none.

Still loving all the illustrated retro goodness! Great work guys.
And if it helps the 20th is my birthday!!

thanks for the inspiration and the generous giveaway.

i must say, this is quite awesome.

I in general enjoy the examples of illustrators’ work.

Oh my goodness, you guys are amazing!

Thanks for always getting my wheels turnin’!

gosh, grain edit. thanks for energy and for sharing so much. and for the hope of winning a big fat, awesome giveaway! hope is good. and so is hand lettering.

Holy giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win.

Each prize option is great, but I would have to go with option 4. I love me some typewriters, and a poster what proclaims that would be mighty fine indeed.

Wow – what an awesome giveaway! Chad Doane sent me this direction…

Oh man….this is exciting. I just discovered your website, when I was searching for Paul Rand and found that awesome tribute video.

Yay! More fun from my fave design site!

i feel a little proud of myself that I’ve already subscribed to your feed AND twitter. but really, you guys should be proud of all this awesome-ness.

Gorgeous prizes, my fingers are crossed!

Me again, my email address was wrong in that last post! Hopefully this one can take its place.


wow! that’s a crazy haul. hope I win!

There’s so much awesome stuff here, I want to win!

How exciting! Always enjoy the site, thanks!

this is epic. my brain exploded when i read this post…

Obama could learn a thing or two from you on how to put together stimulus packages! :-)
Good stuff Dave.
I don’t recall which post I liked the best… there were a few that I really liked, but my connection here is too slow to look back through to find them. The interviews are always cool.

I want things. Give me things!!!

Pick me, pick me!

Caught wind of this from the ReadBetweentheLeading appearance.
Good stuff.
Please continue this awesomeness.

I need stimuli :-)

Grain Edit is the most lovely thing I have ever stumbled upon. Thank you for the loveliness.

Amanda Goodman |

Contests and giveaways |

Was originally in it just for Steve’s font, but those look like nice prize packages all over. Crossing my fingers!

I dig it all. Nice job!

i do love the pretty colors and posters you all collect.

hello. that’s some pretty fancy stuff.

This feed is absolutely my favorite. Thanks!

What an AMAZING giveaway!! I hope I win this! I’ve been following GrainEdit for such a long time now and I love your website! :)

I love this whole concept of giving. It’s such a good mindset to be in – especially when it’s the giving of good design.

Ooooolocooo! :]

Hi! I love all the stuff you’re giving away & hope I win!! :)

so glad i subscribed. wonderful!

Wooot! Grain Edit is sooo schway.

hello :) it’s great to find this website!

Christopher |

Contests and giveaways |

oh hi there! i’m diggin this site

I always enjoy the vintage looking posters, good stuff… and the giveaways are awesome as well, keep up the good work!

the less stimulation i need to do myself the better :D

Thanks for all the inspiration and knowledge!!!!

grain edit is my daily stimulus! happy happy happy joy joy joy :)

hold on, let me just wipe the drool off my chin ;)

Ahh so much awesome stuff! I love coming to this site to get inspired!

To all of the artists: just knowing that you gave freebies for this prize made my day better. I don’t even have to win….but you all get a big smile from me :D

stars alive, you guys are awesome.

woo~ second giveaways seems to be bigger than the first one.
All I need is a little bit of luck
Thank you grainedit for the daily updates and inspiration.

Somewhere between the valleys of Awesome and Mind-blowingly Great lies the idyllic hamlet of Grain Edit.

Hey howdy hey.

grain edit never disappoints. thanks for awesome inspirations.

Ai Buenafe |

Contests and giveaways |

Somewhere between the valleys of Awesome and Mind-blowingly Great lies the idyllic hamlet of Grain Edit.

Hey howdy hey. Bye y’all.

Bill Dawson |

Contests and giveaways |

yay grain edit!

wow, what an amazing giveaway!! i’ve signed up. you are awesome.

Impressive! Count me in!

What a wondrous assortment of goodies! I do hope you’ll pick me.

rock it grain edit, rock it

Hey there! What a generous giveaway!

Amazing collection. Amazing site.

jenniferah |

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Mmm. Delicious blog! Keep the good stuff coming!

Another great selection of prizes. I want to go to there.

Grain Edit is the best blog on Earth!

Please consider this comment an enthusiastic entry for the Grain Edit Design Stimulus Package Giveaway. I’m just nuts about Grain Edit!

I read Grain Edit everyday on my google reader and it is a great inspiration.
Please reward me!!

Wow that’s a pirate’s booty worth of treasure. Keep the interviews coming!

please please please! oooh, please please please!

You put the Chinatown in my Crown.
Go Grain Edit!

so glad i found this site. so awesome :)

i am in, i am so in, all the way, lock, stock, and barrel, draw those name, draw ‘em…oh the excitement!

I love so many posts,but a recent favorite is Iain Follett’s stamp collection. My father and uncles were avid stamp collectors, so they left me with books of stamps. I love how they are tiny pieces of art.

i like tortles

great site. keep up the good work

Wow, crazy giveaway.

I’ve been following for a while, but my favorite post in recent memory was a set of typography books from the 60s-70s. when I first saw them I immediately thought, “where can I sign up?” before realizing they were collectibles.

Amazing, I’m in! :)

Amazing!! Can i have just one part of a prize…please! :-) You guys rock!

Hey guys, I’m a brand new reader who just found out about Grain Edit from the RBtL podcast (which, in turn, I just found out about from I Love Typography). I’m a web developer currently hustling freelance and looking for full-time work. I love design resources like this blog and I especially love free goodies! Thanks and keep up the great work!

first thing in the morning: i want this sweet stuff!!!

best wishes from Denmark!

if dreams come true, this will be the first contest i win.
other than t-shirt contest in grade five. that was pretty okay, i guess. but why would i want five tshirts with the same print on them? who wants that?
variety is the spice of life. grain edit is one spicy loaf of bread.

simple, pick me

I hope I win some stuff!


these prizes are INSANE. i can’t get over it.
and hi again! i’m still trolling etsy for vintage books now & then… the moscow one turned out to be really dreamy. i was sooo glad to see the site on twitter. etc etc good luck everyone!

As always, thanks for bringing us such lovely eye candy.

What a collection of goodies!

Love it! Great blog, and I’d love to win!

Yay! Hope I get it!!!

Love this blog.
I am a lucky person.

Super cool giveaway!

grain edit – you made it again!
I love your giveaway & your regular everyday posts.

=== === = === === === ===
= = == = = = = =
= = = = = = = == =
= = = = = = = = = =
=== = = === == ====

I already follow your rss feed and twitter! I love me some Grain Edit. :)

I want it all. Kinda like that one song..

Awesome contest!!!

I LOVE the designs you feature on grainedit. Would love your posters on my new apartment wall (which are still blank).
Cheers from a Malaysian in Zurich :)

yes, i’d like to win. thank you.

Hey, guys. Thank You for everything, this site gives new ideas every day.
Love from Slovenia-

addicted to your posts..

Hi, love your blog,
love from France.

oh hai.

Hello there, there’s a bunch of people outta here.

Holy Wow, great packages, i’m on rss and a follower on twitter. Where’s the iwin button?

want numba 3. i love the font offer.


No, no, I am a fan!
And I’m from Spain. Nothing too exciting happens here, so I think it’s only fair that I get the stuff (any! I love them all!) :P
Thanks for a great blog.

Lovely stuff, wish I could lay my hands on that!

Well, I’m not the only one who wants some super great grain edit givaways, so it seems.
Bummer, there go my odds.

I am a little far away….but…who knows? I am in for the giveaway.

Thanks for your super-blog . Cheers from Uruguay!

better late, then never

Holy malony – well I have to say my favourite post is my first – yes I only joined you only this year but you are now delicious-ed – it was the Spacesick’s Retro I Can Read Movie Series post, which led me off reading their flickr page and bookmarking grainedit.

I love you guys !

thanks for putting on this generous comp team grain edit! one of my favourite pieces of work shown so far is Tes One’s Danny Poster – top stuff!


I am new to all this graphic design stuff and your website is my favourite source of daily inspiration – cheers :-)

Elaine Buckland |

Contests and giveaways |

Well, no harm in trying I guess…
and that Steve Harrington poster is gorgeous!


Hello everybody! Today is a shinny day here in Madrid.

I would love to win one of that awesome prizes!

Keep inspiring!


misscalamar |

Contests and giveaways |

Loving the prizes. Fingers crossed.

count me in please.

Thanks for sharing the knowledge from the past to inspire the future :)


let me win! hello

nathan carvell |

Contests and giveaways |

This is one hell of a giveaway. I’ve been visiting this site for quite some time now, both on facebook as on my google/ig account. This giveaway even tops the last.

Keep up the good work as I like what you’re feeding my graphic designing brain.

Greetz, succes with the site.

Thank you for your work, and for the giveaway!
Henri from France

Woo – what a prize haul. We are all very excited about being in with a chance to get our grubby design mits on all those goodies.

Me want!

I so wanna be picked! Didn’t get it the last time. :D

Valerie Koh |

Contests and giveaways |

wow… aaah-some… i’m usually never the lucky one at this… guess i’ll have to settle for hard work and my beautiful wife…
V .. V
( (..) )

Ah! You’ve been on my RSS feed since, well, I first had one! … MAN would I like some of that work ..

And thank you so much for bringing us the best in mid-century art and design … uuummmmmm… yummy!

good stuff. would love to win. and yes I’ve been subscribed for a while.

“Grain edits” visual journey of these day by day feeds is what my eyes need!! What an everyday goodness! Best post of the year was Swink’s surprise package, what a feast! Yummy greets from Holland!


I hope someone outside the US can win this, these prizes are so funky, colourful and just beautiful. I’d love to have these prints on my wall.
Please, please let me win something so wonderful, for once, in my life!! :)

hi – what a really nice giveaway… keep up the good work !

Wow, what a stimulus package! I was just feeling a tad overwhelmed by the unread items in my RSS reader after spending a week out of town and then being sick, and I was thinking perhaps I should unsubscribe from a bunch of feeds since my Google reader should not be making me feel THIS bad and guilty all the time. But you just keep pulling me back in! Actually, I was never in danger of unsubscribing from Grain Edit or any of “my stories.” I was just going to ignore everything for a little while longer. ;)

if one day you open a shop,
i move to America!

grain edit is my little escape from work during the day.
and a great source of inspiration!

Wow! My favorite grain edit post of the year is this!

grain edit love it yah !!!

Marvelous competition and marvelous site – I look on here every day. I have a grain edit addiction.

Nice yummy giveaway. Yes please!

I follow you on RSS since I discovered you recently via BOOOOM… chances are few but I still hope I could win one of those marvelous prizes…
go on with this nice site!

Follow me already, I want to double my chances!!


My favorite grain edit post of the year must be this one !!!


love this stuff. keep on keeping on. x

This site is a constant source of inspiration. It would be impossible to pick one post as a favourite. Probably my favourite website.

I still don’t understand what twitter is but hopefully this wont count against me…thanks for emails grain edit, always inspiring. x

I never win anything : ( – but keep on trying … for some reason : )
greetz T.

Choose me! Choose me!

Love this stuff.

Oh the temptation… :)

Howdy grain editors, looks great!

Purely educational blog… I want to win!!

I’d like to win please. Thank you ever so much.

How could I miss out such a great inspirational site?
And the wins add an extra plus, of course ;)

hello. great blog, great prizes

Hey !
It is so cooooollllll !!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

All of us at Grandpa-George love you. Since we all teach at the Art Institutes, we constantly have your site up, showing students the amazing things you post.


wow! great giveaways :-)

awesome site… it’s a must see everyday! keep it up guys!

I spend to much time on your site… Love it!

Hey Grain Edit!!!
Amaing giveaways!!


Hello there! RSSing and Twittering, as requested! Excellent site.

wow, my chances look very slim.

Great site!

Do I win now?

I want the grain edit stimulus package!!!

Stimulate me right up.

Yo – loving you work ! !

fingers crossed…

hi from london, keep up the good work guys and let me win please! :-)

cool giveaway!!!! Keep up with all you good work!!!

Beauty. Stimulation.

Didn’t even know there was an RSS feed. Sweet!

Yay, looks good! goodluck everyone :-)

You never cease to amaze me with your goodie giveaways! Holy stuff!

Oh man. What amazing prizes. You guys are the best.

Roy Fleeman |

Contests and giveaways |

Looks tasty :)

Fantastic stuff! Amazing site!

Mats Olsson |

Contests and giveaways |

Oh snap I love awesome stuff. especially AWESOME grain edit stuff. AMAZING.

It looks awesome. I’ll hope for the best!

grain edit makes me a little happier in my cube every day.

I wrote you a song but there’s no way for you to hear it unless you CALL ME

I *heart* Grain Edit.


MINE studio visit back in october is a fav of…..well…..mine.

jinger howell |

Contests and giveaways |


Awesome prizes! Some of these would look great on my wall/home/on me/desk. haha!

wow, this looks completely amazing! i subscribe to your RSS feed and follow you on Twitter already. I think Grain Edit is one of the best websites out there. :)

I love it – what great stimuli!!!

Nandini McCauley |

Contests and giveaways |

You’ve cheered up a rainy day in old London Town.
Hooray for Quantitative Easing!

I can’t believe congress approved this! This is incredible! . . . I love your website and look forward to opening your email whenever it arrives in my inbox. Thank you for always brightening my day.

Ellen Dolan |

Contests and giveaways |

Every grain edit post is the best…
Cheers !

What fun

Christopher |

Contests and giveaways |

Love the work! Can only hope I win :p !

Long time reader first time poster. Thanks for popping into my google reader today!

this is the best stimulus package!

These are freaking awesome! pretty pretty?!

Saludos a todos.

Espero tener suerte y ganar alguno de estos fabulosos premios…

Hope I’m lucky man and win some of these fabulous prizes…


Francisco Lopez |

Contests and giveaways |

Just found about about this site. I am excited to be following on RSS.

You had me at hello!

‘Dan Reisinger Design & Illustration’ my favourite post… says so much Fingers crossed for the competition.


Marina (BRAZIL) |

Contests and giveaways |

Wow. Great stuff. This is why I love this site. Well, this, and the fantastic daily inspiration.

I teach art history to interior and graphic design majors, and this site helps me keep up with stuff I can use in my classes. I love modernist design, so it’s also for me personally. Thanks!

Marguerite Mayhall |

Contests and giveaways |

I can’t choose one of your posts, I love them all. Great prizes.

Hope I finally win this time *crosses fingers* :D

What an awesome giveaway! Horseshoes, stars, hearts, rainbows, clovers and bluemoons!

I love this blog… I check it everyday ;) Would be great to win!

Awesome! I hope I win…

What a great contest! They all look great!

Thanks for putting this together. The designer that did the Taxi Driver paper collage was my favorite.


I LOVE your site. You’ve been an every day read for me for a year now. Loved the interview with Matte Stephens, loved the link to the Cuban Poster art, loved the book covers by Brazilian designer/ illustrator Gian Calvi… you keep me looking cool. Thank you. Oh and I wanna win. HUGE Steven Harrington fan.

Yes and yes!!!

Excited fingers crossed!

Excellent stuff! Exciting Design Candy.

This giveaway is very stimulating! Crossing my fingers!

Great lineup!

So many amazing prizes— I have my fingers tightly crossed! Thanks for the chance to win!

thanks for inspiring me and widening my horizons.

Been watchin’ you guys through RSS forever now, let’s see if it pays off! Favorite post? Matt Stephens interview? The Podcast the other day?

I hope I win! Push Me Pull You Designs.

Love the site guys! Always an inspiration. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for another great year of content. Grain Edit is my favorite design blog, and I read a LOT of ‘em! The Matte Stephens interview y’all did was really great, and he’s now one of my favorite illustrators. You guys rule!

P.S. – I wanna win some of this cool stuff! ;)

woo! time to sign up for the email list.
I love the interviews you do, especially the Invisible Creature one

All the prizes look absolutely great! Hope I get my chance :-)

I just signed up for Email updates, great site btw!

P r e t t y t h i n g s! I want the grain edit stimulus package!

Thanks for bringing some joy to my work email in-box with the RSS.

Hello! What a wonderful site. The content on here is truly an inspiration. Thank you for all the hard work that yields such fantastic posts.

Oh! I love everything at Grain and require my students to subscribe to your Feed. The Adrian Johnson interview was one of my favorites this year. Thanks!

Lindsay Hadley |

Contests and giveaways |

I would love my stimulus package now please!

I look forward to having my breakfast every morning while perusing the daily grainedit to start my day inspired. Thanks!

I’m stimulated! Thank you for bringing some sun to am otherwise gray day.

Hola, com va? Visca!

This giveaway is spectacular! Looks like there are a million entries, so here’s to hoping that I actually win one of these incredible prize packages. Even if I don’t you guys continue to inspire me on a daily basis, so that’s a pretty good prize anyway.

This is probably one of my favorite blogs to view. I love the style/theme of every blog. The designs are always classic!

P.S. These prizes look awesome!

I love this site!

Killin it! looks great. Thanks for the inspiration!

Oh how I would love these!

Bring on the stimulus, grain edit!


I’d love to win, keep up the nice work

Boy oh boy do I hope I win. Love the site!

That ‘somehow, we all seem connected’ print is amazing, I don’t know how I have never seen it before.

Hooray for super-awesome-radness.

Mmmm.. stimulus! I heart the illustrator interviews… I can’t even narrow it down, they’re all great!

That’s some super stuff!

You guys rule ! Thanks for the daily inspiration !

Im here every day! (thank you for making the days better)

Hi guys, amazing blog.

Martin Parodi |

Contests and giveaways |

I…love Frank Chimero’s work. I should just go ahead and buy one of each but I’m currently seeking help for my art addiction.

Fancy stimulus stuff.

Hello, love the feed.

Me please! Love the art that you find!

i hope to win something

i need to be stimulated!

Oh man. Not only is your blog amazing but your giveaway is too. Long live Grain Edit!

B*m- only just managed to log on since yesterday and already hundreds of comments- but as I add mine I have to agree with everyone above- this is an awesome site, it helps me through the day and I would be chuffed to have a prize to wear, use or hang on my wall. fingers crossed.

kisses to all of you at Grain Edit!
Liss x

Elissa V Evans |

Contests and giveaways |

this is my new favourite website, please let me win.

Mark Smith |

Contests and giveaways |

Hello from frozen Alberta! Very cool stuff, thanks for the great contest.

Just sayin’ hello, and thanks for the contest!


love the site, love the stuff!

Hi grain edit, been reading your website for a while now, and it just keeps on getting better and better!

Hello, and thanks for the daily inspiration!

Lauren Ray Wagner |

Contests and giveaways |

This all looks absolutely amazing. Fingers crossed!

Amazing contest. Thanks for all the inspiration.

Aesthetic Apparatus!

Whoo hoo! Great website and thanks for the contest.

My goodness, I’m breathless. My favourite entry was Andrew Holder from Jan 09. Keep on inspiring me.

Thanks for a constant source of inspiration!

yay! what nice idea.

I’ve been subscribing to the feed for a while now – as if we needed any incentive!! There is some stunning work up there – count me in!

Another amazing giveaway! :-)

My favorite posts were definitely the artist interviews with Eleanor Grosch and Matte Stephens … but I really enjoy every post!

hope i win this time…

I was just wondering, where on earth is MY BAILOUT?? Lovely stuff, thanks as usual!

I would love any of these! So great!

awwwwww yeah! i’m keeping my fingers crossed

This is insane! I love it, and I’m throwing my name in the pool!

love all the interviews.

Keep up the Steve Harrington!

I’m so happy to have found this blog – I read it daily. Crossing my fingers!

Wow! Great contest. I’ve been following GrainEdit for some time now; it’s an amazing resource for any artist. Thanks! Yeah!

i like you! & unconditionally.

I love this blog, it’s a great inspiration and a pure eye candy treat.

Wow, what a great giveaway, thank you!

Great contest! Great prizes! WANT all! this blog is my inspiration!

Awesome giveaways! This blog rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love them all, but have my eye on prize #2.

There’s something every day that makes me want to get right to my notepads and start drawing and designing.

I especially enjoy that I see things here I see *nowhere* else. And that makes it a treasure

What marvelous prizes, t’would be lucky to win anything in this lot.

Hello, Dave! Hope I win something. It’s all beautiful.

my favorite posts are the very insightful studio tours and artist interviews- always great pictures of the studios –its great to see the work enviroment of others- thanks grain edit for keeping it inspired!

Howdy, this all looks fantastic!

I feel less down already.

Back up the Family Truckster and unload the design goodness!

Keep up the good work and give me free stuff!

Thanks for brightening my Google Reader!

—–> grain edit is yummy <—-

ah snap, give me some of that!

I’ll reiterate a common sentiment: what a wonderful idea for a contest! I love the ‘The Decemberists’ poster.

amanda law |

Contests and giveaways |

holy prize package batman! thanks so much… fingers crossed.

What an amazing giveaway. You guys are great!

I really loved the Siggi Eggertsson portrait post from 2/2. I would also love to win package #2 or #4 :)

Wendy Panzner |

Contests and giveaways |

WOW! Grain Edit is fantastico. What a wonderful contest, Thanks!

Holy Giveaway indeed. Sign me up.

amazzzzzing! You are terrific!

sweet interviews and now a sweet giveaway. grain edit keeps blowing my mind!

Very stimulating indeed!

Hey guy
I dun’t know but
My life es misserble without thes.
Help a guy out ok.

yee haw

Hey Guys. My birthday’s March 19 . . .


Boop boop bascoop.
You like my sweater.
I would take real good care of these items.

yes, please! i love it all!


that’s generous!

loved the Juana Gaita stuff, Charley Harper, etc etc etc.

thanks for opening my eyes to so many great things!

I love Grain Edit and look forward to my daily Grain Feed—packed with more fiber and substance than my colon blow cereal. :)

Oooh I could soo use some stimuli! The awesomeness radiating from the art and design in this giveaway is almost too much to handle. I just found out about grain edit last week, and I already love you guys!

Wow, this is exciting!

Grain Edit is the first place I go on the internets everyday. Always good on inspiration and great things to look at. All of the posts are great, but I especially like any and all studio/workspace tours.

Hello. Love the website, you guys are a constant source of inspiration. This stimulus idea is brilliant, please count me in (for the running, at least). :)



Hi! I’ve been reading the blog for quite a while now. Love it! Thanks for such an amazing giveaway.

Allison L. |

Contests and giveaways |

Thanks so much!

Grain Edit is full of fiber and ten other vitamins and minerals!

beth atkins |

Contests and giveaways |

I can always count on Grain Edit for my daily fix of inspiration. Thanks, keep it up!

Here’s hopin’! Thanks!

Pick me! Pick me! I love Grain Edit!

thanks a lot for the great site and all these great prizes!

i want option #4!!!!!!!!! i hope i’m getting this!!! :)

Awesome giveaway! I’m already signed up for the rss feed, just not by clicking the feed button on here so hopefully i still show up…or i could finally give in to Twitter…

but really, great giveaway!! Keep up the great posts grain edit!! :)

favorite article: invisible creature interview. boom, roasted

I love this giveaway! and grain edit!

Once again, a late comer to the contest, but…”“I want the grain edit stimulus package”.

So there. See a brotha strugglin. Throw me some stimulus.

Grain edit = RSS LOVE

hooray for the grain edit stimulus package giveaway!

awesome! count me in please :)

steph shieh |

Contests and giveaways |

Awesome! Please throw my name in the hat!

I love this blog, it is so inspirational!

Just about can’t stand how random your love is. Generosity!

i look forward to my cup of tea and grain edit blog each morning. grain edit is nothing short of amazing – so much great design and content! i found your blog when you featured Matte Stephens in an interview – and i haven’t stopped reading since! i would be honored to win any one of the prize packages, let alone just one piece of them!

hello. grain edit is the best in the entire universe. the end.

giveaways! i love giveaways! superb!

hmmm…. I lost my coffee shop connection!
Did my comment post?


Love grain edit! Canada could use some stimulus too

i LOVE your site. and hope you pick me! :)
i love the sleepyheads site. that made my day.

Love your site!! A wonderful source of inspiration

Keep up the good work!
Sunny greetings from Top Dollar, Sweden.

Keep up the good work

Love you guys!

THANKS FOR THE BLOG !!! always appreciated…

I already subscribe to the feed, but I didn’t know you were on twitter! Hooray!

This is the best giveaway ever I hope I win this time!

dear grain edit,
you are my salvation in a sea of endless work. as a graphic designer stuck in a small town, i look to you daily for inspiration in this mundane and grey world.

whenever i am feeling ho-hum, or even just hum, you turn my frown upside down!

while my employers do not look highly upon the fact that i am on your site during the work hours, i pay them no mind! i MUST visit you every day! they will overcome their concerns, don’t worry.

by giving me lots of free stuff that i can share with my lovely and talented coworkers, you will ensure that i can continue to scour every post, bookmark pages, and drool on my keyboard.

of course, i understand the need for “random” selection of the winners, but i’m offering my continued love and adoration!

show a sad baby-designer some love. pick me!


Christy said it first, but I must emphasize: You’re on Twitter?! Sweet.

just saying hello!

I really really need the Grain Edit stimulus package!!!!
Love you Grain Edit!!!

I’m stimulated.

I love that Grain Edit doesn’t just feed my eye with great design, but also my mind with great interviews and ideas.

Love you guys and would love to win this ace compo!!
kris xx :) xx

Kris Emerson |

Contests and giveaways |

Holy Jeebus, this is the motherload! I hope I win!!!!

awesome as always!

Whoa, what a great idea. Here’s to crossed fingers.

Ultra kicky cool blog and giveaway!:)



Favorite post so far was the movie posters as 60s softcover books. An excellent respite from my finance & real estate domain.

Even though the odds are against me I cannot pass up a chance at these prizes!

Ursula Arnold |

Contests and giveaways |

Hurray for stimulating a smile with these great winnings!!!

wow. amazing. I need to spend some more time on this site!

You have piqued my greed.

Ah.. great stuff, great idea. If I dont win I gotta get me one of those typewriter posters!

woo hoo! you even convinced me to start using google reader….

holy moley! what a fantastic give away! i’m in!

Hello. Thank you!

Pick me! I love everything. And thanks for hosting such great giveaways!

Please hand select me out of the extraordinary madness of crowds….

Hey Grainedit,
Im new to the site, just wanna say thanks for all the info and inspiration…

Do I qualify for winning the prize even if I live in Berlin? I promise to pitch your site all over Germany!

Wow, so much good stuff up for grabs.

My favorite post as of late has been Gavin Potenza’s The Stamps of the World and the Saul Bass illustrations from “Henri’s walk to Paris”

Keep up the fresh content GE!

Love the site! Also, love free stuff.

Pick me. Oh, please pick me. I’ve never won anything.

Awesome site, glad I heard about this!


_ _ |_ _
\ /

\ /

Hey, I’m \/anya!

Vanya Kojouharova |

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Hello! Loving the visual inspiration!

Craig Akehurst |

Contests and giveaways |

May Canadians enter?

As always just an excellent source of inspiration in-of-itself. Thanks for manning the design lighthouse.

Holy Moley I hope I win!!!!

Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway!

Love & Art,
Sharee T.

What a lovely big package of design goodwill! yum!

Hi :)

Please pick me.


Mmm, these designs taste nice.

i just subscribed to this today–looks awesome! those prizes are sweett

woo hoo

fingers crossed.

love the GE

You’re already on my Bloglines. Viva la Grain Edit!

i dont have a website. i deal with paper. i want more paper. win win!


I am already a subscriber to rss and following on twitter. great content!

My goodness. Look at all the people!

hey y’all! grain edit is unstoppable! i need no other blog coming on through my reader each day as radness is already there when i awake. thanks for all the joy peoples.

Great giveaway! I hope I get lucky. =)

That’s a give away!

grain edit swag, woo hoo!

Yaaay! I’m already a winner!

thank you for providing this opportunity and constantly introducing such amazing work!

Michelle V |

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What a clever way to entice people to sign up for your RSS. :-) Count me in!

Brianna Dederich |

Contests and giveaways |

Grain Edit is my favorite source for visual candy throughout the week. Thanks for always featuring such great design!

Thanks for another great giveaway, I’m already subscribed to the RSS and love seeing each new post!


Canada needs stimulatin’ too! :o )

Put my name in the hat please… :)

Hello there! Im a broke college student studying graphic design and I need this more than anyone! I also want to mention that your web site has helped to inspire me and get me through school so thank you!

Happy Day and Thanx!

:) (:


Comment submitted.


Eu amo Grain Edit. | Portuguese, my native language |
I love Grain Edit. | English |
Yo quiero Grain Edit. | Spanish |
J’aime Grain Edit. | French |
Ich liebe Grain Edit. |German |

love this site!

I totally need some stimulation. :P

Flew in from OMG Posters. Fingers crossed.

Stimulate me!!! Your blog is awesome and my husband and I have been following for over a year… hope we get a piece of this stimulus package pie!!!!

Sheena Rajan |

Contests and giveaways |

Thanks for doing this guys! Pick me pick me!!!

whoah…awesome! i’m crossing my fingers!!

WOW. This is a phenomenal giveaway. I’ve just signed up via Twitter. Thanks for brightening our day.

Great giveaway! Fingers crossed…

Hook me up puh-leeeeeeaaaaaaase!

totally awesome giveaway

ooh…some amazing prizes. hope i win

Thank you! I’m enjoying my prize already.

In my head.


I am a regular visitor of boooooom.com and that’s I came to see your site. I think you are doing a great job, especially with getting so much interviews to inform us and inspire us. As an industrial design student that enjoy positive graphic design work, this site is a good inspiration for me in designing products.

Thank you for having this giveway and having this site !

This is really good for us, especially now.

mmm, me likey pretty pics

i’m so excited, i’ve just wet myself. again. dangit. still excited though!

I enjoyed your article on Rica Takada: her work is simple and very human. Keep up the great work!

Thank you for all the fun!

Hi, Hi. I love the Aesthetic Apparatus.
Just signed up for the feed!

I want that sweet Pardon My Hindi poster, I gave mine away. Actually I want all those damn posters. That type writer one is super cool too.

Thanks, it all looks awesome.

Thanks for another great giveaway! My favorite recent post is the cityscapes designed and illustrated by Sigrid and Hans Lammle.

I was linked here by another site, and I must confess that I am very thoroughly enamored of what you offer here– I will subscribe to your rss and your twitter with pleasure! Thanks!

love it grain edit, love it all!


I want the grain edit stimulus package so bad !!!

really want this guys, really need this, really …!

my favorite grain edit post would be… all of it !

i just love grain edit and winning this would be perfect…

thanks for your amazing content and for the chance on participating on this.

good luck and lets see who the luckiest is…

cheers !

wow, great prizes. i’m already a feed-ie and my fingers are walking over to twitter asap.

This is great! There is a reason grain edit is my favorite!

Grain edit….. will you marry me?

Stunning prizes and grain edit roxors my soxors.

Excellent idea, Grain Edit! Y’all are too awesome.

hi! thx coudal partners. hello grain edit

this is awesome. i liked the mike davis interview.

Really nice selection of work this time around.

Wow! Thank you; just looking at all the lovely prizes made my day. Thanks, again!!

Cruz Sundquist |

Contests and giveaways |

These are lovely, I hope I am chosen!

that decemberists robo-guy poster is (rob)awawawawsome

Just subscribed! I don’t even know how you can give away so many awesome things, but I’m glad you are!

I think I’m in love with the Pardon My Hindi print. Wow

Hi there. Happy to participate in your fine site.

Gaargh! What a good line-up. I am looking at the image for this post thinking you managed to include all of my favourites… but then, they would’ve all been my favourites no matter who you picked! You always manage to include such amazing content and introduce us to fantastic artists! Thanks for keeping us smiling Grain Edit ;)

Hello! My favourite post has been the Japanese Poster with the animals in a tree, brilliant! :)

Found out about grain edit today…just in time for this amazing giveaway! I am loving the site. And entering the contest twice! Keep up the great work.

Wohoo, I’m ready to be stimulated!

Hallo! My favorite post: Vintage Cassette Tape Covers!

I’m so glad i subscribed to the RSS feed last time you had a giveaway- getting the grain edit feed is like little bundles of joy arriving in my inbox to brighten up my otherwise dull existence! i didn’t win last time, so maybe second time lucky?

Another great contest! And 2 chances to win! Although I must confess that I got the Twitter replies and direct messages confused. My inner geek let me down once again :-)

I subscriped to the rss feed last time and it makes me happy every day, when I have a message from you in my mailbox!!! thanks for your great work. I hope germans have a chance to win!!!

Fabulous work from a fabulous website. Thankyou for being such a treasure chest of all things lovely and inspiring!

it all just makes me go mmmmm, everytime I visit. There are very talented people out there.

Everybody put your hands up!

Gimme all the loot or the monkey gets it!

This is one of my favorite post:Matchboxes designed by Jose Maria Cruz Novillo + Olmos.
Thank you!

This is absolutely fabulous! Thanks Grain Edit for being such an inspiration. :D

I soooooo WANT the Tes One Danny poster. Entering the comp and hoping!!!!

thank you.

Thanks for making my 8.5 hour day with .5 hour lunch more doable!
Here’s hoping I get picked!!

All the prizes are lovely!
Grain Edit is the best ever!

Great blog as ever guys! I want some of that stuff!

thank you!

Mike Bithell |

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This is exciting! I love the site and turn to it for inspiration whenever I find myself drawing a creative blank <3

Un bonjour de la France,
en esperant être sélectionné !
Thanks a lot !

love it. love you x

Great Stuff!

Sign me up!!!

your posts (as well as this contest!) have pavlov’s dog effect on me, i don’t know if i could possibly narrow it down to one. the vintage illustrators you feature are usually a goldmine of inspiration :)

great work! love the selection of artists and work presented. the eleanor grosch feature is great with her step-by-step creative process. totally inspiring.

Please stimulate me with some of this generous stimulus package.

Kyle Harris |

Contests and giveaways |

sign me up! what a fantastic package, i’m a long time fan of your site, always great artists and great articles!


crossing ma fingers!!!!

yayyyyyy!!!!!! this is AWESOME. Love you guys to the max!

I heart Grain Edit. So much, I posted a link to grainedit.com on my blog. I hope i win the stimulus package!

Great prizes! Pick me, pick me!!
ps: Did I tell you that I love Grain Edit?

Chris Mulligan |

Contests and giveaways |

Way too Rad to pass up. My favorite is the Danny poster. Can’t wait to see who wins!

Leah Kavallaris |

Contests and giveaways |

I’m tingling in all the wrong places over this!

Yes Please!

Everything about this contest is amazing except the fact that i’m not guaranteed to win;) these prizes are the most amazing collection…any one of them would be enticing by itself, but in a PACKAGE?! with OPTIONS?! possible overload. just kidding, GIMME!…please?

thanks for this offer!

WOW! I love the Grain Edit RSS and I LOVE those prizes!

hi there. hope you send the prizes to brazil! keep the good work with the website. thank you.

I’ve just recently started watching this site, and its already my favorite site to look at great graphic design. thanks.

Good night, what a giveaway. I feel more optimistic already. Also, I want to fill my feed bucket with grain edit’s grain.

cool contest!

Hello, please stimulate me with the winnings.

Holy cow — what a beautiful collection of items! I’m crossing my fingers so tight! :)

This is a wonderful collection of items. Me me me, please!

Wow! What amazing stuff and a great giveaway! I’d like a little stimulus package myself. :)

I absolutely fell in love with “Danny” Poster…avid follower of grain edit for the past year…loves it!

i’ve followed you in my googlereader for some time now & i must say…your site is one of the very most inspiring sites i subscribe to.
thanks for being fabulous!

I love me some Grain Edit!

Gimmi the love!

hi there, i’d love to win. i like your site a lot. -bc

Hey a giveaway that’s nice.

My favorite section of the site is “off our bookselves” and my favorite article is this one: http://grainedit.com/2008/11/03/1950s-sas-airlines-menu/ with the 1950s menu.

why hello!

if you could send me a copy of that saul bass illustrated book (henri’s walk to paris), that would be great! :)
anything else will do just nicely to…

Great idea!

Yes!! Hope that I make the cut this time.

Love the USA OK print from AA even though the UP of Michigan is missing. We never liked the Yoopers that much anyways…

pick me please.
i want that steve harrington print!

I need stimulus. badly.

Hello Grain Editors,

I have signed up for your feeding of the RSSes. Please shower me with gifts.


I signed up for email updates. Love the prizes..very sweet!

To be chosen, such a honor. I wait with worry and wonder.

Good show old chap!

It is hard to pick my favorite post, there are too many great ones.

I look forward to the grain edit updates each day and wish there were a way I could contribute! Maybe by becoming a winner!?

I second my wife’s favorite! http://grainedit.com/2008/11/03/1950s-sas-airlines-menu/

And I agree a giveaway is nice, too.

Andrew Shields |

Contests and giveaways |

Christmas aaannd Easters :D

droolworthy prizes! pick me! i am grain edit’s number one stalker!!

pick me pick me

What a rad collection! This just made my day a little sunshinier.

Just came across this fantastic site! i love it

James Catterson |

Contests and giveaways |

Looks great. I would like to win one of these bad boys.

Bring it on! I heart Grain Edit ;)

Steven Harrington, Frank Chimero, Aesthetic Apparatus & Damien Correll! Some of my favorite designers in this giveaway. I’m crossing my fingers.

Hello! I read Grain Edit everyday during my lunch break and you guys never fail to brighten my mood. Thank you for doing what you do!

Grain Edit is a part of my daily routine!

grain edit is often a topic of conversation at my work on a daily basis. :)

Sign me up please! Great work :)

Great site and a great contest as well.

I heart the Steven Harrington print so much it hurts! Good luck all!!!!

I think my brain just had a meltdown from all-star cast in this giveaway. I just had a Homer Simpson drool moment. Excuse me while I mop up.

love the prize loot and the posts, keep up the good work! very motivating


so much good stuff. how would one decide…

That ‘Danny’ shining poster shall be mine. BTW did you know that they used out-takes of the Shining in Blade Runner?

nice nice nice! i cross my fingers too!

Hola grain edit! I don’t have one favorite post because all the work you show is truly inspiring. However, the one that sticks out to me the most are the Bombo and Swink posts. Thank you for making me go to work in my 8-5 cubicle only to view your web page there. haha! :)

wow. These are some pretty sick prizes.

This is an awesome giveaway. I love your site.

My favorite post is the one about the book “Eli, no!” My son’s name is Eli, and even though he’s just a little over a year old, he’s always getting into some sort of trouble. I hear or say “Eli, no!” a thousand times a day. But he’s also as charming as that little dog, too. I hope they make that book available.

Thanks for all you do!


I need a stimulus! :)

I love all the Features, studio tours and interviews.

Those prizes look amazing! I hope I win.

that steve harrington print looks lovely!

lots of love for grain edit!

please. please. me!

This website is the best! keep it p. oh , and randomly pick me me!!10110

Wicked giveaway! Ahhhh I am drooling!

love the giveaways! i’m new to this site but looking forward to seeing more poster and prints! thanks for the chance to win


Amy Psaila |

Contests and giveaways |

Holy cannoli, talk about the mother lode! Sign me up.

i dont want these prizes! don’t choose me, even randomly…. ;)

that being said, i kinda fancy that dog book.
this site rocks too, i hav it fresh on my rss oven.

Here’s to lady luck!!

loved the bombo! feature. thanks for freshening up my inbox. drive less walk more.

It’s all so exciting! Phenomenal prizes! I’m hungry for grain! Feed me please ;-)

I love you. And not just because you’re offering to give away more stuff than I could possibly ever hope to fit in my apartment. Keep up the amazing posts…such an inspiration!

All of this is so amazing! Grainedit is definitely a daily inspirational boost for me :)

oh hi grainedit. i think you’re kind of really great, giant amazing prizes of wonder or not.

This is awesome! I loved the post on Saul Bass’s Henry’s Walk to Paris.

Yay for giveaways!

I love your Web site. Thanks for posting so many great finds!

This is soooo fantastic!!! I just gave a fresh coat of paint to the house and this would be a superbly perfect addition!!

Vanessa Miller |

Contests and giveaways |

awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee prize packs. would hang these up on my wall without hesitation. oh and the other items/accessories are brilliant too!

This is such an awesome giveaway! Thanks for putting this on!

Hello! I found you on Twitter today via Tad Carpenter’s page and I couldn’t be more excited and on board for your lovely blog. Consider me addicted. Oh … and it would be almost as equally lovely to win any of the prizes, as they are all so amazing! 8•)

LOVE the site. Been subscribed for awhile. That tes one Danny print is amazing.

I love the site and I think you’re doing a great job. My favorite post was about the book Puff by William Wondriska. I am so happy I found you.

Alvaro Romero |

Contests and giveaways |

hello, go for the gold!

aaron Doolittle |

Contests and giveaways |

ooh pick me, pick me, pick me! : )

wiiii i want to wiiin!!!
i am a grain edit adict!

hey, there’s been some good stuff lately, particularly last month’s bit on spacesick’s “i can read movies” series (which led me to “eight film in black and red” by olly moss, on flickr) and bombo!’s taxi driver piece as well.

I love it. Hope im blessed with such cool toys!

I need stimuli. Pick Me!

Just wanted to say I LOVE your web site and articles, really interesting stuff, and I discovered you from a Twitter search for design :)

i want to win. fx

Love your posts! There are a “must read” daily!

Hey Grain Edit,

I just got credit crunched so am open to as many freebies as the universe wants to throw at me!!

Awesome blog


I heart Frank Chimero interview!

Hooray Grain Edit! I love the old picture books you post, and the matchbooks, airline paraphernalia, oh I just love it all. Thank you!

hello grain edit. i just found your website with in the past year and love all the stuff you show. you show so many rare and odd things that are really interesting and have great design work. It made me dig under my bed and find these old stamps from Israel and I have no idea how I got them because I have never been there.

I have been a subscriber for many months. I love Grain Edit! Great giveaway!

What a stimulating package you have.

This stimulus package might not be bigger or more expensive than the government one, but it’s definitely sexier. Really enjoy the site, especially clips like the one about the Italian Modern Design book. I wish I could get my hands on a copy of that.

A great give away. I was first directed to the site via Adrian Johnson’s site, now I just can’t get enough.

Wow, those are some amazing prize packages!

ooooh, exciting :-)

yay! grain edit is awesome!

I can’t possibly chose a favorite post. You have great taste! I love the historical posts… Thanks for the efforts!!

Grain edit rules

NobleCrayfish |

Contests and giveaways |

Too many awesome post on grain edit! Hard to choose a favorite, you guys are the best!

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

Keep up the good work! I look forward everyday to your RSS FEEDs, they inspire and help me through the day =)

Sara Tillery |

Contests and giveaways |

Almost forgot I had to post a comment about subscribing to the RSS feed.

wow, there are a gagilion comments on this page… odds aren’t great, but i think i can win! ;D

let the games begin!

This prize looks fabulous! I can’t wait to see who wins!

I’m already subscribed to the RSS feed too! My eyes are bulging out at all those goodies. gimme gimme! i <3 grain edit!

This just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.

I read the RSS feed every day! I really enjoyed the sneak peak at Grain Edit’s HQ via Apartment Therapy. Thanks for all the great posts!

yo dave! this site keeps getting better (and not because i’m trying to sweet talk some goodies!). keep it up man.

Sweet, this a great packed out giveaway. *fingers crossed*

Too much goodness.

Super Duper generous!
I love Grain Edit!

i want option #2 frank chimero state prints = yes please!

allison corinne |

Contests and giveaways |

Horray for Grain edit!!

briankrezel |

Contests and giveaways |

Holy smokes, there are a lot of amazing prizes here. I love Grain Edit, and thanks for the Frank Chimero interview!!

DUDE how would I ever decide, its all too much! Ok.. number one pls!

I love you guyss!

hey grain edit! I just found you guys and subscribed to your blog a week ago! i’m loving it already.


This is better than Christmas – you’re spoiling us!

incredible giveaway! i’m already a subscriber!

Another subscriber finds himself wishing and a-hoping.

Yes please! I’ve just subscribed a few days ago :D Found you through BOOM and enjoyed all the posts Ive seen so far

i’d be happy if i won some of this deluxe junk.

jeepers! yay! can’t wait to see who wins…

Holy layout.

Stimulation! Love all the work.

Amazing! Daily inspiration!

i love grain edit

What great prizes I could win! This is really cool. Thanks Grain Edit!

i love grain edit!

Amazing prizes. Amazing site!

At the risk of sounding like a crazed fan I love the site and finding out about designers I would never heard of if not for your post. Love it keep up the good work.

Thanks so much. I’m already on teh RSS – sweet! Thanks for all that you share.

carl collins |

Contests and giveaways |


You inspire me to pick up my squeegee, over and again.

Brilliant Blog! Check everyday. Love the illustrations, Eleanor interview was my favorite – goes perfectly with your blog.

Thanks for inspiring me everyday. Grain edit is a fave.

Hello. love Jeanne Moderno

Hi I’ve been a subscriber to you RSS in my netvibes for some time. I love your stuff. I can’t get work done sometimes!

Very cool… Lovely collections.

send it to brasil!

The prizes are awesome, yes please!!!

All signed up to the feed.
Hallelujah for Grain Edit!

I want these soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
badly pleaseeeeeeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

this is awesome!

Woot! Woot! Chickenhead!


I really enjoyed reading the “Frank Chimero interview.” Also, the designs in that post were amazing, full of color and full of personality.

I would love to win some of this stuff. It looks awesome!

pick me please!!!

candice kimchee |

Contests and giveaways |

pull my finger and say grain edit.!!

shazwan taib |

Contests and giveaways |


I’m a relative newcomer to this site, but I’ve already added it to my blogroll and now Twitter. I honestly can’t say which prize package I like best; I’d be thrilled to win any of them — such talented artists, such great artwork.

Considering my lucky streak as of late, my chances feel pretty good!

James Edmondson |

Contests and giveaways |

Just thought of another reason to win something lovely- Its my Birthday on March 21st!!

Pleasey and thankyouuuuuuuuuu


Elissa V Evans |

Contests and giveaways |

I’m not sure if I’m eligable being from across the pond and all that but you have to be “in it to win it”

If I did in however I would share the prize with my girlfriend it will be our 2 year anniversary on the 21st

I’m not sure if I’m eligible being from across the pond and all that but you have to be “in it to win it”

If I did in however I would share the prize with my girlfriend it will be our 2 year anniversary on the 21st

Howdy! :)

I can add to the last two posts before mine:
It’s my birthday on March 21st AND the 6,5 year anniversary of me and my girl.

Now that was an awful lot of personal info for a random post.

Good luck to all.

I don’t know if this Holy Giveaway will reach the other side of the world!!! But if it does I hope it finds me in Porto, Portugal.

Congrats on the website, Its great!!

Thanks for all the great interviews and vintage finds, grain edit’s a joy to read!

fun and fab stuff, I love your giveaways



i have been a fan of grain edit for some time now and i look forward to seeing what you guys come up with everyday. so many good artists, interviews, graphics and everything in between. i would say my favorite thing so far has been the artist features section. all of those people you’ve interviewed are my new favorite artists. i’ve actually been a mike davis fan for awhile and got him to do in interview as well as a couple of graphics for my company. i spread the word about your site to everyone who might be interested and will keep on doing so! thanks for the great site and content. keep doing what you’re doing!!!

hello grain edit!

loved the invisible creature post…

and was proud of the Jean David designs for el al airlines.

thank you

love to know whatcha think…

thanks so much for the adrian johnson interview!
keep up the phenomenal work!

Hello, I think it’s a good idea. I participate!

Just discovered you guys, and now I think I’m hooked.
Chit…but fresh, fun design feeds my soul when I’m too
buried with life to make my own… :-) Thanks.

you’re one of my daily rss reads. thanks so much.

grain for the soul

Love Evan Hecox. Wow! What a great prize!

Love Evan Hecox. Wow! What a great prize!


Always happy to leave a comment on my favourite source for amazing design. Now let me win already.

Oh geez…I wanna win!

Excellent prizes, pick me!

Mmmmmm, eyecandy!!!!!!!! Great site!

Love the Frank Chimero interview, I’m definitely going to have to get Tennessee!

Nothing says “stay positive” like a good dose of optimistc design. I’m feeling better already.

amazing stuff. please save me the trouble of paying top dollar for this! we are in a recession, afterall…

Mmmm, recession. No wait!!

Beautiful stuff. Can’t wait to see it first hand :) .

I love the colorful, simple designs you feature on grain edit. My new favorite feed!

Sweet! I just signed up for twitter so more reasons to do so! Great stuff!

I am hoping for the chance to fulfill a request from my 6 six year, who really wants a monster mix-up from Tad Carpenter.
My favorite post here would be, obviously, Tad Carpenters feature. And, the Swink Direct Mail Promo Piece feature left me coveting Studio on Fires skills.

Jemma Riding |

Contests and giveaways |

still crossing my fingers and eating all the fortune cookies.

This is too awesome to pass up. I’m in.

OMG! Who’s the lucky one?!!?

New to the site, amazing! thanks BOOOOOOOM.

Yes yes yes. Hello.

love this place………

me, please!



Hi, this looks awesome!

GRAIN EDIT! enough said.

dear grain edit, i live in the future and its kind of dull, minimal and boring around here… need some of that retro style on my bland titanium walls. this message has been programmed to be picked by your outdated random picker so you really have no choice. now SEND me that stuff!

fantastic …

thank you grain edit for making my day fancy! i only recently started reading but mannnn, this stuff is inspiring! carry on! xxx

Hey Grain Edit your where I always come when i’m stuck! x

Lovely stuff. Fingers crossed!

mmm, probably I’m last :( ((
But the designs are terrific!!!!!

hello, hello!

Oh my what an exciting giveaway… and it is impossible to pick a favorite grainedit post, you guys do good work finding great print art in places that we may not find on our own, like vintage books. Good work grainedit!

i heart grainedit!

Crossing my fingers, what a great giveaway!

This blog makes me so happy!

best. giveaway. ever.

Genius. Of all the stimulus package spin-offs out there, this is by far the best.

Frank’s interview was my favorite. :)

I cannot get over the awesome giveaways grain edit comes up with!

Kristen R. |

Contests and giveaways |

Hello hello. Awesome giveaway awe-inspiring blog. Just another broke student here!

great stuff. needed that extra-motivation for subscribing. it sure did get the job done…

Once again I hail up the grain edit in the hope of some random fortune.
as ever you remain a first check on the RSS

Hallo there!

I would like to be the coolest kid on my block, please.

Always a good, inspirational kick in the ass!

Subscribed to Email Feed and followed you on Twitter.

Prizes are amazing, pick me!!!

hello. this is pretty awesome and just needed to throw my hat into the ring as well.

So much amazing stuff here! Love it.

Can’t wait to explore.

Just discovered your site and it looks amazing, will enjoy looking around.

Hi, this is a totally awesome contest on an totally awesome site. That makes it a huge concentration of awesomeness. I really wouldn’t mind if I won something :)

Jakub Janousek |

Contests and giveaways |

I digg the site. Great posts, great interviews, one of the best design blogs around. Also I love the 60′s feel on most the posts, great era of design one of my favorites. Take care.

Love the site. Thanks for having a contest.

Fantastic giveaway!!!!


Brian Lambert |

Contests and giveaways |

gamarjobat grainedit!


shazwan taib |

Contests and giveaways |


this looks amazing!


I love the give-aways… you are such generous people!

Seems the perfect reason to finally get into rss feeds!

grain edit is my biggest distraction and inspiration at work.

pick me! pick me! :)

I like this blog and i want to win, please :)

Grain Edit is the bees’ knees, the cat’s whiskers and the elephant’s instep. I would count myself a lucky so and so to win such a bountiful Grain Feed harvest.

Mark Staplehurst |

Contests and giveaways |

oh my! color me stimulated!

andria lisle |

Contests and giveaways |

just found your site via css gallery,
while subscribing found this contest too :)
count me in for the giveaways :D

Three words:

You. Are. Awesome.

And when you followed me on twitter (@mbarilla) it totally made my day.

Keep up the fantastical work; you are supremely inspirational.

Your blog is awesome — everything I love. So happy to have found you! I subscribed once via Google reader. I’m still holding out on Twittering…Thanks for such a great stimulus package!

I found you guys via Design*Sponge. Love everything on here. Fingers crossed…

Thanks for the inspiration!

Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!Chupa Chups for all of you!

I’m glad I happened upon this blog today!

Everything is wonderful on Grain Edit!

wow! great stuff!

hi hi grain edit! this is so very sweet of you.
thanks <3

pretty prints perk up my morning! what can I say? an awesome site doing an awesome contest. commence drooling…

I just found you today. I’m into textiles and fabric but get inspiration from all sorts of design. Your tastes are right up my alley!

your site is amazing and so are these prizes.

I loved the interview with Adrian Johnson!

I’ll admit it, I’ve just found grainedit & it’s love at first sight. I’ve subscribed to the RSS feed & already bookmarked your page, I think it’s fantastic & will provide much inspiration throughout my graphic design degree! Now I’m off to look at previous entries!

Sign me up for the giveaway!

What a fantastic site — just found it and was instantly hooked! Looking forward to more.

i just stumbled across this website after clicking a link on design sponge…and it’s exactly what i’ve been searching for! amazing content and artists/illustrators/designers! i feel at home.

I like the wallpapers

love it.

I heart Frank Chimero’s work that interview was great. I have his Illinois print up in my home and I love it.

I love grain edit and i think its very inspiring and my fav post?…….. is this one – Holy Giveaway!:)

What beautiful prizes!

I’ll keep my fingers crossed

Hmmm… I just tried to pick out my favorite type of post that you guys do, but I like them all too much to choose! I love seeing all the fun retro stuff! Thanks!

I like this site and I want to wine, please!!

Thanks for re-introducing me to Frank Chimero. Awesome awesomness!
Great site

HERE HERE HERE!!!!! I’m the chocolate-brown-haired girl shouting italian things in the air!

Just signed up for the email updates as well – just for good measure!!

just found your site and i’m loving it! looking forward to catching up on all the design inspiration (and, hopefully, winning some stuff!).

Count me in!! (please)

awesome giveaway, i would love all of them, but #4 is my favorite.

Hello! greed leads to feed.

loved the paul rand video post.


Wishing.. wishing… wishing… :)

i want.

hello ello llo

meow! here’s hoping!


Laura Brown |

Contests and giveaways |

wow! +1000 comments, many of us want that giveaway. nice work, nice blog, noce featured artists. see you!

ivan castañeda |

Contests and giveaways |

i like giveaways! sign me up! :D

I need some freeness.

I love your site. I’m constantly inspired (and simultaneously depressed, because I’m not as creative as all your great artists!). Plus I love the giveaways!

I want. All of those.,

these look so lovely~!

all right, count me in then. i’m on the RSS feed, your posts are always a high point in my work day.

Yes, please.

Pick me! Pick me!

Wow, enough to make men cry.

i hope i win!

Thanks for doing this! So fun.

i love art.
i want to win.

Lovely giveaways!! This site is the best. Nata

Hello! As a communication design student I check your blog daily for inspiration, and love everything I see! I think the last blog that really floored me was Siggi Eggertsson’s portraits — amazing! But really, almost all the work I see at grain edit floors me. Thanks for doing such a great job finding the pieces, and even hooking us readers up with some of them! What a holy giveaway indeed.

fantastic giveaways! so excited! please randomly pick me!

fantastic giveaways! so excited! please randomly pick me! matte stephens interview was my favorite…oh, and i loved seeing the interior of your home…amazing interview as well!!



Thanks for such an inspiring blog- keep up the great work! Love the giveaway too…

Sweetness! Throwing my name in the hat for sure!

i love art.
i love grain edit.
i want to win.

Thanks for your great stuff! I heart your blog via Google Reader. Also, thanks for the awesome, in depth interview with Frank C! I just love his states’ series! (I’m waiting anxiously for Georgia!)

winning is my favorite. evade everything.

pick me, pick me! i’m all signed up for the email updates!

Hello! I absolutely love the stuff you blokes post on this blog and yes, I do watch ya via RSS.

I really should comment more often, ya know it. Gotta stop being a lurker.

Hey Grain Edit, found out about you guys via TR42 and I’ve been on your RSS feed for a little while now and just followed you on twitter. Hopefully I win! I actually think it would be a really good idea for you to pick me… just sayin.

You’re my new favorite site. Love the designs that you post. You’re my new source of new artists.

Very cool goodies! I may have to get a twitter just to get a better shot at winning.

My girl left me and took everything. I trod in dog-doo this morning. I’m reading Grainedit in the Apple store.

Can I have option 4 if I win please?

I just found your Web site today via Design Sponge and love it!

Hello! Awesome goodies.


Thanks for the awesome posts! Really gives me inspiration for my own work.

Would love to win something. :) I enjoyed your recent Frank Chimero interview.

Ooooh, fun! A giveaway! AND free wallpaper. Thanks!